Abjcoin Review: A Scam or Legit Digital Coin?

Abjcoin Review: A Scam or Legit Digital Coin?

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Abjcoin commerce, also known as ABJC is a decentralized Cryptocurrency and also a property of the website whose domain can be found at Abjcoin commerce is a proof of stake coin where investors will allegedly generate 15% a year or more depending with the ”weight of the network”. The site claims that ABJC coin will disrupt the eCommerce industry introducing a fee-less and border-less marketplace where good and services can be freely exchanged and payment transactions made instantly. This coin seeks to remove the current barriers facing the eCommerce industry. This is what the website is telling us.

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Abjcoin eCommerce is allegedly being traded at exchanges such as YoBit,, BiteBTC and many others. These exchanges have a dubious track record and are not as established the most popular ones in the industry. A road map has also been supplied at the footer of the website.

But there is definitely a big problem with the site’s offering. If you are an investor, we are advising you to trade Bitcoins and other regulated Cryptocurrencies instead. In the meantime, continue reading this review of the Abjcoin eCommerce to discover what it is and whether it is a sound investment instrument.

Abjcoin Review: understanding Abjcoin eCommerce

First of all, this site fails the usual ICO test. The site does not provide us with the identity of the owner of the people who are involved in this project. A serious investment project will usually have a CEO and other team leaders displayed on their site together with their complete LinkedIn profiles.

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When we look at this site, we find that it is surrounded by a lot of mystery since the owner did register the domain privately for the reason that they never wished to disclose their identity. This is a red flag if it is coming from a website that claims to revolutionize the eCommerce industry. It is not possible that an anonymous team can launch a successful coin that changes the way things have been done in the eCommerce industry. There is a lot of doubts with this website. To know whether or not this is a scam digital coin or a pump and dump, let’s explore other things concerning the project.


Abjcoin eCommerce has provided a road map on their website. The first red flag is that this road map does not make any meaningful promises. The project has not achieved anything in that road map apart from launching their site and advertising to the masses that they have a coin known as Adjcoin.

The road map suggests that ultimately, abjcoin will launch an eCommerce platform from which these coins will be laundered. This is the thing:

Investors are being talked into buying Adjcoin and holding it so that they can earn some interest. To earn the alleged 15%, investors have to hold the coins for a year.

The coins are generated by Adjcoin website, and it costs them nothing to generate these digital coins. These coins are simply worthless because their value is not governed by the forces of demand and supply. What will happen is that investors will be forced into spending real money to acquire these coins through some trick which will involve an eCommerce platform affiliated with Adjcoin. This means that the coins won’t be used outside the Adjcoin eCommerce ecosystem as it will be impossible to accept a worthless coin.

If they can’t be used outside the Adjcoin ecosystem, then it only means that this is a pump and dump coin. The owners are currently generating and selling them to the masses for real money. Ultimately, they will do an exit, where investors will be left with a coin that has zero demand. At the moment, it looks like a phenomenon idea. But this won’t be the case a couple of months from now.

Project not on Github

Serious projects will have a GitHub account from which developers can contribute their inputs into the project. In fact, one of the things that we often look for is an active Githib record that shows whether the project is live or dead. Adjcoin does not have a GitHub account, and we cannot inspect the code to find out what is going on.

In other words, we are confronted with a typical pump and dump scam. The coin is not here to stay. It is just a means to enrich the pockets of the anonymous owner.

In the meantime, investors will be talked into investing in a coin whose value is backed by nothing. As you can see, Adjcoin website is claiming that the coin was developed to address the problems facing the eCommerce industry. Unfortunately, there is nothing the anonymous team is doing concerning the development of this road map.

And even if there will be a GitHub account, rest assured that this will be a dormant one since no serious developer will be looking to take part in a dubious project that lacks professionalism and seriousness that usually accompanies such projects.

Also, the site is offering no solution at all as much as eCommerce is concerned. The reason as to why we are raising this argument is because Bitcoin could do a better job. Bitcoin has proved it already. But Adjcoin has not proved anything.

Bottom line

Adjcoin has already stated garnering some feedback on a forum called Bitcoin Talk. We have gone through the comments and found nothing inspiring at all. Participants in his forum are only asking questions and nobody is giving any useful feedback as far as this coin is concerned. It seems that most of the participants here are not familiar with such projects.

The project might look trustworthy now. But if you think about it 8 months from now, the story will have changed to something else.

Our best advice for you

If you don’t understand tokens, it is recommended that you avoid them altogether. The best investment opportunities that one can take advantage of right now is trading of Cryptos.These robots can always help you.

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