Alps Networks Review: is this a Scam?

Alps Networks Review: is this a Scam?

Alps Networks is a Forex trading software that makes enormous demands to their clients. The company was launched in 2015. Since then, the company has not made any attempt to win the trust of its customers.

The platform claim that they will teach investors how to trade successfully in binary option and Forex. The system guarantee that upon registration on the website, you will automatically be able to generate profit.

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The platform targets both novice and expert traders by offering premium and free opportunities. Nonetheless, you will be required to deposit an amount of $148 in the premium plan for you to enjoy the services.

Alps Networks has many loopholes, and we believe that this is not a transparent venture that you can trust with your money. It might be easy for newbies investors to fall for the empty promises that the company makes.

The company state that their primary concern is the success of its customers. Its extreme dedication is to ensure that everyone can join the financial market despite their social status. The platform believes that an online investment venture is for everyone and not necessarily the rich.

Alps Networks want to see their customer transition from novice traders to expert investors. The majority of the information available is regarding the community of this platform. They have a section designated for the expert client, which is meant to help their retail customers.

In case you want to make a return, you can use legit Forex trading software that has been in the market for a reasonable time. The bots will see you through in your trading activities without scamming you. We have not encountered any client who has used this fraudulent bot to generate profit. Review

The company markets itself as the best trading venture in the world. However, it fails to meet the majority of the expectations that sets them apart from legit companies. It looks like whoever is behind this platform does not know what they are doing.

Alps Networks Review, Platform

It is also clear that they want to steal funds from innocent investors. The platform shows the characteristics of a scam entity. If you don’t have adequate knowledge of financial matters, this company promises to take you through the process.

The platform claims that investors are in control of their money, and the system will trade for you day and night. The company state that they are a premium financial, a social network that traders can utilize to realize their business goals.

The company claimed that they have a team of professionals if they haven’t provided any information regarding their qualifications. Alps Networks additionally claim that their services are cost-effective and affordable to all class of investors.

The data the firm provides is insufficient and complicated. Despite the company’s claims of being transparent, honest, and trustworthy, we feel that their operations are not fulfilling.

You increase your chances of earning by inviting other people on the platform. They have a traders community whereby the existing client can share their trading outcomes. Additionally, the platform utilizes the mt4 trading interface.

How Does Alps Networks Operates?

The mode of operation of Alps Networks is still a mystery and unclear to investors. The platform provides statistics on its leadership board on this; you can see the number of traders, account returns, and other statistics.

The company lacks transparency, and the person behind the operation is not known. The founder of Alps Networks is mysterious. Investors need to know the people that they have trusted with their funds. The information that the platform has availed is complicated and not easy to comprehend.

The only thing that we are aware of is that the company is involved in binary and Forex trading. However, there’s no visible proof that they are involved in any trading services. If the firm is as profitable as they claim, then we should be able to see their MyFxbook analysis. The platform does not offer any essential services to their clients.

Alps Networks is offering Alpsfx to investors to aid their trade entry. The firm also claimed they would help to manage traders’ risks by determining the number of lots that their clients should invest. The company also assist their customers in linking with customers in their local areas.

Contact Detail and Regulation

The physical address of Alps Networks is in Singapore, Tower 1,8 Marina Boulevard, Singapore, Marina Bay Financial Center. The company has also provided their contact details that investors can use in case they have any queries.

Unfortunately, the information seems to be fake and misleading. In our attempt to determine if the location is correct, we realized that the company is not located in this area.

The telephone number of this platform is (65) 6622 5888, and it has also featured an email address. However, we can’t give a statement on the quality of the services being offered by customer support. There is not a single financial watchdog in the industry that permits Alps Networks to carry out their investment Venture.

The company is collecting funds from investors across the globe without a regulatory document. The scammers behind this platform should be put behind bars.

Clients Feedback

We find it suspicious that this company has been in the market for a period of over three years, yet they don’t have feedback from their customers. Upon checking for reviews from those who have engaged with them in the past, our attempt miserably failed as we did not find even a single person using the services of this company.

Alps Networks lacks a reputation in the market as well, and they don’t feature any performance report that can back up their trading claims. If this company was reliable as they claim, then a significant number of investors should have already ventured with them.

Is Alps Networks Trustworthy?

We feel that Alps Networks is not a trustworthy entity. It is highly that this company is another Ponzi scheme in the making. Visiting the website, you will find that it is not safe, and your personal information may be at a higher risk of being exposed.

