AdClickXpress ( review, is it scam?

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AdClickXpress ( review, is it scam?

The AdClickXpress company is dedicated to providing simple, yet powerful products and services to the online community as well as rock solid income solutions to their millions of members.


The company offers products and services that assists business owners in building their business more effectively by driving more visitors to their websites, providing unique and state-of-the-art tools and powerful personal growth tools and seminars.


adclickxpress ad click xpress



This company is simply different. They have crafted programs to reward the 98% who have struggled to attain success with an online business.
Regardless of where you live, your level of education or experience, AdClickXpress has a program that will launch you into the success and income you can count on.
Our simple ‘plug and play’ programs and proven track record are structured to give our members everything needed to achieve the income they want and deserve. (Please note that is is only a quote from the original site. Scroll down to read our own review).
Below is the table summarizing the basic features of AdClickXpress ( investment program
Minimum Investment/Deposit
$0, but you will need to buy packages that may cost about $10 and more
Maximum Investment/Deposit
Withdrawal period
Withdrawal Methods
Perfectmoney, Solidtrustpay, Egopay, Payza, Okpay, Paytoo.
Minimum withdrawal amount
Withdrawal fees
Payment Status
Intelligent Scam Program
Our investment
Period of Investment/Principal back
Depends on packages bought
Domain whois details

                          Our analysis for  Adclickxpress (

If you’re new to this site, please note that we analyze every Hyip listed on this site based on the 5 features of a Good Hyip.
If any Hyip has to be listed on this blog, it has to pass at least 4 of our 7 qualities of a good Hyip.
AdClickXpress Hyip Qualities
  Pass or Fail Rate
Domain name
Very bad
Payment proofs
Active administration
Web Design and Quality
Want to see the meaning of all the above features and how it applies to Ad Click Xpress Hyip company, read our article on 4 qualities of a good Hyip.
From the above table you can see that AdClickXpress investment program (ACX) can be a reliable Hyip because it has passed at least 4 of our 7 qualities of a good Hyip.
They passed all our hyip qualities mainly because they are very popular among investors but yet they don’t pay. Please be careful with Adclickxpress.
We have not invested into AdClickXpress yet and we don’t even intend to do so.
If you don’t like the qualities of AdClickXpress investment program in any way, feel free to check out other hyips on this site. Hopefully, you will find the Hyip that meets your need.

Adclickxpress Review


Sincerely speaking, adclickxpress ( is a cunning SCAM investment program.
I will tell you a brief history of my journey with Adclickxpress, formerly Profitclicking and justbeenpaid.
I have never seen this type of hyip scam since i started investing with high yield return programs though they claim not to be “a hyip”.
Adclickxpress is designed in such a way that they seem credible and legitimate while at the same time, scamming innocent people off their hard earned cash.
First, adclickxpress started as justbeenpaid. When they were still justbeenpaid, everything worked smoothly and perfectly and everyone enjoyed their profits.
I can still remember how i cycled lots of panels and bought lots of ad packs that made me thousands of dollars. At that time, around june 2012, i was able to withdraw all my cash and spend it any how i like.
Also, when they were still called justbeenpaid, many people haven’t known about them and they were continually paying their few thousand members.
As time went on, they became more and more popular with millions of members. Fredrick Mann, the Man behind justbeenpaid decided to sell off the site to Profitclicking.
When you try to login to your old justbeenpaid account, you would be redirected to the new Profitclicking site. Due to this everyone became annoyed with the program but later decided to try the new Profitclicking site.
At first, everything seems to work nicely with Profitclicking with lots of withdrawals and deposits. Profitclicking was paying regularly at that time.
This continued while their member base grew exponentially. Because of this, they were unable to make payout regularly to their members and many members complained of long withdrawal period.
When i was still a profitclicking member, i received with only once and that was when they started newly. Since then till date, they never paid me any other dime.
It continued like this till i decided to sell off my profitclicking account to whoever that wished to buy it. I succeeded in doing that but i later realized that profitclicking has changed again to adclickexpress.
My God! Wonders shall never end!
I knew they made out a new plan to start scamming new investors afresh with the change of site.

Aim of Adclickxpress

Since they’ve migrated from profitclicking to adclickxpress, they must have a new motive in mind.

Their aim is to remove all black images about the “non paying” profitclicking, appear as a legitimate program with the new adclickxpress and then scam both old and new investors.

