AgondaFX Review: Fishy Forex Scam

AgondaFX Review: Fishy Forex Scam

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AgondaFX ( is a brutal CFDs, Cryptocurrency, and Forex scam to hit the lucrative trading world. Agonda FX is claiming to be a provider of rich trading varieties the world has ever seen. A closer look at the website reveals that this platform hails from China. The problem with such platforms is compliance since most don’t follow strict industry guidelines. Read this genuine and honest AGONDAFX Review for more details.

AgondaFX Review

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AgondaFX Review

From what we have learned, this platform is failing to give members a chance to withdraw funds. And this is a huge problem as none is able to receive funds once they start trading. Members are up in arms after some of their accounts were blocked by these scam artists. Our investigation points to Agonda FX being an offshore platform. Chinese investors and traders are being targeted by offshore brokers. Ensure you read this entire review and find out the dangers of using this platform.

AgondaFX is a cloned website which is using information from real trading websites. With a cloned website, it makes it easy for newbie traders to believe anything posted on the website. Ensure you stay away from this platform and never sign up with any of their affiliate programs. These scam artists have hired call agents to act as account managers, and yet, have no prior trading experience. With the use of empty claims and promises, unsuspecting investors have signed up without a second thought.

About AgondaFX

According to information posted on their about us page, they claim to be in existence since 2015. Agonda claims to have been established in the UK and founded by professionals in the financial sector. These are all false claims as the platform or company is not registered in the Company Register. Scam artists will do or say anything to ensure their platform appears legit to the naked eye. A closer look at the domain register suggests was registered on 12th April 2019.

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Another disturbing feature with this platform is anonymity. AgondaFX is surrounded with anonymous faces which is dangerous for anyone who signs up. We don’t know the names of the founding members. No one knows the names of people who are running the day to day activities of the website. Once you deposit funds to an unknown trading platform, chances of losing funds are high. They would have given the names of the so-called professionals who run the show.

Is AgondaFX licensed or registered?

From the look of things, this platform is not licensed or registered by anyone in the industry. We took a closer look at the official registration body in the UK. From what we gather, the FCA has not licensed any broker or platform with this name. To be clear, AgondaFX IS NOT LICENSED to offer any trading services. Any investor who signs up is dealing with an unregulated platform. When it comes to security of funds, the platform does not cover members as dictated by trading laws.

AgondaFX Trading Platform

Why the platform fails to post any documents regarding their license is a good guess as any. You would expect the platform to post details pertaining their license and registration number. No details are posted on their homepage pertaining their license and registration details. And this is clear evidence we are dealing with a rogue online trading platform. Stay away from Agonda FX if you want to be safe. These anonymous and unregistered trading platforms are giving the financial world a bad reputation.

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Advantages of AgondaFX

We could not come up with any trading advantage of dealing with this platform. These are mere scam artists who are targeting the Chinese investing community. You should watch out for anonymous platforms that falsely use incorrect location details. The fact that they claim the company originated in the UK is sinister. What is the reason behind using the UK as their base of operation? They want users to believe that this is a real trading platform with credible history and background.

Disadvantages of AgondaFX

Account types

AgondaFX is not furnishing users with any account type which is off for a trading platform. One would expect the platform to have one account for members to use. What this means is that Agonda FX is ensuring users give up control of their deposits. Account features are not available which means we are dealing with an unprofessional. They have failed to mention the minimum depository price on their website. Investors should know $250 is the required minimum acceptable deposit.

Contact and Support

Another issue we have with AgondaFX is in relation to how they communicate with members. Looking at their contact page, we can see that the platform is using email and phone number. With today’s level of advanced technology, you would expect the platform to offer live chat support. These scam artists don’t want users to have direct communication with them. The phone number listed is ever busy and emails take time before getting a valid response.

Demo Account

Their homepage has called out on investors to experience their demo page. A huge problem with this platform is that they have rigged the demo account. Once you sign up with the demo account, you will notice that results are over 98% profit. These scam artists want the platform to appear as a profitable platform and thus fool investor. Never sign up with a platform which gives an excess profit margin guarantee.

The number of false claims within the platform is astonishing. These scam artists simply want to run away with your funds.

Trading platform

AgondaFX Features

According to the homepage, they claim to use MT4 trading platform. These claims are false as AgondaFX is using a web based trading platform. The problem with their platform is that it lacks basic security features. You will not be able to trade safely with an unstable platform. Lack of security features such as DDoS protection and SSL Encryption is wanting. Hackers can easily take advantage of this trading platform and steal vital information.

Safety of funds with AgondaFX

With the number of complaints increasing, we are sure no one is safe with this trading platform. Stay away from the platform and never deposit funds or else risk becoming another victim. Without accounts in play, it means AgondaFX is pooling funds in one account. Stay away from these and any other platform that does not segregate accounts. Members are depositing funds straight to owner’s personal bank account. We hope authorities will take action and shut down their entire operation.

Scam or legit

With the evidence above, it is clear AgondaFX is a scam waiting to pounce on unsuspecting investors. Stay away from this platform and never sign up with any of their affiliate programs. Mark their emails as spam and never sign up with any of their affiliate programs. You now know the risks involved with using this insane platform.

Bottom line

We will be adding this platform to our scam blacklist and ensure no one else falls for this trap.

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Wishing all investors a lucrative and safe trading experience.

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