Actinic Forex Robots Review: Scam Or Not? Be Cautious!

Actinic Forex Robots Review: Scam Or Not? Be Cautious!

This review looks into a recently launched EA known as Actinic Forex Robot. In order to appeal to traders, this author claims that they are different from other robot developers. They don’t frustrate or take your money only to disappear. Are these things true? Truth be told, we are tired of cheap marketing gimmicks.We want real working solutions.

If Actinic Forex Robot is yet another hype that takes you from hero to zero, we will soon find out. It’s never an uphill task to establish whether an EA is a performer or a non-performer.

Actinic Forex Robot Overview

Leveraging the power of automation is one promise that is big on.

The website appears to put emphasis on the robot’s ability to relieve you from the hard-work that comes with analyzing the market for hours.

The website promises that once you get Actinic Forex Robot and put it to task, you will finally experience the freedom that comes with automated trading.

The website also shows a graph of supposed cumulative profits. As always, this expert advisor is portrayed in the best positive light. The graph has been ”climbing” all along — which suggests that Actinic Forex Robot has been making profits during its testing period.

Actinic Forex Robot graph
Graph climbing

Traders who purchase Actinic Forex Robot through various plans will also be ‘shielded’ with a 30-day money back guarantee. It almost feels like you won’t be losing anything when you buy this software.

Now, the first thing you need to realize is that every Expert Advisor developer will do everything within their means to portray their product as the best in class.

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It’s only fair to market this way so as to attract even more users. However, this does not mean that the robot will perform as advertised on the website.

There are so many things that we usually look for before awarding high ratings to an Expert Advisor. These expert advisors were only rated after considering those parameters. This is the reason they were highly rated.

As for Actinic Forex Robot, we will take into consideration a number of things not limited to the background of the owner and user experience.

About the author of Actinic Forex Robot

The website does not say who owns Actinic Forex Robot. Equally, it does not talk about their history or background. Probably the owner of this website assumed that this information was not needed. But is this the case?

Well, it’s your right to know where your money will be going to regardless of how small or big that amount is.

It’s the first step to gauging the credibility of a website. If Actinic Forex Robot claims that they are transparent, they should first tell us who owns the robot. Once they are done with that description, they should move to telling us how experienced they are in trading and whether or not they’ve been trading for a significant part of their life.

Otherwise, it’s not very useful to trust an Expert Advisor whose owner is anonymous. They better show you their strategy as well as proof that they have what it takes to trade profitably. Until this is done, you should never hand over your wallet.

Plain simple, this Expert Advisor has failed in this department. It actually prompted us to run a quick investigation on to establish the face behind this website.

It’s not shocking that their identity is WHOISGUARD PROTECTED! So, regardless of how you want to look at it, you should generally consider this a big red flag.

Trading strategy of Actinic Forex Robot

If a person is not willing to introduce themselves, you should expect them to withhold other information pertaining to their product too.

This website is rather economical with information which concerns this product. 90% of the content here is focused on pure marketing as opposed to facts about Actinic Forex Robot.

The website says nothing about the strategy that this robot uses in its operation. How are you supposed to commit your hard-earned money on an Expert Advisor whose trading strategy is not clear?

Before you push the ”Buy Now” button, you should know the product really well. In this case, the author of Actinic Forex Robot deliberately denied us the chance to learn about his product. This is a bad idea, and is the reason why we will rate it poorly in the end.

Past performance

While past performance may not be consistent with future performance, it’s generally an accepted idea that the longer an EA makes money, the more consistent it will be when put to task.

actinic forex robot testing

This Expert Advisor has only been tested for 35 days. During this time, the software opened 161 trades. At least we now know that it’s a scalper. Why would the author let us figure it out on our own instead of making it clear right from the start? Well, you already know their nature. They are extreme cowards who can never face their clients to discuss important matters.

Secondly, 35 days of back-testing is a very short time to gauge whether or not a robot will be profitable.

In our opinion, this software was not ready for the market yet. It’s still very new, plus it has not sufficiently demonstrated its ability to consistently generate profits from Forex trading in the long run.

The fact that Actinic Forex Robot shows an average monthly return of 51% (during the testing period) does not mean that it will yield that profit for you.

Every robot has both winning and losing streaks. This author might have only showed us results of his winning streaks. No one knows how the opposite side of the coin looks like.

To cut a long story short, it would be wise to conclude that those trading results are not a true indication of what this software can do on a live MT4 account.

Customer reviews

This robot has not been rated anywhere. We were keen on finding user reviews pertaining to Actinic Forex Robot. We found none.

The reason could be due to the fact that it’s still a new EA. Even then, we can never take our chances by investing on it. Equally, we can never recommend it to our subscribers.

Our Best Advice for you

Now that the most expensive copy of Actinic Forex Robot costs $499, it only makes sense to exercise caution when considering to buy this product.

As we have already discussed, this author is extremely economical with his information.

The lack of identity and short-term profit results are among the reasons why we feel that this EA will waste your money for no apparent reason.

We even doubt their promise of a 24/7 customer support. The owner of this site couldn’t set up a chatting feature to enable easier communications with new clients. How sure are you that they will offer this support once you pay them?

Let’s be honest; Actinic Forex Robot does not deserve your time and money. It’s for this reason that we’ve been researching, testing and re-testing other Forex products to ascertain their authenticity.

To this end, we can confirm without blinking an eye that anything that appears on this list is a genuine EA or Forex mentoring program. You can take this to the bank.


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  1. I wouldn’t trust a bot trading my money, those things can only rely on statistics, the human factor is still way too important when it comes to trading.

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