Ace Trades Scam – Shameful Evidence in this Review

Ace Trades Scam – Shameful Evidence in this Review

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Let’s agree on one thing: that the hallmark of a good trading room is when the moderator is able to show clearly their entry and exit price on the chart for everyone to see. We mostly prefer a trading DOM because this is where a live account with all profits, losses and trading activities are showcased.

In addition to this, a trading DOM will show you whether an order has been filled or is still parking. And as far as this discussion is concerned, Ace Trades ( has not shown us any trading DOM. Every day we asked the moderator to show us their exact entry and exit prices using a screenshot. But not once was this request honored.

Finally, we asked that Ace should provide us with an account statement for their day trading results. Again, this request was completely ignored.

Ace Trades Review

So what exactly is Ace Trades before we even go far? Well, this is a day trading room also doubling up as an educational advisory business.

Ace Trades currently offers a 6-month mentoring program costing $3,999. You have to pay this cost in full in order to gain access to their so-called daily live educational training.

ace trades 6 month training

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They used to offer 3 other packages namely Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Looks like these packages are no longer offered.

Back then, their most expensive trading course was sold at $9,800. All the three packages came with special ‘ace indicators’ which were supposed to serve like magic indicators for predicting what the market will do next.

The difference between these packages was time allotment that learners had in the trading room.

Now, over the course of the year, we have been receiving requests from prospective consumers to have Ace Trades reviewed.

Then sometimes last month when Ace Trades was running a free 3-day trial offer, we signed up to get a sneak peak of how the service worked.

ace trades 3 month trial

Of course the 3 day period was not enough to enable us do a thorough investigation on this service. So we made it our job to sign up with various alias names and email addresses whenever they threw subsequent 3-day trial offers like this particular one that we had signed up for.

During this investigative phase, we were using different IP addresses to give the impression that different persons were signing up and testing their trading room service.

You see, over the years, experience has taught us that these trading room moderators will always craft a narrative whenever the same prospective customer shows up in these free trials. So that was the purpose of using different IP addresses.

Inside Ace Trades trading room

To be honest, it’s hard to explain what we found inside this trading room. There is a lot of carnival barking with nothing in the way of live trading activities.

At one point, the markets would move wildly in favor of the Ace Indicators. And guess what, Mr. Ace would shout in his excitement, screaming how the Ace Indicators had predicted that particular move.

Then after a while, this man would repeat the same shouting, announcing that the market is in reversal mode.

We find this very startling indeed. To be quite honest with you, this man sounds like he is losing his mind. His behavior reminds us of an out-of-control sports caster who keeps rambling with every move that a ball makes in the pitch.

One minute, Mr. Ace comments that, ”Well, the Bulls are taking control.”. The next minute, ”Oh, you should watch that reversal.”

This kind of behavior is borderline insane. Ace is clearly out of control and probably needs rehabilitation before he can continue lecturing at Ace Trades website.

The whole idea of Ace Trading market scene is that this guy has simply learned that excitement sells like sex. As usual, people who are looking to use some sort of a trading room are always looking for some kind of fun. Now, Ace Trades has got the fun for the guy who is dying to participate in some excitement. However, the problem is that money is not made this way.

The truth about Ace Trades

The truth is apparent now. Ace Trades does not have any set of special Ace indicators that will give traders an edge in the market. At least take it out of your mind if you haven’t.

But if you keep watching his post market video commentary, you will see that this man is perfectly able to call market tops and bottoms. He has just mastered the art of deceit.

Not only is this guy admirable, but he brings fun into his trading room, and people actually get attracted to him because of that.

When we sat through his ”live trading room classes”, we watched in disbelief because any intelligent person would definitely smell a rat in how this guy was conducting his trading activities at Ace Trades website.

You see, sitting for a trading room session can be very boring. But at least the trade room that we encountered at Ace Trades was lively. This man simply warmed up every session with his colorful language. But of course he was a charlatan, a carnival barker that was used to siphoning money from unsuspecting members of the public using this trick.

Therefore, we can only give him credit for keeping things interesting. But the down side is that after getting entertained, this man will take your money. The repercussion would be great, keeping in mind that you just donated $3,999 for a useless training.