The founder of this platform is also anonymous; it is a significant drawback. What the company promises is achievable. However, they have not provided any evidence to show how they plan on attaining these allegations.

The firm does not offer fund safety and can suffer from attacks from hackers. The company seems not to care about the security of their customers. The red flags that surround Alps Networks are many, and you should not turn a blind eye on them.

A company that lies about the physical address is something that you should not take lightly. The platform is also illegally operating since they don’t have the necessary licensing. We fail to understand how these platform has survived in the market all this time.

Final Verdict

Alps Networks is a company that is not transparent and should be avoided like the plague. There is no tangible evidence of them participating in any financial activities. The platform should avail the necessary proof for them to gain the trust of investors.

There is multiple trustworthy Forex trading software in the market that has been backtested and proven to be reliable. You should only invest in a company that is legit with trading history. The safety of your money should come first.

2 Replies to “Alps Networks Review: is this a Scam?”

  1. is a SCAM site! Do not for for it!!!
    They’ll lure you with their bi-annual promo offer; $200, $300 or $500 and promise you $3,000, $12,000, or $20,000 (respectively) return after one week. They claim that the little deposit they require ($200, $300, $500) you to make is just to show that you’re serious about starting a promo with them and once you make the deposit the company will allocate funds to your account ($1,000, $5,000, or $10,000 respectively) which will be traded on your behalf. They’ll assign a fake account manager to trade for you who also will be sending you daily trading reports on your account. Meanwhile after 7 days (the promo period on your account) they’ll mail you and ask you to make withdrawal of your earning, go ahead and make withdrawal but it’ll be pending on your dashboard for a day or two after which they’ll send you another email with details of the amount you’ve incurred in taxation (10% of your total earning). For example I joined their premium promo package which promised $20,000 minimum return and I earned $21,330 so they asked me to pay $2,130 taxation (10% of my earnings) before they can fully process my withdrawal.

    I was surprised when I received the mail and was devastated when I chatted with their customer support on their website; I asked what provision does the management ( has for situation whereby a client can not afford to pay taxation (I let them know that I didn’t have the money) and they told me my account would be terminated. I then asked about my deposit and they told me it would be paid in due time, I tried to find out when it might be (due time) and I was told to email support. I mailed [email protected], [email protected], mailed the fake account manager the assigned to me as well; [email protected], I made it clear I had made no arrangement to pay tax over earnings I haven’t received (especially since it wasn’t stated in “FAQs” withdrawal on their website and nobody told me about it before I initiated the investment process) I can not afford it and I don’t have the money therefore I’d like them to refund my deposit. I tried to login to my dashboard the next day and found that they’ve terminated my account. Yet they never reply my email or refund my deposit.

    Be careful out there because scammers are now going to lengths in other to make their schemes look like real opportunity. I’m still surprised I didn’t realize is a scam until they ask me to pay more before I can withdraw my earnings. The level of deception they put into making it look legit is so convincing you hardly know you’re dealing with scammers..

    They went as far producing fake payout proofs and setting up fake WhatsApp and Facebook profiles (in fact they clone profiles of innocent people who know nothing about their schemes). When I first received information about the website I asked about the source and I contacted the person who claimed to have been with the platform for about two years, according to her she’s a God fearing Christian who would never lie about such thing. She presented her (fake) proof of payout from the promo premium and when I insisted I needed to see more proof she sent me a link to another Facebook profile, a person she claimed to be her cousin who also show me another pay proof of her own.

    Watch out for these fake profiles:
    *Sebastian Turner: the fake account manager.
    *Pamela Houfle: an accomplice who claimed to be a God fearing Christian who’ve been with and cashing out for two years. And her fake cousin:
    *Kimberlee Preston

    Please note that these perpetrators may have cloned innocent people’s profiles and used their photos also. Initially, in my efforts to research alpsfx when I first heard about it I had tried to contact Amanda Harne, the first profile on the website in the section “what users have to say”… I searched and found the real Amanda Harne who’s picture they used and when I asked about her experience with she denied involvement with them and block me!

    At that moment I should have know I’m dealing with scammers but my conversation with (fake) Pamela Houfle and her cousin had convinced me. I invested with and I never got my earnings nor did they refund my deposit.

    (Among many of them) Other scam platforms I’ve lost money to are:

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