AlphaTradeFN Review: Atrocious Forex Scam Broker Unveiled

AlphaTradeFN Review: Atrocious Forex Scam Broker Unveiled

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AlphaTradeFN ( is a BARBARIC CFDs and Forex broker scam that is swindling thousands of people. With a starting investment that is above the required industry requirements, we are sure AlphaTrade FN is a scam. After conducting a thorough and detailed review, we have found some anomalies with Alpha Trade FN. Read this entire review and find out the whole truth regarding ALPHATRADEFN. This is why all Forex investors should stay away!

AlphaTradeFN Review

AlphaTradeFN Review:

In order for a scam to work, scammers must come up with an almost real product to pull it off. These scammers are no different as they have created a homepage that easily entices the eye. Don’t be fooled by the homepage as there’s more than meets the eye. Here, we will help investors notice some dirty tricks they otherwise wouldn’t have spotted. This is a detailed expose of how Forex scammers work.

What fraudsters heavily rely upon is hooking victims with empty and over the moon promises. At AlphaTradeFN, Investors are promised to invest and trade with confidence. They claim that investing in the financial markets has never been easier. Some of the promises used include instant trading, secure and trusted protocols and more. These are just empty promises as we will clearly reveal why they are just a front for fraud.

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Who Owns AlphaTradeFN?

According to the disclaimer at the bottom of the page, Alpha Trade FN was founded in 2005. Disclaimer claims that this brokerage firm is located in New St Square, London, UK. Sadly, we cannot confirm this as this is a fake address. What we did was try and contact this broker using the contact details published. Problem with this is that we could not get any response from this site.

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Why haven’t they included any names of the real people who own this website? This is clear that we are dealing with a Forex broker scam outfit. Reason why these people don’t want to be contacted is for security purposes. They know victims and relevant authorities will get a hold of them which scares them. That said, its clear proof that we are dealing with a professional scam outfit that knows to dodge people.

Is AlphaTradeFN Regulated?

AlphaTradeFN Scam

What this means is that we are dealing with an unlicensed broker which is a dangerous affair. Unlicensed brokers are known to flaunt rules and regulations set by the industry. Best thing to do is to stay clear from this broker and find real Forex brokers. Furthermore, dealing with an unlicensed broker will never be legit and members end up losing money. There’s a huge level of anonymity with this broker.

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Fake Demo Account.

Have you ever wondered why members make money with demo account when trading with ALPHATRADEFN? This is because these scammers have rigged the demo account in your favor. Don’t think that this is a good idea, let us explain the downside of a rigged demo account. Reason why members always make 90% trade wins with demo account is simple. They want you to believe it’s that easy.

Once investors see that they are making money with a demo account, next thing is to open a real account. And by doing this you will have fallen into their trap. A real account is different from the demo account since you will be using your own real money. And since these scammers want your money, your win levels drop to almost nothing. That’s one of the unseen tricks that these scammers are using.

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Account Types.

AlphaTradeFN offers users four different account types to choose from. These accounts are Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum. Silver account holders must make a minimum deposit of $500 to start trading. As we said earlier, this is way above the acceptable industry standards of $250. Gold account members must make a minimum deposit of $5000 and have 15 live trades a day.

Diamond account holders must make a minimum deposit of $10000 to start trading. This account gives users 25 live trades a day. Platinum account holders must make a minimum deposit of $50000 to start trading. Users of platinum account get unlimited Live trades daily. Problem with all these accounts is that there’s nothing special with them. Only platinum account is different from all others.

Are Funds Secure with AlphaTradeFN?

AlphaTradeFN Fake Review

Clearly, member funds are not secure with AlphaTradeFN for a number of various reasons. Top among these reasons is that this is an unknown entity. For all we know, members are depositing money straight to the owner’s personal account. This means that AlphaTradeFN does not participate in segregation of accounts. Worse is still to come, members maybe funding the next terrorist attack without knowing.

Complaints floating around the web suggest that this broker does not participate in a compensatory scheme. This means that you will never be compensated for any losses incurred when trading with AlphaTradeFN. This means that even if you contact the authorities, it won’t help much as this is a fake brokerage firm.

Fake Live Support.

Another big problem we noticed with this broker is they don’t have live support chat. Their live support chat team is certainly dead as no messages have been responded to. This is evidence that these people don’t want to be contacted. What if a member has a serious concern with a certain trade? There won’t be anyone to help you with any issue as their live support chat is never live. Plus, we believe that this is a bot.

Is AlphaTradeFN a Scam?

AlphaTradeFN is a scam that is swindling thousands of people. From the level of anonymity to fake claims, simply stay away from this brokerage house. All investors are asked to ignore all incoming messages from their email marketing team. Mark all their emails as Spam and make sure not to click on any links sent.

AlphaTradeFN Final Verdict.

AlphaTradeFN Scam Review

Newbie traders as well as expert traders have been warned not to sign up with this broker. Only thing left for us to do is to blacklist Alpha Trade FN for the scam it is. Relevant authorities will look into this firm and shut their operation down. Best thing is to stay away from such sleazy scam sites and always stay safe when trading.

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