Another truth that you probably don’t know about Ace Trades

We do not know why this website sounds exactly the same as this domain name Someone should tell us whether these two are related. We have investigated this matter for some time now and our efforts have been futile so far.

As we wait for further clarity, we should probably proceed by telling you that Ace does not live trade. Instead of trading, he talks about how good his trading systems are.

When you get lured by his Ace Trades website, you will see that all he can talk about is how his trading indicators do handle all markets at all time frames.

There is no proof of trading whatsoever. Remember we told you that this man had turned down our request to access these records several times before. No amount of persistence could make him produce any form of evidence that he trades a live account.

We have come to realize that this man records raw market footage, then he records a ‘live’ trading session with the help of previously captured market footage. This is the greatest form of trickery that these charlatans use to pull money from your pocket. Not only is this fraudulent behavior practiced at Ace Trades, but it is also practiced in a number of scam trading schools that we have reviewed before.

Our best advice for you

To be honest with you, it is not easy finding a good Forex or stock trading school. Nearly 90% of stocking trading schools are run by internet fraudsters.

We suggest that you should sign up with Tradenet on this list perhaps. However, if you plan to stick to Forex trading, then there are many expert advisors in that list. Remember to purchase a VPS as well.

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8 Replies to “Ace Trades Scam – Shameful Evidence in this Review”

    1. I watched a Ace Open house for 3 consec days. I could tell from my computer that the exact quotes for the E-Mini S&P were being used and the chart pattern matched what I saw on my own computer. Ace was making his predictions live and correctly, at least for e minis. I don’t know if I would join though, the member fee is pretty high.

      1. I was in Ace Trade trading room on April 11 & 12, 2019 and I can tell you that his ES price was exactly like mine. He made right prediction on price. He is drawing a blue line (support or resistance) which is the sell zone or buy zone. He also told the members to take profit along the way. I am not a member and not sure I will join. The fee is high and he does not offer more details about himself or the program he sells.

  1. Yes, his comments and chart are real-time as confirmed by my own charts. You get used to his “lack” of action advice, coming to understand that as soon as he puts up a blue line you are supposed to sell/buy there (depending on whether it is support or resistance). You take quick, small profit the first stalling point with part of your position. You can also take a second trade back at the line—but not a third ad he states that prices often go through the line on the third attempt. And you quickly learn that you reverse direction if prices exceed his line by more than 3 ticks. This is all straight forward once you know his method and you can make money during the webinars after a bit of confusion/whipsawing. The whole “value” of his webinar is in the accuracy of the support/resistance lines. Over 3 days they appeared valuable to me. Are they any different than the support/resistance you could suss out yourself? Perhaps. Does he really know where wholesalers are sitting in wait? Perhaps; I was surprised that prices didn’t often hit the wholesalers’ levels to turn the market, rather that those levels were avoided.
    There are no indicators at all, just the sudden appearance of these lines. So they are based on his proprietary knowledge with no response explanation of how they were derived. Perhaps I will look back at his presentation and realize they come off previous price level turns. Perhaps they are pivot points. But finding the logic to his levels is the ultimate desire as they work well.
    If you are looking for red flags, one might be that all his students, commenting in their own window, appear to have been members for 6 months or less. This could be true if previous members lost their shirts and are gone. After all, he pushes upping your contracts after each bump in account of $1500–great compounding if it works, but a sure way to quickly capsize an account if it doesn’t.
    And yes, he is a lout and says some demeaning things like he isn’t even aware of how off-putting that is. And yes, the “levity” can be suspect and sometimes sounds forced.
    On the positive side he does not refrain from trading at the often volatile open. Unless you felt very secure about your levels and stop-loss placement, these usually fast markets can also hand you big losses.
    All in all, I am leaning favorably toward this offering. I will comment more here if I can improve my review.

  2. I’ve sat in on Ace’s 3 day trials a couple of times and I gotta admit he has a uncanny accuracy. I’ve seen him put targets 5 bucks away and never waver from his commitment on that even when price appears to be going the other way and danged if it don’t hit that price, often to the tick and then bounce. It’s amazing. He does mention that if you join his service he loads you up with training content to learn his system. I want to learn what he teaches but cant afford it presently.

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