AladdinBot Review: 5 Concrete Facts About and

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AladdinBot Review: 5 Concrete Facts About and

AladdinBot is one of the craziest Crypto MLM products/Service providers failing to help investors. Learn more in our detailed review.

As of the time of publishing this post, the platform already changed its domain to As such, our review will continue to highlight the problems facing investors in the EU region.

Avoid investing with AladdinBot

By providing a shell UK Company registration certificate, Aladdin Limited plans to target European investors. Little is known about the founders and team behind AladdinBot. Our investigators dived into the matter and found some chilling facts.

As expected, we found some marketing materials from Dubai which translates to parts being operated in the region. Dubai has become a hub of Crypto MLM product marketers, and scams as well.

There’s little accountability and transparency when it comes to investing with AladdinBot. Investors get the call to sign up and blindly deposit funds in the hopes of earning high and quick ROI.

Sadly, this rarely meets fruition as the platform doesn’t offer much in terms of service delivery. Members get enticed by small withdrawals convincing them that the platform does actually earn daily ROI.

What most investors don’t realize is that AladdinBot is a wash-and-rinse platform. It takes the deposits of one investor and shares among other ‘newer’ members. We have to expose the funnel program operating behind the curtain.

Please find out more in our detailed Aladdin Bot Review.

About AladdinBot

Mark Davis was once cited as the CEO of AladdinBot which is not the case. AladdinBot is a platform under Grace Furlough, a British national. She once worked under Rahul Saini before taking the leap and going her way.

There are several other Australian and New Zealand nationals pushing this platform on the web. Most of these promoters have different YouTube channels and delete them once a product gets phased out.

If investors start commenting on the ills of the project, the promoters keep away from the platform. Some even claim to have lost funds with the platform just as with the members as a show of solidarity.

Grace started her MLM career by pushing another Crypto trading bot by the name AI Trade. In 2018, this bot created a breeze among traders for a few weeks. It later emerged Grace was using APIs of another bot and was sued for it.

Seeing how the Crypto MLM sector was lucrative, she would then work behind the curtains as the financier of RV Palafox. With this project, she managed to swindle hundreds of British investors with the PGI Global platform.

The collapse of PGI Global was inevitable with Grace and her team having to flee to Australia and Indonesia. It’s firmly believed that Grace is now hiding in New Zealand after a fall out with PGI Global CEO Mark Davis.

Grace, the face behind AladdinBot

Thanks to dual citizenship, Mark managed to evade an FCA net by fleeing to Philippines. Grace on the other hand was lucky enough not to have been flagged down by the FCA. However, that’s about to change with the recent events.

The FCA is tightening its grip on Crypto MLM products and their creators.

How AladdinBot manages to convince investors to deposit funds

You would expect Grace to have more finesse seeing that she has managed to work under several investment projects. And this has worked to her advantage as she manages to convince investors to see her project in a new light.

She offers three distinctive bots to traders each promising small ROI Margins of about 1%. What makes it a high-risk investment is that she Guarantees daily ROI for 30 days. This translates to 30% ROI after the vesting period lapses.

To withdraw funds, Grace insists members must vest for 60 continuous days. And during this time, investors get to withdraw two or three times. And this sort of gives credence to the platform as investors believe the platform actually works.

Investors don’t realize AladdinBot is using funds from other investors to fund account withdrawals. The platform moves funds from one member account to another to create the allure of a successful platform.

What this means is that once membership numbers drop, Grace will have to pull down the entire project. And this is what she has done perfectly for the past three years. Create a money exchange platform promising huge ROI margins.

Investors are left in the dark once the platform goes dark. As indicated earlier, the platform used the domain and has now changed to in a matter of hours. It’s a pre-determined move from Grace and her team.

All investors who deposited funds with lost everything. The few who managed to withdraw two times lost half of what they initially invested. There are others who added funds to the project seeing the growth of their account balance.

Scammed by AladdinBot?

To ensure AladdinBot is getting enough funds to go around, Grace convinces members to join an affiliate program. The affiliate program offers investors a chance to earn bonuses and commissions through referrals.

Investors turn to their closest circles and invite them to join what looks like a perfect money-making venture. In reality, this is far from being the best way to earn bonuses and commissions. Grace is merely using you to get more funds. and are a scam

At the end of the day, both you and the close ally you invited end up losing a large chunk of investments. During the first stage of AladdinBot, affiliates under lost everything, including those who were actual members.

For affiliates who push the platform on social media, their accounts are funded by new member deposits. It’s not the platform’s success since the recruitment process dries up and Grace has no funds to pay affiliates.

After member deposit numbers dwindle, it will starve Aladdin Bot of recurring funds. And this is why we have to expose the platform’s dubious ways. Stay away from promoting platforms that promise or rather guarantee daily ROI margins.

Investors have nowhere to turn to when it comes to recovering funds. Luckily for them, there are professional recovery agents who partner with authorities to recover funds. These agents are worth a try as their terms are reasonable.

AladdinBot is not the last crypto MLM project we will hear from Grace. Unless authorities finally put her behind bars, we are sure she will continue on with such projects. It would be best if you were on the lookout.

Customer Complaints, Reviews, and Ratings AladdinBot

Lisa, a forex trader is exposing some of the marketing team players behind AladdinBot. She says

“Brendon Parker and Zak Anstis are promoting this platform bot’s using the same demo account they used hundreds of times before. That’s when I realize the bot was a fraud and was lucky not to invest a penny”

We recommend that you do due diligence before investing in any platform. You need to be on the lookout for such comments to help you make informed decisions. Please reach out if you need any assistance with reviewing a product.

Is high-risk (scam) or legit?

From the way things quickly turned for investors under the domain, we urge investors to exercise caution. The platform is nowhere near perfect.

Our Verdict AladdinBot

Please stay away from Grace’s AladdinBot projects.

The safest way to invest in crypto trading bots is by using tested bots with verified performance.

Do leave a comment or email us with any queries.

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