365FXLiveTrade Review: Dubious Broker

365FXLiveTrade Review: Dubious Broker

365FxLiveTrade is a company that might pop up on your screen when looking for a trading broker. The firm promise investors an excellent trading experience. You will also enjoy around-the-clock customer support. The scheme purports to have over 9 years of trading experience. 

FXLiveTrade Review, FXLiveTrade Company

However, if you check the domain information in, you see the broker registration was in July 2022. The company does not have a trading history. Additionally, it is unethical to lie to potential customers. Considering this is a new broker, there are no trading results. Therefore, we do not know how the platform has been fairing in the market.

365FxLiveTrade is also trading Binary Options. These assets are widely banned in various jurisdictions. The reason being you need to predict if the price of the asset will increase or decrease. If you are dealing with a crook broker and you make the best assumption, the scheme will still show you have lost. The risk involved in Binary Options is extensive. 

The venture promises clients massive income. Unfortunately, we do not even know the technique being used by the company. The products they are offering are volatile. Therefore, customers must have adequate trading skills. The safety of your fund should be your main priority. Review

365FxLiveTrade offers its services in almost every corner of the world. Unfortunately,  the scheme does not have a license from a single regulatory body. This is an illegitimate venture that can exit the market unceremoniously. The are many disadvantages of dealing with an offshore company (we shall address later in the review). 

The company guarantees it enforces strong security measures. Hence, making customers’ transactions safe. The scheme is only using such statements for marketing purposes. Your money can never be safe in an anonymous firm. The broker is operating behind the dark. We are unaware of the people that will be handling customer funds. 

365FxLiveTrade brags it is the leading binary options service provider. Their strategy is also easy to understand. The entity also guarantees high ROI to customers. To become a customer, you need to complete the registration process. Afterward, you must buy BTC and deposit it in the company’s wallet. 

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Investing in this shady firm will only lead to huge losses. The people behind the platform are nasty scammers. The scheme has several red flags, and you best walk away while you still can. Here is a list of some of the best forex trading companies in the market. These are genuine platforms with an excellent reputation. You can also access their trading performance to make an informed decision. 

365FXLiveTrade Trading Conditions 

365FxLiveTrade lacks a trading platform. The only thing available is third-party charts. The venture is only looking for ways to steal your money. The platform is a demo, and you cannot interact with the software. There are four investment packages with outrageous ROI.

365fxlivetrade Review, 365fxlivetrade Features

The daily return for all the accounts is 15%. The duration of receiving the returns varies from 10 to 20 times. The scheme does not have trading conditions. We do not know the mechanism being used to generate such huge profits. 

Withdrawal and Deposit 

365FxLiveTrade accepts a minimum deposit of $300. This is on the higher end. You can find better rewards with great platforms. The deposit can only be made via Bitcoin. Once you hit the send button, there is no going back. Your money will be trapped in their system. It is also impossible to identify the recipient of funds. 

Sadly, we are unaware of the minimal withdrawable amount. It is also impossible to know the amount of fee you will be charged. We do not recommend doing business with the dubious scheme. 

Customer Support ad Clients Feedback

The platform has a random fake office address. The firm is not operating from the UK but in a remote unknown area. You can only use email support unless you are a VIP member. The phone number should be accessible to all, not only the high-paying customers. 

365FxLiveTrade has multiple negative reviews on the website. The entity is using stock images. The reviews only praise the company for delivering huge profits. There is no proof of payment or performance record. This is a marketing strategy often used by scammers. Review, Testimonials

Unfortunately, once the company is done stealing from you, they will shut down their website. Any attempt to reach the platform will hit a hard rock. The venture will disappear, and you won’t recover the loss. 

365FXLiveTrade Regulatory Status

365FxLiveTrade has worldwide coverage, yet it does not comply with regulatory requirements. The platform features a registration document. It shows the broker is registered in the United Kingdom. There is a massive difference between being registered and regulated. Obtaining a registration certificate is cheap and fast. The form is for formalities. 

On the other hand, a broker must meet specific criteria to acquire a license. In the  United Kingdom, we have the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as the acting regulatory body. A broker must deposit 730K EUR capital to acquire a regulatory form. The platform must also run its business transparently. 

Unfortunately, 365FxLiveTrade is not in the FCA database. The firm is illegally in business since it targets customers from strictly jurisdiction areas. The platform’s terms and conditions are also a joke. This is not a company that is dedicated to serving clients. The broker is doomed to fail. 

Once the company exit the market, it shall be untraceable. The authorities have warned the public against doing business with shady offshore brokers. You compromise a lot by engaging with unregulated platforms. 

365FXLiveTrade Fund Safety 

Anonymous people will be dealing with your cash. There is no evidence the individuals are qualified to have the best interest of traders. Moreover, sharing your data with the firm is unwise. They can steal your identity and use it for fraudulent activities. It is also risky to entrust your hard-earned money to people on the internet. 

To enjoy fund safety ensure you run a thorough background check on the broker you wish to venture with. 365FxLiveTradedoes is not working with a reputable bank. Investors cannot issue a chargeback once they have made a deposit. The platform accepts money via cryptocurrencies. The method is untraceable and helps scammers conceal their identity.

You won’t get the safety of funds from a scheme presenting bogus terms and conditions policy. The entity does not report its daily transactional report to the financial bodies. Such firms can easily manipulate data. They will claim you have lost a trade while they didn’t place the order. The Ponzi scheme is only playing with figures.

365FxLiveTrade can make customers lose more money than the initial deposit. We are unaware of the platform’s performance record. It’s sickening that the shady venture uses false testimonials to market its bogus activities. The company will go miles to make sure people lose money. 

Final Verdict 

365FxLiveTrade uses unethical marketing strategies to trap more victims. The company is illegally in business. None of the regulatory bodies in the market authorize the platform to operate in their jurisdictions. Furthermore, the scheme only trades Binary Options. These are some of the hazardous products in the market. 

Trade with companies that value clients. There are thousands of genuine forex trading companies in the market. These are fully regulated brokers. They operate as per the books. You will earn passive income without compromising your safety.  



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