Acorn2Oak Review: Is Scam or Reliable way to find Asset Managers?

Acorn2Oak Review: Is Scam or Reliable way to find Asset Managers?

This is an in-depth review focusing on the services offered by a website called Acorn 2 Oak. The domain can be accessed here

Basically, Acorn 2 Oak is a website that acts as a bridge between Managed Forex account providers and Investors who want to utilize their services.

Acorn 2 Oak copies a model that is similar to loan-comparison sites where a database of loan providers pitch tent while waiting for clients to find them.

Nothing is wrong with this business model. However, the problem sets in when Acorn 2 Oak is not stating the methods which they use to qualify potential Managed Forex account providers.

Do we assume that all potential Managed Forex account providers on this platform are transparent, honest and profitable?

Well, that’s a difficult job to do since trusting people with huge sums of money is not always an easy task.

On the other hand, Acorn 2 Oak claims that they are saving investors from wasting time and money by quickly finding them asset managers who will offer them a solution.

The site claims that they have conducted due diligence in this process, and even compiled a database of genuine asset managers.

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They’ve even categorized them according to the estimated monthly return that these managed account providers are promising.

And therefore, the million dollar question is this: can we really trust Acorn 2 Oak that they are going to point us in the right direction?

Have they thoroughly vetted the people whom they promote on their website before recommending them to investors?

Acorn 2 Oak review: Our informed opinion based on what we see on the site

It is not wrong to conduct research on behalf of investors who don’t have time to commit to this kind of work.

But it is certainly wrong to recommend managed account providers when the process of vetting them is not clearly stated on the site.

Secondly, this site is offering investment advice without stating what they offer and the risks involved in this kind of advisory service.

We would have appreciated a fine print warning users of the fact that the site is offering purely advisory or investment service, and should not be treated as a guarantee that the recommended managed account services will perform as stated in the website.

A disclaimer statement highlighting these things for users to read before making a move is always appreciated and viewed as ethical.

Acorn 2 Oak: The process of finding an asset manager

We always take note of very important details which are often ignored by many entities in this industry.

Since Acorn 2 Oak claims to be a reputable service that connects investors with asset managers, they should try their best to see that the people whose services they recommend have met industry standards.

So in a bid to find out if indeed the fund managers in their database had met these standards, we assumed the role of an investor seeking an asset manager via the platform.

We chose a return on investment range of between 6-10% per month.

In the next phase of the search process, we were asked to state the type of Forex managed account service that we were looking for.

To our surprise, that list of ”approved” FX managed account providers consisted of 3 choices. These included ”Regulated, Unregulated and Does not matter” options.
Acorn to Oak: the process of finding an asset manager

Notice the second choice — which clearly says that unregulated FX managed account providers are also using this platform to market their products.

Why does Acorn 2 Oak website work with unregulated FX managed account providers if they really mean to recommend reputable providers with a track record of performance? That’s the million dollar question.

Secondly, notice the last option which gives investors the ability to say that it doesn’t matter whether or not the asset manager is regulated.

If you are a serious investors, it should be your priority to do business with a firm that is well-regulated.

In fact, this option is quite irrelevant to clients who are actually looking to invest their hard-earned money in Forex trading.

This option simply doesn’t sit well with Acorn 2 Oak, now that they are offering a financial advisory service where risks are real.

User ratings for Acorn 2 Oak

A quick overview of the site would suggest that this is a dedicated company with a focus on helping investors save time and money by only working with reputable fund managers.

It would also suggest that this business has been around long enough to attract user reviews and ratings.

Sure, the site has a few testimonials here and there from people who used their ”search engine” to locate ”performance-oriented” fund managers.

However, trying to find any testimonials out of this domain space is clearly futile effort.

Acorn 2 Oak does not have any mentions elsewhere on the internet.

It’s literally a strange site.. as you will see that not many people know it.

To make matters worse, we were not able to find any user ratings or reviews about it.

The point is, if this site is established and popular for recommending top notch fund managers, we should be seeing people mentioning them everywhere on popular forums like FPA.

Generally, you’d feel confident if you did business with a website or entity whose reputation is well known.

On the other hand, you’d be hesitant trusting a site that  does not have user reviews or ratings yet. It could suggest that the site is still new — which isn’t the case with Acorn 2 Oak.

We generally feel less confident and hesitant to recommend this site to potential investors.

How about their social activity?

Most company websites that claim to offer any form of service on the internet will have an active Facebook account.

If that page has a following (as a result of serving clients for a long time), you will see user activity since consumers love engaging with company representatives on social media.

Unfortunately, Acorn 2 Oak website was registered in 2012 (according to records), and doesn’t appear to be active on social platforms.

How come they only have 30 followers on Facebook?

This is quite unusual for a business that offers advisory services on investment matters.

Our Best advice for you

It feels convenient to let someone else do the homework for you.

But at the end of the day, it boils down to their reputation– a metric which is very easy to gauge based on user reviews and ratings.

As for this website which claims to match investors with asset managers, not even a single user review can be found on the internet.

We consider this very unusual for a website that has been around for close to 5 years.

Secondly, Acorn 2oak Fx doesn’t screen asset managers before allowing them to use this website as a platform for promoting their businesses.

The quality of service used on this website is definitely questionable.

Unless they are telling us that this website works like a search engine which collects all information regardless of quality, there is no need to award a significant ratings on this platform.

The bottom line is that we are not confident of any fund manager whose profile can be found on Acorn 2 Oak website.

But we are certainly confident that any investor who chooses to take matters in their hands by using these Forex products and services will have an easy time making profits from the Forex market.


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3 Replies to “Acorn2Oak Review: Is Scam or Reliable way to find Asset Managers?”

  1. It is good to see that someone is looking out for the little person. You are right, it is odd how little of a presence the company has after being around for 5 years supposedly.

  2. Thanks for the good background research info. I think it’s also worth mentioning that the 3 funds they are touting at the moment, supposedly from a company doing this for some time, when you go to the site of Scandinavian Asset Management it shows figures showing it has been trading for about 3 and a half years, yet there is no mention ANYWHERE on the internet about the company, and the website was first created just over 2 MONTHS ago. I would say that is a huge red flag.

  3. Are there any legitimate, genuine, properly regulated fx companies who will manage your account and make good returns? Are the claims that appear on the Sandinavian Asset Mgt website of returns up to 21% a month just unrealistic rubbish? I’m sort of interested – who wouldn’t be at that alleged return – but with so many red flags I begin to wonder whether any of it is realistic? There was the Blue Trading scam a year or two back, so, perhaps I should conclude the claims of massive monthly returns are not worth even looking up on the internet. Any views, please?

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