Recent Update about Adclickxpress

Many investors are complaining that they are not being paid by adclickxpress and it’s just the same old story when they were still profitclicking.
The old story being that you would reuest for a withdrawal and wait hopelessly for months and still not get paid.
If you are already an adclickxpress member, forget about the promising emails they send you regularly. Those email messages are just aimed at getting you to deposit more funds at ad click xpress.
There’s no doubt that adclickxpress is a very popular investment program thoroughout the world verified by their high alexa rankings. Even at that, investors are very dissatisfied with their services. They claim to be credible but they are not.

My suggestion for you about Adclickxpress


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Click Here To Buy Now
Whether you are currently an adclickxpress member, a new member or about to join ad click xpress, i expect you to follow my suggestion because this program will never pay you.
If you’re currently a member of profitclicking probably with thousands of non-withdrawable money in your account, the best you can do is to sell your adclickxpress acount to another person willing to buy it.
This is possible because some investors are seeking to buy other people’s account.  You can only do this now that the adclickexpress site is still alive and responsive.
You can charge any amount depending on the amount of money in your adclickxpress account. You can even comment below so that interested people who want to purchase your account can contact you.
If you are a new adclickxpress member, never invest in ad click xpress because it’s scam and you will never get returns on your investment.
If you are about to join the ad click xpress, consider not joining because you won’t be paid except you are joining to get free traffic to your sites or just purchasing advertising from adclickxpress.
Remember that apart from not paying their members, ad click xpress still offers free traffic to all their member sites and you can as well purchase advertising from them.
At the moment, that’s the only positive thing about adclickxpress.

Best Alternative to the Adclickxpress and Profitclicking Scam

Many online investors who visit my site have been asking me about the simple best alternative to adclickxpress that is not scam and I have decided to update this article to let you all know of what i think.

Many similar programs to adclickxpress are all hyips, MLMs and will definitely scam one day.

Does this mean there is no other program online that can give us financial freedom? No is the Answer?

There are thousands of real sustainable businesses you can start from the comfort of your home just with an internet connection. But these online businesses are often very difficult or highly technical for the newbies.

So, most of the investors at adclickxpress desire for a similar program but one that will not scam their money like adclickxpress.

Because there are many investors that need this desperately, i researched and found an adclickxpress alternative for you all that is unlikely to scam your money  .

This program is called FeederMatrix. It has been existing for years with thousands of its members earning monthly incomes just with a mere $1.75 investment. You may ask if this is possible? Yes it is.

I am not trying to excessively promote this program  but to let you know that it’s a solid program with clear missions and objectives unlike adclickxpress.

All you need to participate in the program is a mere $1.75 just to pay your upline. I am sure this is by far more than what you’ve already lost in adclickxpress.

I will be your upline and therefore responsible to solve all the problems you may encounter with your FeederMatrix account.

To become successful with FeederMatrix, you have to work and promote the program by telling your friends and relatives . After they’ve upgraded to various levels within the program, you’ll be compensated.

Don’t worry, i will still teach you how to attract as many new people as possible into the program as possible.

Just make sure you’ve registered and upgraded to least level one and then comment below to indicate your interest.

If you’re interested in this program, head on to Feedermatrix, register and then pay the Upline with any of the available payment systems.  The Payment systems are very similar to those used in adclickxpress if not the same. So you won’t experience any difficulties using them.

Since i can’t fully exhaust all details about how the program works on this site, you may wish to learn more about how they work on their site. It only starts with a mere $1.75 which is worth risking (instead of risking thousands of dollars in adclickxpress) for something potentially big.

So you may decide to try them out!

Questions and Comments are always welcome!


36 Replies to “AdClickXpress ( review, is it scam?”

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    • - Can't withdraw your funds from this fraudulent company or broker?
    • - Have they asked you to pay excessive withdrawal fees or to deposit more funds?
    • - Or is there an excessive delay in processing your withdrawal?
    • - Are they trying to push you into depositing more money with them even without withdrawing the one you've already put in?
    It's a CONFIRMED scam broker/company, recover your stolen funds by filling out the form below and you will get a FREE Mychargeback consultation today:

    Fill out the form below to recover your lost funds from this scam company

  2. Ad Click Express is a Big Scam.. Stay away from it. I joined and they don’t pay, what’s more is they closed my account after I paid for ad packages that did NOT profit me as they said it would! After lots of email they have not re-activated my account with them. These people are professional SCAMERS!

  3. Hi anyone willing to buy off my adclickxpress account, I have over 500 dollars in it. Contact me kundi.jbp @ (remove the spaces)

  4. well Adclickxpress I have $more as 3000 dollars on this site ,I worked before with Justbeenpaid and the later version ,I tried everything to get money back but not any result ! its gone now ??
    This Adclickxpress douse not pay out you ! so you get never youre money back , what you put in is gone For
    ever !
    its so pity from my Money ,But its gone ,I see this now !
    [email protected]

  5. If there is someone who is interested in buying my Ad Click Express account I would be interested in talking with you. I am formerly a JBP and Profit Clicking member and have built up a nice account.

