Alliance Capitals Review: Scam Blacklisted by Finma Already!

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Alliance Capitals Review: Scam Blacklisted by Finma Already!

Alliance Capitals Review Update: Another false platform that promised guaranteed daily profit margins.

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About Alliance Capitals

Alliance Capitals is offering services in trading of Forex, Stocks, Crypto currencies,CFDs, Binary Options and Futures. In addition to this, it claims to mine Crypto currencies. It claims to be based out of Zurich. But according to the regulator of the jurisdiction where Alliance Capitals is operating business, Finma, this entity is not allowed to continue offering their services to any clients simply because it is an unregulated platform.

On the Alliance Capitals, we learn that the service is owned and operated by a team which comprises of Charles Everton, Lily Korver, Donald Chesterton, Gale Harrington and Peter Chen. These people are in the top leadership of the operation. That is what the site claims and it is unverified information until further research is done to conclude that indeed Alliance Capitals is telling us nothing but the truth.

Since they have already been blacklisted by FINMA, the financial regulator in Switzerland, it would be right to say that indeed the site’s operations is based in Switzerland. So the address which they have listed on their website is true. However, the reason why this service is suspicious is because they are offering very risky investment products on their site. The kind of products which they are offering needs to be regulated and traders must know what they are getting into in advance. No surprises later on.

Just before we can go ahead and discuss what this company purports to offer and why you should not invest in this platform, we want to point you to the right investment products on the internet. If you are looking to mine Bitcoin and other Cryptos, our best recommendation would be to explore what these mining platforms have for you. If you are looking to trade Cryptos, our best advice would be to use these robots. Having said that, let’s move into the analysis part of this review.

Alliance Capitals Review

Alliance Capital collaborates with Cryptotradex to offer trading in Crypto currencies, binary options, futures and many other assets. With binary options, you just have to predict whether price will go up or down before the close of the contract. If prediction is right, you make money. If it is wrong, you lose it. That’s it.


Binary options trading is generally controversial because most people view it as gambling. Indeed it can feel like gambling if you know nothing about trading. Our advice is that you should gain sufficient knowledge of trading or make use of trading software which has been approved and recommended by us for this kind of trading. And then you must also beware that brokers can scam you. Exercise precaution because lack of it will result in you losing your funds.

But honestly trading binary options with a company like Alliance Capitals is the worst mistake you can ever make. In fact, trading any form of financial asset with this company could be fatal to your financial future. We don’t recommend it at the moment. The company is also claiming to offer Crypto currency cloud mining through a product labeled Alliance Mining Ledger. Usually when a site claims to offer mining services in the cloud, they will talk about their mining facility and the state of hardware that they are using. They will not start talking about the subject in a vague way. Apparently, the page where mining is discussed on this site only consists of generic content which we do not think any serious investor would be interested in.

When you look at the content, it becomes almost clear that the site does not own any mining facility, and thus they only have to try convincing you even if they sound vague. Like we have said, if you want to mine, use the link that we published above because it will lead you to companies which are serious about Crypto mining. As for Alliance Capitals, the truth remains that they are not mining. They might be offering trading services by partnering with other platforms but not mining of altcoins.

Is Alliance Capitals a scam?

Having investigated the site carefully and carried out our in depth analysis concerning what the service offers, we believe that this site is offering an illegal service and could be a scam. The risk of losing money is even higher than that of making money.

While the site claims that they are mining Crypto currencies, there is zero evidence that that is happening. It is hard to get convinced that a part of the ROI will come from mining of Crypto currencies on the site.

The other thing is that Alliance Capitals is offering a blend of many products in one. This confuses customers even more. The site’s appearance also gives it away because it’s not confidence inspiring at all. The design and the layout only gives the impression that you could lose your funds on this platform.

Also, the fact that the regulators have warned us against continuing to seek the services of Alliance Capitals means that the site is quite risky to use. If you are really protective of your hard earned money, you should be looking for other avenues where you could invest your money but not on this site. Having said that, we believe that it is just a matter of time before Alliance Capital closes down and disappears. Scams never last.

But if it goes ahead to clear its name in the future, we will consider adjusting this review to reflect the changes accordingly.

Our best advice for you

Just forget trading on Alliance Capitals. There are many decent brokers who can give you access to Crypto currency trading platform. You don’t need to use a third party platform that connects you to another broker in order to trade. It will be expensive. Also, it beats logic to use a service like Alliance Capitals because they are unregulated. Finally, if you are looking to trade Crypto currencies (because you can make a lot of money with them), just consider picking your software here. 

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