AK47 Capital Scam Review: Not a Legit Investment Website

AK47 Capital Scam Review: Not a Legit Investment Website

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At first, looks like an online armory shop.But on close scrutiny, we realize that it has nothing to do with guns or ammunition. It’s a ponzi scam whose owner is hustling internet users of their hard earned coins. Indeed the website is visually attractive and persuasive. However, their returns are too good to be true, and thus we believe that nobody can ever achieve those profits from AK47 Capital or any other trust fund.

This would be a nice website by the way, except that it is not. It is operated by a clever fraudster who knows how to lie and persuade greedy investors to send their money to them.

We appreciate the fact that AK47 Capital is at least trying to convince us with a long background story of how they started and how much they have achieved so far. This is supposed to be found on their about us section of the site.

After reading that part of the website, we concluded that AK47 Capital was a scam because none of those statements can be verified.

Let’s discuss more reasons below as to why you must never deposit any money into this site.

AK47 Capital Review

You know this fraudulent site has got nothing to do with the gun. But it definitely wants to steal from you. They are allegedly a group of Forex traders who started out in 2007 even before Cryptocurrencies came into the picture. However, what we do not understand is the reason why they have maintained an anonymous profile. Traders with such an enormous amount of experience should not be hiding behind the internet while addressing their audience anonymously. That definitely shows that something is fishy.

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ak47 capital

Their story suggests that they ventured into the world of Cryptocurrencies before 2014 and lost for 2 years before figuring out how to take advantage of the high volatility of the Crypto market. They were allegedly able to increase their investment funds more than 20 times what they had, thanks to their alleged ability to figure out how to trade Cryptos right.

Oh, in 2017, these guys claim that they were able to make 4 trading bots for the Cryptocurrency market. These bots can be connected to major Crypto brokerages like Bitfinex and Bittrex. The robots have allegedly achieved more than 85% in net profit while trading on auto-pilot and much more when manual trading was done.

We believe that whoever was writing this statement was referring to some record which showed the performance of these robots over time. What we do not understand though is why no data has been provided to prove the figures. They are just telling us that they have achieved more than 85% net profit through the use of these robots yet there is no data to show that this is the truth. We therefore do not agree with those claims at all.

Towards the end of 2017, AK47 Capital is said to have allegedly been involved in figuring out how they could help clients by managing their funds. It is for that purpose that the domain was registered in the beginning of 2018.

It almost sounds like a financial fairy tale. Throughout the story, we do not see any one incidence where data was presented as proof that AK47 Capital has been making profits out of their alleged trading activities. It would be hard to confirm that AK47 Capital is actually trading Forex and Cryptos because no proof has been presented at all.

But now they want to ”manage your funds” so that they can give you 120% per month. That literally means that AK47 Capital is intending to return the original investment plus a profit of 20% at the end of 30 days.

We only wished this was true. Unfortunately, there is no truth in this presentation. The reason why there is no truth here is that we cannot earn 120% per month in any legit trading business. You can search the whole internet and nowhere will you ever find a legit trading business that is giving 120% per month. Of course scams will even promise more.

But we know that they have never made a single penny for their victims. It’s common for scammers to say that they are capable of making 200% and above monthly returns. What separates them from real traders is that real traders don’t guarantee or promise huge unrealistic returns. Also, real traders present evidence of their trading in form of trading records which users can study to get a clue of how the hedge fund has been performing. So far, this information is not available at AK47 Capital.

An illegal company

AK47 Capital is allegedly registered in London under financial holding activities. The registra did not bother to scrutinize what this scam would do with its new Ltd status. Most scams from the UK now register their names before launching a similar ponzi scheme. It is dirt cheap and no questions are asked when registering such a company.

However, this does not mean that the activities of that company are legit. A company registration status does not say anything or guarantee that dealing with that entity will be a safe thing to do.

Moreover, regulators in the UK (FCA) are always warning investors not to deal with companies that have not been licensed to provide trust fund services.

AK47 Capital is one of the numerous ponzi schemes that have not been licensed to manage client funds. But why exactly have they refused to seek a license? It’s easy. First of all, they are scammers who have no intentions of making any money for you. Secondly, they are anonymous and can’t even qualify to get a license. This automatically disqualifies AK47 Capital from the list of legit Cryptocurrency trading companies on the internet.

Our best advice for you

Having said that, we want to emphasize the fact that AK47 Capital is a ponzi scam not worth dealing with. You can always trade with legit Cryptocurrency robots on the internet. However, the choice is yours to make. But we definitely can’t vouch for AK47 Capital and similar ponzi scams.

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