Al Brooks Trading Review – Another Idiotic Scam!

Al Brooks Trading Review – Another Idiotic Scam!

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Al Brooks has an interesting concept. He teaches price action trading through books and video training courses that can only be considered as highly subjective. He is a self-proclaimed trading guru who masquerades as King of price action trading.

Brooks’ Price action ( was launched in 2009 to serve the purpose of a forum where members can ask questions and also participate in a live day trading room for the price of $99 per month.

And then there is Brooks trading courses ( which was launched sometime in 2012. This is nothing more than a promotional store front selling a 36-hour long training video. This training costs $249.

If we were asked to summarize Al Brooks in a paragraph, we’d say some very nasty things about him. First, he does not have a track record of trading success.

He claims to be a full time day trader. However, when confronted about this matter, he claims that his website was designed to offer educational services only. That apparently explains why he does not maintain a live trading account.

He sells a number of books which have been criticized by experts as highly subjective and only full of unscientific mumbo jumbo. What is more, Al Brook teaches concepts that have not been back-tested. And even if they were back-tested, we are sure that Al Brooks would simply fail to successfully demonstrate his methods on a live account.

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Therefore, Al Brooks and his trading empire is a hoax. It’s the subject of scrutiny today. So let’s expose this charlatan for who he is.

al brooks lying that he is a professional day trader

Al Brooks Trading review

To reach out to the masses, Al Brooks maintains  Facebook, Twitter and YouTube profiles. By 2012, Al Brooks had published 4 books on trading.

The first book was released in 2009. The title of this book was ”Reading Price Charts Bar by Bar. The second one followed in 2011. This one was called ”Trading Price Action Trends”. Then in 2012, this old man released two books named Trading Price Action Reversals and Trading Price Action Ranges respectively.

In addition to this, the CEO of Al Brooks Trading is a frequent user of Online Traders Expo. We do not have to sugar-coat things by saying that he is a speaker at Online Traders Expo because the truth is that this platform is heavily engaged in promoting trading and even selling products to the unsuspecting members of the public.

You see, anyone can pay to become an ”expert” at Online Traders Expo. You only need to pay a few thousands of dollars and you will be featured as a speaker. You can then use that advantage to con fellows.

This platform does not vet the so-called speakers or trading products. That’s how low they can stoop. And this also shows that all they are interested in is money, not the welfare of the struggling trader who keeps losing money left right and center.

The owner of Al Brooks trading is also an author at Futures Mag. Here, he mostly publishes market analysis using price action.

Now, let’s look at his trade performance and see how fit he is when it comes to implementing what he teaches. Chances are that this guy preaches water and drinks wine.

Trading performance

Can you imagine that this guy has never published a single trade record to show his performance? His books and promotional materials keep referencing to a guy who is a ”full time day trader”. But there is no evidence that this guy ever trades the markets.

It is therefore impossible to measure his performance because we do not have a baseline from which we can seek reference and ultimately say that indeed this man is a full time professional day trader.

In our opinion, Al Brooks just makes this statement to fool traders and those who would like to follow him. The definition of a full time professional trader is someone who earns a living from trading. That would also mean that this person has and maintains a record of his trades which can be produced at a moment’s notice if need be.

We managed to snoop through his so-called live chat room at and realized that this man was only cheating his followers. We never saw a single live trade.

al brooks trading review

Instead of this man trading live so that his followers can learn a thing or two from their ”professor”, he resorts to offering suggestions and ambiguous talk. You should not expect anything more than this.

Verifying performance of Al Brook Trading

Rest assured that Al Brooks will never reveal whether he trades or not. He is very careful not to raise this topic or disclose whether or not he has a live trading account.

We actually managed to threaten him with a negative review if he did not produce a summary of his trading records which would justify that indeed he teaches sound lessons at Al Brooks trading.

He finally responded that by revealing his trading performance, he would be committing a crime because this amounts to breach of privacy laws.

Now, the big question is this; is it a criminal act to provide trading records when asked to? We have never seen or heard of any trading educator who got into trouble simply because he revealed his trading performance to members of the public.

The point is that it is not illegal to show trading performance. But on the other hand, it is very illegal to use falsified trade performance as a marketing showpiece. This amounts to fraud.

Trading educators like Al Brooks are simply too clever and they always find a way round this issue. They will say things like. “I have spoken to my Attorney and he says that it is illegal to show trading performance.”

This is definitely a huge red flag. When someone refuses to show their track record of trading in the market, you should not believe any of their nonsense because this is clearly a red flag.

Real issues with Al Brooks

Trading educators love to occupy their own niches. In the case of Al Brooks, the focus is on reading price action. Others claim that Order Flow Analytics is the real deal. We have even seen others saying that when you blend rocket science mathematics with moving averages, you get big profits as a result.

This guy simply rambles in his trading room. Like we said, he does not teach anything of substance. Instead, he offers suggestions. The suggestions would read something like this …”Double bottom has formed, meaning that buyers on the doji candlestick are looking for long or short entries.” etc. You get the point?

Well, these are called suggestions. Without an actual live trading account, one cannot believe these mumbo jumbo trading educators.

Our best advice for you

The motive of this old guy is to sucker in the newbie by making them believe that Al Brooks is the real trading wizard.

The truth is that this is a charlatan. On top of this, he is a master of double speak who does not even have a live trading performance. We could say that he is not a successful trader. That’s why he set up Al Brooks Trading to make money off those who are naive. You better stick to the usual Forex products here.

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13 Replies to “Al Brooks Trading Review – Another Idiotic Scam!”

  1. Engraçado, eu tenho lido os livros dele e tenho tido resultados que jamais tive, toda sua teoria possui uma justificativa, tudo possui um sentido e um porque.
    Leviano de sua parte publicar uma postagem difamatória deste nível.

  2. Não tem como afirmar que o cara seja um charlatão sem provas cabais ,mas se tratando de ser humano já vi de tudo nessa vida e se ele for uma farsa seria uma supresa pois sua notoriedade é de um guru do mercado financeiro, é um caso de se acompanhar de perto.

  3. Esse ai e um sem noção!! Eu mesmo só tive bons resultados depois que conheci o livro do Al Brook’s, se não estava ainda perdido em cursos ruins!

  4. This review is very similar to that on trading schools.
    I found useful, disinterested opinions on forums (e.g. and Quora.

  5. No se como critican a un autor del cual podemos ver toda su propuesta de trading para ponerla en practica. la mayoria de los sitios que ofrecen cursos de forex son engaño, yo obtuve una mejora increible con este libro de brooks, no me interesa si el es rentable en su trading o no, pero lo que aprendi de el me resulta muy muy rentable por que complemento mi estrategia de trading.

  6. O cara não está dando o peixe, está ensinando pescar. Isso é o que vc chama de “sugestão” neste texto ridículo….

  7. He is one of the best trader and instructor in the trading field but his communication In transferring his skills not good if you are newbi or mid level trader . His system is very comprehensive and vast and takes time to learn when you understand his system you will be consistent winning trader.

  8. I wasted my time and money on Al Brooks materials. They guy just takes basic candlestick and chart patterns and re names them in his own, confusing gibberish. Total F-ing fraud.

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