    Please contact me at [email protected].


  6. Yes, Adclickxpress is indeed is a great programme, it helps the student like us to earn money during our studies and also helps us be independent. You can join me through this link:

    1. Thank you all for your helpful comments

      I write to reply to this first positive response on the Adclick System. Could you elaborate how successful you are with it. If you are interested to absorb my account, I just cannot succeed with it as I am not a good internet marketer.

      By the way, if you are interested in buying my accounts and I have a few thousands and I want to sell to those successful ADCLICK members


  7. I thank this forum for revealing the true identity of the Adclick Xpress System. No wonder why I had not been able to withdraw any money since JustBeenPaid. I have more than $29,000 worth of funds hanging from Profit-clicking at ADCLICK XPRESS Basic on different accounts of mine.


    Contact me at this email [email protected]


  8. I am glad to sell my account too. Any reasonable bid is welcome. Worth of funds $3700.

    Anyone a suggestion which other platforms are there to sell my/our accounts?

    Thanks a lot!

  9. I want sell my account too.. I have 1716 dollar in my pc wallet. If anyone want to buy please contract … Price can be negotiable….Thanks…

  10. Someone interested in my account at ACX? Im willing to selling it, my dad’s account is also available

    my account has got around 11,000 dollar and a downline of 7 referrals level 1.
    my dads account has got around 11,000 dollar

    anyone who is interested can contact me at [email protected]


  11. who in their right mind would buy your existing accounts if it is a scam? why would you sell it to someone if it is a scam, you will be like them scammer…

  12. The reason why I had to sell my Adclickxpress accounts is NOT for scamming others. Since its a loss to me and if there are members of the Adclick Express who think that their accounts are still working and still successful, they can add more to their existing accounts with my accounts.

    I have more than 30k in my accounts and I want to sell it for only $5,000USD. If anyone interested and think they can use to multiply their earnings with ADCLICK my accounts are on sale now First come first serve

  13. Hi Guys,

    I have updated the article. There’s an alternative to Adclickxpress called Feedermatrix but it is more stable, sustainable with low start up cost of just a mere $1.75.

    Instead of wasting thousands of dollars in Adclickxpress, it’s better you focus on Feedermatrix, grow your downline and receive the rewards later with minimum efforts.

    Please read my update in the main article body for more information about the program.

    1. Salut.
      tu ne crois pas que l’on s’est fait avoir assez comme ça pour remettre une couche par dessus?depuis des année j’ai essayé des quantités astronomique de MLM j’ai perdu toute ma prime de licenciement soit plus de 10000 € trouvé autre chose, ce que l’on veut, c’est de récupérer notre pognon que l’on a investi dans ces merde.

  14. I have $4000 in wallets plus a payment of $8000 in STP queue ….want to make an offer??? – sick of FALSE HOPES!!!

  15. I have $69,000 in my basic PC wallet left over from Profit Clicking days. I do not have any money available to inject into Ad Click Express in conjunction with this very large sum. Therefore any offers will be willingly listened to, Contact [email protected]

  16. If we can prosecute the owners of adclickxpress, please, how can we do this, & get parts, or all our individual investments!
    If that’s not possible, then, how do we make the US government stop them, from continuing operating, and robbing the entire world people!?!!!!

  17. C’est pas bien de refourguer notre merde a quelqu’un d’autre. pouvons nous dormir en toute conscience après ça?
    la seul solution c’est d’essayer de poursuivre en justice ces gents là en espérant qu’il se fasse atraper mais il ne faut pas rêver.

  18. Hi i want to sell my account, i have
    Premium balance $551
    And basic balance $19.363
    Just contact me via mail

  19. Hey guys, I joined when it was Just Been Paid, stupid me don’t know why I did. Currently I have more than $40,000 in my Ad Click Express account, I mean in the basic wallet but unable to withdraw it. If you do want to buy contact me at [email protected]

  20. Hi, I joined the site at first, when it was Justbeenpaid, then Profitclicking. I own $19251,08 in the basic wallet (but unable to withdraw it). If anyone want to buy, please contact me at [email protected]

  21. If there is someone who is interested in buying my Ad Click Express account I would be interested in talking with you. I am formerly a JBP and Profit Clicking member and have 22k doller in my account.

    Please contact me at
    [email protected]


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