AitsFX Review: Clumsy Forex Scam

AitsFX Review: Clumsy Forex Scam

AitsFX ( is a cruel Forex broker out to commit some serious fraud to anyone who signs up. Aits FX is claiming to offer up to 25% commission for every client referred to them. Dealing with such brokers is uncalled for and everyone should be aware what this broker is up to. After receiving email complaints from members we decided to investigate. Read this honest AITS FX review for more.

AitsFX Review

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Aits FX Review

After noticing how members are crying foul over signing up with Aits FX, we knew something was amiss. And this is why we had to conduct a thorough investigation to find out what the problem was. Dealing with this broker has proven to be a trip straight to a financial pit hole. Most members are ruing signing up with this broker after their accounts have been closed. Whoever signs up with this broker should expect some major flaws which we will help expose.

Professionals scam artists will create a visually compelling website to entice investors to sign up. Cloning a brokerage site is what best scam artists do. Make sure to stay away from such brokers who use empty claims and promises before signing up. Dealing with these scam artists should be avoided at all cost. Why would anyone sign up with a brokerage firm which has fake details? Stay away from Aits FX as it’s a scam brokerage firm with no clear goals. Aits FX is simply trying to get your money.

About Aits FX

According to disclaimer at the footer of the homepage, Aits FX Ltd own this brokerage firm. Dealing with such brokers has been a major issue and investors are being warned against signing up. Who is the CEO or CFO of this company? What are the names of the founding members of this brokerage firm? Can we get the actual names of people running this website? Anyone who signs up with this brokerage firm will most likely lose their funds. And we are about to release the reason why!

Disclaimer at the footer of the homepage claims this company is based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This is proof we are dealing with a rogue broker based offshore. Offshore brokers should not be trusted with funds. These types of brokers are known for breaking set industry regulations and rules. Stay away from this broker or else become their next victim. Some members have lost over $12,000 with this lame platform.

Is Aits FX licensed or registered?

Scam artists are known to post fake details just to feign authenticity. Make sure to stay away from brokers who have used fake registration details. AitsFX are using fake details which they have posted at the disclaimer at the footer of their homepage. Registration number posted on their website is not matching any details on search engines. We contacted leading regulatory bodies to get confirmation regarding their licensing status. None of them had ever heard of AitsFX.

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Some of the regulatory bodies we contacted include ASIC, CySEC, FCA, and NFA. Why have they failed to post any details regarding registration? One would expect a real broker to post copies of their certificates for everyone to see. Why has AitsFX failed to show members any licensing certificates? Its proof we are dealing with a rogue broker who has everything to hide. Make sure to stay away from AitsFX and resist from joining any of their affiliate programs.

Disadvantages of AitsFX

Account Funding

What we noticed weird with their account funding option is they go for one method only. Bank transfer is the only acceptable way of funding accounts. A problem with this is their system lacks proper DDoS security features. Hackers will go for such platforms without proper security features. Your credit card information is at risk and no one should think about signing up with this broker.

AitsFX Account Types

Another disturbing feature WITH AitsFX is lack of proper withdrawal channels. Most members have been crying foul with most claiming they have been blocked from accessing funds. How can a real broker block users from accessing their funds?  AitsFX is simply targeting your hard earned money which should be kept safe. Stay away from this platform or else become their next victim.

Trading Platform

Claiming to use an innovative platform does not exempt them to offer a lame trading platform. In order to check how their MT4 trading platform works, we decided to download and see how it works. Stay away from this broker or else face some huge consequences. Their platform couldn’t complete installation which led us to believe we are dealing with a rogue platform. Set up process was slow and not sensible.

Setup process stalled at around 56% which means we are dealing with a rogue Forex platform. A platform which does not complete setup is usually marred with security flaws. Lack of SSL Encryption means we are dealing with a platform which is exposing users to more damage. Make sure to sign up with industry leading and genuine products. AitsFX is simply opening up users to more attacks from third parties. Credit card information is at risk with this type of low security protection.

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Are funds safe from AitsFX?

How can funds be safe from a broker who lacks proper security features? Stay away from this broker as they fail to disclose how they handle funds. All they give is an account number where users deposit funds. Who is the owner of this account number? Is it possible users are depositing funds straight to owner’s personal bank account? Stay away from this platform due to their unclear trading activities.

Another shocking issue with AitsFX is segregation of accounts which is not being followed. As a rule of thumb, assets should not be stored in one single account. AitsFX is storing funds in one account which is breaking set rules and regulations. Merging of assets in one account can come at a heavy cause in case bankruptcy sets in. In case of insolvency, users should not expect any compensation as AitsFX is not insuring funds. Simply stay away from this broker or else face huge consequences.

Is AitsFX a Scam?

With all evidence clearly pointing these anomalies, AitsFX is a clear scam. Make sure to stay away from this broker by ignoring their attempts to sign up.

Bottom Line

AitsFX Forex Review

Adding this broker to our scam blacklist will help protect users from signing over their funds. Mark all their emails as Spam and never join any of their affiliate programs.

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Wishing all investors a happy and prosperous trading experience.


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