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Share This! is the website of a mining operation allegedly operated by a company called ACCRA DIGITAL LIMITED. On their website, they claim that their company was founded in London back in 2012. Among the things that they have allegedly achieved include developing software for business and manufacturing. They are also engaging in the field of information technology and computer programming.

In their marketing materials, claims that due to the popularity of Crypto currencies, they decided to venture into the business of selling Crypto currency mining algorithms such as SHA -256, Ethash and many more depending on how profitable the coin is.

A quick search on the internet reveals that ACCRA DIGITAL LIMITED does not exist. So this is proof that such a company does not exist. There is no Crypto mining service that was registered by that name and given a Limited status. This is therefore a red flag. If you want to find out why this operation is suspicious, we implore you to read this review.

In the meantime, we ask you to seek the services of legit mining operations because clearly a platform like does not sound legit. There is more than enough evidence to support this assertion. Review

On their website, has some picture and videos of their alleged data centers in Iceland. They claim that they chose Iceland because it is a Crypto currency friendly nation where the cost of electricity is low and temperatures are also friendly for mining. While this is a fact, we still grapple with the fact that the pictures and videos which are provided on this site have not been verified. Their source cannot be verified and there is no way we can believe that they were indeed taken from a mining facility owned by

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In other words, there is a possibility that is faking the whole thing to make it look as if they have mining facilities. If they can lie to us that they have a company which is non existent, there is no way they can be trusted when they claim that they have data centers which will mine the coins.

Unverified and false claims says that they have been around for 3 years but this is another statement that is difficult to believe due to the fact that when we checked their website, we discovered that the domain where is hosted at was created on 10th of December 2018.

This means that the site is very new. There is no way they could have commenced their mining operation without a website 3 years ago. So this is a lie and it’s crystal clear that this website cannot be trusted with their numerous unverified claims.

Also, if they can lie about their background details, it is highly unlikely that they will tell you the truth when it comes to matters involving handling your funds and making you the alleged profits. There is a profit calculator on the site which shows us what we could potentially earn from a certain amount of funds invested into their mining program.

This profit calculator shows exaggerated values when we input any amount of hash power that we would like to mine, and we suspect that this is a trick to make people invest in The fact of the matter is that the mining business is not producing abnormal profits at the moment. This is due to the recent unstable prices that have been witnessed in the Crypto currency industry in the entire 2018 period.

So definitely this profit calculator is misleading and you should not rely on the figures you see there. The truth will be ugly if you end up sending funds to these people.

A fake company profile

These folks have a fake company that guides their operation. This company cannot be found on Google and yet they claim to have established their operations for 3 years now. Any company that has existed for this long must surely have a profile that can be pulled up from Google immediately.

So this means that is unreliable and the kind of information which they are giving on their website is definitely fake.

So, who owns The answer is that we have no idea since the website was created anonymously. That means the anonymous owner wants to maintain the status quo by concealing their identity. This also means that they have much leeway for committing crime on the internet without their name being associated with the crime they have committed. is much like any other scam mining operation that we have reviewed here before.

The truth

The truth is that this platform cannot be trusted as a reliable Crypto currency cloud mining website. Everything which they have claimed on their website is a big fat lie. Even the testimonials which they are presenting on their homepage cannot be verified. The alleged users who wrote these texts don’t have real clickable profiles. So this is yet another evidence that this site is looking to cheat those who want to venture into Crypto currency mining.

You should stay away from such websites that provide information that can’t be verified. Also, since the ownership is unknown and the company in question does not exist, you cannot trust that you will make any money with this operation.

While they claim that is an efficient mining operation, this does not appear to be the fact. It only appears to be a marketing statement. You cannot believe these claims because the anonymous admin is unable to give truthful background information about their business.

Our best advice for you is probably a scam and the best thing to do would be to avoid them altogether. If you want to mine Crypto currencies, there are a few reliable platforms that have a proven track record for mining coins on behalf of their customers. Having said this, we don’t expect you to lose your money to Stick with our recommended Crypto mining platforms.

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  1. Retire 0.1312 litecoin hace un dia y el pago esta en proceso, llevo tiempo en la web y siempre estan actualizando el costo de ghs y las publicidades, es un sitio activo(no esta abandonado). Saludos

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