Alpha Intelect Review: is Alpha Intelect a Scam?


Alpha Intelect Review: is Alpha Intelect a Scam?

Alpha Intelect is a company that is also well known as AI. The platform is promising investors very high returns, and the firm is another Ponzi scheme that you should not invest with. The Artificial intelligence niche is a profitable venture that can yield investors profits.

However, it would be best if you also kept in mind that there are scammers in the market that only want to get their hands on your money. The company has a lot of loopholes and matters that do not add up. Nonetheless, the firm does not offer any banking information.

Alpha Intelect is a firm that claims it earns solid money and multiplies it for their clients. The platform has very enticing content, and it is easy to fall for their scheme. The people who are behind this venture are professional scammers who know what they are doing.

Novice traders will fall victim to this venture. The company was launched in April, and it is a Ponzi scheme we do not see them surviving in the next few months to come. The AI that this shady firm in the automation process, medicine, banking, industry, and agriculture. Review

Alpha Intelect presents itself as an all-round company that deals with investment of any niche. The platform accepts a minimum deposit of $3. The least amount that you can withdraw from this firm is $0.4.

The company accepts payment via digital currency; this includes BTC and ETC. Additionally, it also avails methods like Yandex, Payeer, Perfect Money, QIWI, MIR, Maestro, AdvCash, and Master/Visa Card.

Alpha Intelect Review, Alpha Intelect Platform

Alpha Intelect also has a luring affiliate program which they offer bonus ranging from 1% up to 5%. The website is available in two languages Russia and English. If you open multiple accounts, you will be blocked.

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Alpha Intelect does not seem legit, and we recommend using legit digital currency investment companies that will help you attain your financial goals. The platform is built on another website, and it has no SSL certificate.

There is no investment taking place on this platform. The Ponzi scheme target newbies in the market. It features fake data and statistics to appeal as a reputable venture. However, the company is not reputable, and they have very low traffic.

The firm fails to avail of financial reports that can be used to attest to their tremendous earnings. The founder of this Ponzi scheme is also running the business behind the scenes.

Investment Plan and Returns

The company has various investment plan that they offer to their victims. Alpha Intelect requires clients to deposit $3 up to $499 for their first plan. It promises a daily return of 2.5%, which we believe is very high and unattainable.

The standard account requires a deposit of $500. It promises a profit of 3%, and you also get the money you initially deposited. The advanced account has a daily profit of 3.5%, and it requires a deposit of $3000. The plan that has much earning is the Elite plan, which promises users a daily profit of 4%.

However, the amount that Alpha Intelect requires is $10,000. If you make the mistake of cashing in, you will live to regret it because you will not get anything in return. Keep off this venture for the sake of your sanity. The platform is an HYIP which uses the incoming cash to pay their pioneer customers.

Contact Info and Regulation

Alpha Intelect is a company that does not disclose its area of operation. The firm is a Ponzi scheme that is playing safe. It does not want the authority to catch up with their fraudulent activities.

However, there are multiple methods that you can use to contact them. It avails an email address, telegram channel, YouTube, Instagram, and you can as well reach them via their live support.

The Ponzi scheme will only contact you when they need funds from you. The promise of making you more money is just a fantasy that will not come to pass. They ask you to deposit a huge amount of funds why guarantying high return.

Unfortunately, if you do as it requests, they will blacklist you and never respond to your messages. Alpha Intelect is a venture that should avail of a convenient method of communication. They should have a telephone number that customers can easily reach them.

Moreover, they are not licensed by any financial bodies in the market. Hence, Alpha Intelect is operating illegally. It is unprofessional and unethical when an investment venture does not attempt to get a permit from the government.

False Testimonials

The testimonials that Alpha Intelect features on their website are misleading and not correct. The company is only looking for any method to make them appear as a reputable venture. Unfortunately, while doing our review, we did not come across any feedback.

They have not availed proof of payment; hence it is hard to believe their word. Additionally, this being an HYIP, they will only pay their first clients. Although the review sounds convincing, do not fall for this old tactic.

With the promises that Alpha Intelect is promising, we should be able to see many people endorsing their services. Sadly, this is not the case, and any reputable company in the market does not support the firm.

Safety and Security of Alpha Intelect

The company is not safe to trade with, and it does not guarantee the safety of its clients and funds. It is accepting funds via crypto, which we all know you cannot get the money back once you make the deposit.

Additionally, the people who are responsible for this company are determined to stay anonymous.  No corporate oversee the operation of Alpha Intelect. The financial watchdog does not approve their business since it does not have a regulatory document.

There are multiple risks that the investors are exposed to, and we urge you do not trust the company. They can do as they please and break the law whenever they want to. On the matter regarding the security of the website, we hate to break it to you that the platform is not safe.

It does not have the basic requirement, and hackers can attack it. They were exposing their customers to the risk of their data being stolen. The only way that you can protect yourself is by staying away and only trusting the best companies in the market.

Alpha Intelect has nothing to give to their victims except for the fake promises that they will never fulfill. The services that they claim to be involved with is something that they lack experience in. The returns are also too high and raise red flags.

Their competitors are not offering anything close to these figures. The market is very risky, and there are several things that you need to keep in check. If you come across a company that is promising such enticing profits, you should ask yourself the hard questions.

Final Verdict

Alpha Intelect is a scam investment firm that you should not waste your time on. The platform does not publish their accomplishment because there is nothing valuable they are offering. You should only venture with legit crypto trading software that is performing in the industry and is also promising, instead of wasting your money in a fraudulent venture.


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