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Share This! is a trading broker that boasts of providing the safest, smartest, and trustworthy transactions for investors regardless of the level. However, the firm on the loose is nothing but a clone firm of the original Alph-capital.

 It implies that it is a fake investment broker operating in the established reputation left behind by the innovative firm and not from his accomplishments and rapport.

The clone firm claims of it situated in Mayfair in London, whereas the true Alph-capital has management offices in Italy and The United Kingdom. See what I am talking about? Clone firms tend to joy ride on the original’s details only to benefit the broker and never the investor. Yet, you should note that The Financial Conduct Authority flagged this clone firm deeming it a liability to any investor. It would help if you only trusted legit crypto companies that will be in the market many years to come since  is a cryptocurrency scam.

How works works on the principle that an investor deposits into the broker’s e-wallet. The trader then performs trades on the investor’s behalf.

But it is suspicious as several claims about drastic spikes in returns only to vanish into the blues due to investment accidents are the primary concern of investors who have employed this tactic. Review, Platform

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It also boasts of first-class management of family wealth as long as ensured continuity, but this is nothing but a scam. Boasting of providing elite-consultation services, laid on a solid foundation guaranteeing relentless profits, and continuity.

Before you think of rendering your investments to this clone firm, remember that you should never fall for quick-fix get rich techniques on cryptocurrency investment.

Although it boasts of being in partnership with Meta trader 4, Mobile Trader, and Web Trader, one should not allow themselves to fall victim to such tricksters. There are no substantial burdens of proof to prove that the stated partnership exists.

Security and Trust features. is nothing but a scam operating as a clone firm. Based on this kind of mechanism, the clone firm shares some of the original’s firm details and fakes some. So, most of the data given may be illegitimate, whereas some are genuine.

The website link is nothing but an offline link belonging to a scammer. The first time visiting the site, I was baffled by the French language instead of the standard English.

The next time I repeated the activity, the expression changed. Take it from the horse’s mouth, and this link lacks an SSL.

As we all know, it only means that any data inputted into the system are too prone to a million hackers out there to use this data against their owners. lacks compelling scores in The Wall of Trust. Having a deficient score of 1 out of 5 is a direct indicator that this is nothing but a scam.

Fiscal Security, Banking, and Withdrawals.

Despite the thorough show-off of on how it offers a variety of investment services, the queer element was that an investor has to deposit into the e-wallet of the scammer.

 It was noted that the peak profits were only attainable a couple of minutes after deposit, but did not serve the trader on a long-term basis.

This is because there has been an increment in the number of “deposits lost” trickling in from scammed traders and investors.

The supposed office situated in London, prompting investors to heed to their bid, provides no bank statements of handling of the deposits made by investors.

Remember, if no route is laid out to give you a clear map out of your investments, never take the offer. Always think twice!

Although it boasts of being in partnership with Meta trader 4, Mobile Trader, and Web Trader, one should not allow themselves to fall victim to such tricksters.

There are no substantial burdens of proof to prove that the stated partnership exists. Wouldn’t it be nice if you got to experience a streamlined, withdrawal process whenever you wanted to access your money? But, with, you are least likely to experience the former. Withdrawals still pose a challenge for many investors.

 Financial Conduct Authority Ban. faced a flag down by The Financial Conduct Authority is a scam. This flagging means that FCA deems as a threat running on the dubious system considered as unfit for investors. For such a decision,

The Financial Conduct Authority must have received extreme complaints about this clone firm on a spree to extort investors of their money. Never invest with a flagged corporation. Do it at your own risk!

Team of experienced members. boasts of a well-experienced team of experts who offer top-notch advice to its investors. But, one should note that these personalities are not traceable by any means whatsoever.

There is no provision of a customer address helpline, a platform to get in touch in case of any unprecedented turnovers. The man Tony Smith is nothing but a scammer on the loose. He is a suspect: thought to have robbed investors up to 6200 Euros.

The only mentioned personality is full of tarnishes, how on earth do you fall for the “ghost team” trick? Unless the team and the founder of display their right credentials, it is inadvisable to invest in such an obscure scheme, do not risk it. Never grant management of your financial possessions to a stranger; you came across a very shady website. A broker not having your interest at heart.

Scam or not?

You must note that was flagged down by the Financial Conduct Authority as a cryptocurrency scam. Also, it should be noted that real is a small investment manager in Italy and the United Kingdom.

But, for this clone firm said to operate in London, it makes it pretty suspicious.This is due to a high influence from Arabic and Russian based oligarch over west London. Also, most of the necessary security necessities for the running of an investment firm were not met by this clone firm, ranging from website features to financial futures.

 A lack of these only triggers more suspicion, which should act as a prohibitive feature to evade unnecessary financial losses.

Fake Testimonials

As many scammers do, the has employed fake testimonials as one of the mechanisms to earn the public’s trust. As a result, many investors have fallen victim to this Ponzi scheme.

 Remember that these testimonials may be coming from any interested party, not a beneficiary of the services.

It is also important to note that the pictures displayed to back up these testimonials are nothing but Pinterest and Shutterstock photos bought by the cunning scammer. Neither the testimonies nor the images are real. All this is a bait to lure you into investing with this illegitimate corporation

Final Verdict

In short, to any cryptocurrency investor aiming at investing with, please renege from that dimension of thought. It is advised to always venture with legit companies that has a trading history.

You are only bound to bump into constant disappointments and substantial financial losses. The worst part being, you cannot do anything about it as your transactions are not with the real firm but a clone firm—all pieces of evidence point to the fact that an investment with is a blow to evade.


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  1. Bonjour et merci…. Trop tard pour moi qui ai perdu les économies de 20 années ! J’ai jointe d’avoir été si confiante mais c’était bien rodé car le jour où je suis allée porter plainte, on m’a dit qu’un gendarme venait lui aussi de vivre la même expérience. Reste à espérer que les plantes aboutiront !!

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