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Nebeus-Loans Review: AI Trades is a Crypto Scam

AI Trades is an investment platform that is allegedly offering Bitcoin trading services. The company also states that they are using cutting edge technology to manage investors’ funds. We have reasons to believe that this is just another Ponzi scheme in the market, hiding behind the use of technology.

There is no evidence that this system has a trading software. The founder of this entity is Joff Paradise. It could be another pseudonym as we did not find the character to have any social media presence.

AI Trades has several products that they are offering. These include; AI-powered Nodes, AI bots for trading various crypto pairs in the market, and AI bot for arbitrage trading between exchanges. The company is also still developing Artificial Intelligence bots for mining, margin trading on sales, and analyzing the market, and looking for the best coins in the industry.

AI Trades Review, Platform

No expert trader would believe the lie of this Ponzi scheme. AI Trades is only targeting newbies Investor who has little to no information on how cryptocurrency work. Our best advice is to avoid this entity as it is not transparent.

We believe the company is only bluffing about their performance. Arbitrage trading base investment is one of the forms that the Ponzi scheme is using to steal from innocent clients. The platform does not provide any information regarding the team that is handling their activities.

They also fail to provide enough data on their trading software. AI Trades is a platform that expects investors to trust them blindly. The firm has not back-tested its results. Additionally, they are no trading results available to prove that the company is profitable.

AI Trades Review

The platform has an investment calculator where clients can see the number of profits that they can generate. The figures that they display are very luring and attractive. The company has a disclaimer on its website, which states that it is not licensed.

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The firm views itself as a BTC management company. It is only a naive investor who would trust such a shady entity to manage their bitcoin. The firm state that it will manage your currency and earn you ROIB daily.

AI Trades calculator is only meant to show what you can expect. Nonetheless, the platform state that they do not guarantee outcome as the digital currency niche is very volatile. However, you cannot yield ridiculous returns in this short span.

Bitcoin trading is not a get rich quick scheme. You need to be patient and know how the industry works. The platform further claims that if you deposit an additional amount of 5 BTC, you will attain profits worth 72.54%. What a tempting offer that this Ponzi scheme has in place.

Legit crypto trading software does not make such absurd promises to their clients. The chances of AI Trades not being a trustworthy entity are too high. They are accepting investors across the world. Those who fall for this scheme will lose possession of their Bitcoin.

How Does AI Trades Operate?

AI Trades is a Ponzi scheme, and it does not require rocket science to know that. They claim to be investing in the most popular current of all the digital assets—however, the platform lack what it takes to be performing as per the law.

There are undoubtedly significant factors that the platform has not disclosed. We do not know the drawdown of their bot or their average win rate. The only thing that AI Trades brag of is their outstanding performance. We cannot see that reflect on their transparency.

We have a lot of unanswered questions with this entity. However, all the information we gathered shows that the people behind the firm do not have what it take to run a successful company. The platform is privately registered, and knowledge of the owner is hidden from members of the public.

AI Trades made its first digital footprint in May 2018. The platform also has affiliate services. We think this is what they major on; hence no other investment services or products are available.  AI Trades is an illegal venture that you should not waste your time.

Over the past few years, it has become the norm of investment schemes to steal from novice traders. Whenever they make those attractive promises, some traders jump off the hook and believe that they will become rich overnight.

You need to gain adequate knowledge so that you do not fall victim to shady ventures like AI Trades. Moreover, the patient is a virtue that comes with investment. If you want to make money quickly, we are sorry to disappoint you. There is nothing like that in cryptocurrency.

Clients Feedback

The majority of Investors are dissatisfied with the services of AI Trades. The company has several negative reviews from their clients. The founder is also being accused of not being an honest man. The owner has failed as a manager in several sectors.

Joff is a man who has lead financial institutions into bankruptcy. Additionally, there are casinos that he made to end up with huge debts. You can also catch him using his infamous identity as Jeffrey Webb. The character is one, but remain; he has no intention of making anyone rich.

The scammer also conducts seminars in various countries that have potential clients. He has visited different vulnerable countries in the world. We are wondering why the relevant government has not put him behind bars.

The only thing that the founder is good at is stealing funds. Why would you trust such a questionable person with your money? We could not find investors who have earned a fortune with this system. All we keep getting is disgruntled clients’ feedback.

Learn from the mistake of others. Invest wisely without risking the safety of your money. You should not contribute your funds into making a scammer rich. The firm has a low trust score, and there is no much traffic coming to their website.

Licensing and Contact Details

The platform only states that it is not regulated. Therefore, if you lose your funds, the authority cannot help you to trace it down. Investors should be scared of entities that are operating illegally. There is no fund safety in such a film.

Furthermore, AI Trades does not disclose their area of operation. The platform is observing high level discreet. This is to ensure they leave no traces that can be used to incriminate them. You can expect no customer support services are being offered.

If you make a huge deposit of funds, the company will cut you off. They will stop getting in touch with you. You should be keen on the Ponzi scheme as they do not care about making anyone rich.

Final Verdict

Scammers have a thing for AI and arbitrage trading, and this is because the majority of them are hiding behind this bracket. AI Trades is a messy Ponzi scheme that has nothing positive to offer Investors. The company is not sustainable, and eventually, it will exit the market.

The venture is not trustworthy and does not have a business permit that allows them to collect funds from members of the public. There is better crypto trading software in the industry that you can use to generate returns.


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  1. Based in Estonia, founded by known fraud Joff Paradise, aka Jeffrey Webb, currently hiding in Panama for international law enforcement. Mark Davis and RV Palafox scheme the money out of unknowing investors, Both based in Thailand and the Philipinnes. It’s a ponzi scheme.

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