Acumen Finance Review: A Nefarious Scam

Acumen Finance Review: A Nefarious Scam

Acumen Finance is a Ponzi scheme that promises to skyrocket investors’ returns. The company allegedly is an independent firm that diversifies investment. They speak highly about themselves only to end up disappointing their customers.

There is a higher need for investors to exercise caution when it comes to investing. This is due to the increasing number of fraudsters. They only care about reaching a high number of traders by promising high returns.

Acumen Finance pretends to be an exceptional entity. However, the sad reality is that this is another scam. They aren’t going to provide you with market insight or new ideas to generate profits. The only to get from them will be unimaginable losses.

Acumen Finance Review, Acumen Finance Company


The venture guarantees responsible investing that will lead to clients having better retirement returns. The company is targeting novice investors that are desperately in need of a passive income. Sadly, the firm does not mitigate the risks or have an idea of providing a high ROI.

We suggest that you trade with transparent cryptocurrency exchanges. These legit platforms have won the hearts of many. There are multiple endorsement from their customers from all over the world. You can read this information in third party website. Review

Acumen Finance allegedly has a qualified team. They use value-seeking and multifaceted approaches to earn big. The experts analyze the industry keenly while setting prices for investment risks. The alleged skilled risk managers are nowhere to be seen.

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The company is praising ghost workers that it cannot credit their good work. The venture operates in full anonymity. They even manage portfolios on behalf of investors. The financial regulators require investment firms to be transparent.

Therefore, the individuals managing the broker must be presented alongside their qualifications. Nonetheless, scammers are smart people, and availing of such information exposes them. Therefore, they choose to operate discreetly.

Investors that join this platform will suffer huge losses. They claim to invest with multiple assets. However, the suspicious platform fails to feature information of the coins and forex currencies available for customers. We suggest that you trade with genuine farms in the market.

The returns that Acumen Finance is offering should not sway you into giving them money. The con artists behind this Ponzi scheme will fatten their pockets as yours run dry. Therefore, customize researching about a venture before depositing funds.

Who is Behind Acumen Finance?

The company claims that Christopher Palmberg is its founder. He is responsible for creating a partnership that helps the venture to grow. The fiction character is credited for developing and gaining an outstanding financial portfolio for customers.

Christopher works hand in hand with the executive team. Acumen Finance does not feature the educational background of its founder or images. We took our time researching about the alleged CEO on social media and LinkedIn.

Sadly, there is nobody by this name that is responsible for this scheme. You should say away from this platform. Whom will you go after once they cease from existing? We recommend that you trade with brokers that have a trading history.

Investment Accounts and Returns

The entity has two investment plans. The first one offers a daily ROI of 2% for 10 days while the other one 3%. The investment plan is tailored to maximize the returns of customers. The clients have full control of their money. The scam claims that the profits are constant. Review, Accounts

The minimum amount to deposit in Acumen Finance is $100. It is above the average market standard. Several legit brokers take as low as $10. We do not see any benefit with this platform apart from red flags.

Moreover, the high returns that the entity advertises are exaggerated. You will never find experience traders wasting their time in a losing scheme. Whoever is running this fraud has no idea of investing wisely.

Their affiliate bonus is also a clear indicator that this is a pyramid scheme. They have a fixed commission of 10%. You do not need a deposit to exploit the referral program. You can simply sign up and start sending links to potential investors.

It’s unfortunate that people end up being conned by miserable fraudsters. You can easily detect a scam from a mile away. Nevertheless, you need to acquire the right trading skills. Additionally, you can dedicate enough time to educating yourself through free resources available online.

The Domain Insight is a firm that was established in August 2020. The info shows that the entity is privately registered. It almost a year since the firm made its first digital footprint. Nonetheless, their performance is unavailable.

The platform also has a low trust score. Their website being young and shortly registered causes more red flags. Additionally, the traffic visiting the site is also low. We don’t see an advantage of this broker.

Acumen Finance Customers Feedback

The venture has several negative reviews from traders. Acumen Finance is a sham investment platform. They advertise high ROI while the reality is the broker has nothing to offer. The con artists are eying for naïve clients.

They will lure you into believing their vague financial narrative. Sadly, once you request a withdrawal the broker comes up with endless excuses. There are individuals that claim the company is paying. However, they fail to display their proof of payment.

Acumen Finance does not qualify to be a legit venture. Their profit should win them a high number of customers. Unfortunately, their traffic suggests otherwise. The payment options of the platform are also shady.

You cannot issue a chargeback. This is the reason that we urge clients to avoid entities that don’t have a trading history. Investment is all about the numbers and if a broker cannot provide verified statistics walk away.

Does Acumen Finance have a License?

Acumen Finance features a registration document. The document does not clear up their name. They need a license in all the countries they are accepting customers. Unfortunately, Spain regulatory body already blacklists this entity.

CNMV warns its citizens against registering with the company. The broker does not comply with the law and you will not get fund safety from them. The entity is only looking after itself. Their policy might change without notifying customers.

It is a daunting task to trace down the con artists. Their actual locale is unknown and their faces concealed. Hence, traders will have to count losses and move on. You should never gamble with the safety of your money with a Ponzi scheme.

Acumen Finance is wasting the time of investors. The offshore firm does not deserve the benefit of the doubt. The red flags it portrays are enough to keep traders off their system. Their negative reviews don’t serve them any good.

Final Verdict

Acumen Finance is not paying clients. The pyramid scheme leads on investors with the promise of making them rich. Their deal is too good to resist but if you know better it’s best to refrain. The platform even claims it has a mobile app being designed.

The entity is not based in Finland and neither is it licensed. Investing here puts your information at higher risk. Moreover, the venture is operating anonymously. The company has all the key features of a Ponzi scheme.

In the meantime, you can check out these outstanding crypto exchanges. You can trade a number of currencies. They are transparent and reveal all the necessary information that you might need to trust them. These platforms have no intention of defrauding clients but to offer professional services.

Does Acumen Finance has a license?

No. The broker is blacklisted by CNMV.

Is it possible to earn 2% daily ROI?

Unfortunately, it is not possible and scammers are the one that advertises false profits.

Does Acumen Finance have a responsive support?

No. They will only respond when it is convinient for them.




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