Alps Networks Review: is this a Scam?

Alps Networks Review: is this a Scam?

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We are reviewing a social trading network known as Alps Networks company which can be found at They claim that AlpsSocial®, is a collaborative Financial Social Network that gives Investors an additional edge in their Investment Expedition. They are also using a few marketing statements in order to convince new traders that Alps Networks is the best trading platform that anyone can use if they have no experience of their own.

alps networks

”Don’t have any knowledge about the Financial Markets? Let your Financial Ideas Xchange® – FIX® do all the hard work, day and night for you. You are always in control – Visit us at today. Don’t have any knowledge about the Financial Markets? Let your Financial Ideas Xchange® – FIX® do all the hard work, day and night for you. You are always in control – Visit us at today.”

In their why about Alps Networks, they claim the following: That they are a Premium Financial Social Network for Investors, and that people can learn in confidence with their trusted professionals. In addition to this, they claim that Alps Networks is offering a simple and cost-effective subscription Mode for all traders. They assure the community that Alps Networks does not hide behind financial jargon, impenetrable data and suspicious small print. They want to make Financial Trading and Investments accessible for absolutely everyone, and that means providing their clients with clear, honest and unbiased advice and excellent support services – Socially and Transparently.

Established in 2014, the Alps Networks company is located at Marina Bay Financial Centre, Tower 1, 8 Marina Boulevard #11-00, Singapore (018981). They are available for contact via email form, or telephone at (65) 6622 5888. The company is also behind an automated trade copier system, AlpsFX, and proprietary trading signal service which is still in development, AlpsSignals. In the meantime, if you are here looking for a reliable trading solution, we recommend that you try these products.

Alps Networks review

By far the most popular service out of all of their offerings, is the Alps Networks platform. While the platform does not have a large user base, it does have quite a few more capabilities than most other networks available. With this network, traders are able to invite friends, access private trade rooms, chat with other traders, and take part in a social ranking based on how well they trade.

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All of this is available because of the real-time integration of their network, with meta-trader 4. Traders can easily view all their trades “from various brokers on one single platform.” So, this service will allow traders to share their statements, statistics and allow them to take instant screenshots of meta-trader 4 charts in order to analyze and provide access to other members of the community.

Their commitment to success

They claim that at Alps Networks, they aren’t successful unless their clients are successful. They want to help these clients understand the Financial markets and learn how to trade successfully in the long term. They strongly believe that Financial trading is not just for the rich – everyone should have the opportunity to beat the market regardless of how many zeros they have on their paycheck.

Alps Networks wants to see their clients evolve seamlessly from amateur investors to profitable traders. They also pride themselves in helping their community, and believe that all profitable traders can always have an element to return to society in any small way.

Communities at Alps Networks

One of the most important areas of the Alps Networks platform, is the reliance on communities. This section of the website is built for expert traders, labeled as “trade sherpas,” to help retail traders transparently. Communities can form trade teams, rank in the leader board, and provide access to group statistics.

There is also PayPal integration, but I’m not sure what role this plays in the communities. I want to believe that the communities are able to provide signals directly to traders via the MT4 integration, but there doesn’t seem to be clear explanation of this. Within the platform, I’ve browsed through multiple communities, and even joined some, but I haven’t been asked to pay anything for these premium communities, which is quite confusing and unlike other networks I’ve reviewed like Myfxbook AutoTrade, Tradeo, Ayondo and Collective2.

It’s also worth noting, that this section of the website is very slow, with most of the communities having very few members. The most popular community has 907 members, with a few others in and around the 100 to 200 mark. Yet, all of these communities are showing low winning percentages.

Leader boards (Rankings)

On the rankings page, we can sort through a handful of traders to see who is performing best within the Alps Networks platform. Here we can see a handful of aspects highlighted below: Winning percentageAmount of trades, Account return, Balance on demo or live accounts.

When clicking on these traders, I’m expecting some way to be able to copy their trades, and link this to my personal trading accounts, but this doesn’t seem possible.

Our best advice for you

The purpose of the Alps Networks platform is a little more confusing than most other Forex trading networks we’ve reviewed in the past. Most networks are focused on providing traders with access to other traders, to copy their trades or utilize their signals. In this case, it seems as though the main purpose of the network is to provide information, direct market advice and access to other traders.

At this point in time, we don’t feel as if this network is that useful, because there are not a lot of users utilizing the platform, and the top traders available don’t boast the most impressive statistics. We believe that the platform itself is quite impressive, but we are still trying to figure out how helpful it will be to the community in the long run. In the meantime, we feel that the community should be hesitant a little bit until we are very confident that Alps Networks can deliver the promises it makes on their website. You can in the meantime trade with these highly recommended trading tools. 

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2 Replies to “Alps Networks Review: is this a Scam?”

  1. is a SCAM site! Do not for for it!!!
    They’ll lure you with their bi-annual promo offer; $200, $300 or $500 and promise you $3,000, $12,000, or $20,000 (respectively) return after one week. They claim that the little deposit they require ($200, $300, $500) you to make is just to show that you’re serious about starting a promo with them and once you make the deposit the company will allocate funds to your account ($1,000, $5,000, or $10,000 respectively) which will be traded on your behalf. They’ll a**ign a fake account manager to trade for you who also will be sending you daily trading reports on your account. Meanwhile after 7 days (the promo period on your account) they’ll mail you and ask you to make withdrawal of your earning, go ahead and make withdrawal but it’ll be pending on your dashboard for a day or two after which they’ll send you another email with details of the amount you’ve incurred in taxation (10% of your total earning). For example I joined their premium promo package which promised $20,000 minimum return and I earned $21,330 so they asked me to pay $2,130 taxation (10% of my earnings) before they can fully process my withdrawal.

    I was surprised when I received the mail and was devastated when I chatted with their customer support on their website; I asked what provision does the management ( has for situation whereby a client can not afford to pay taxation (I let them know that I didn’t have the money) and they told me my account would be terminated. I then asked about my deposit and they told me it would be paid in due time, I tried to find out when it might be (due time) and I was told to email support. I mailed [email protected], [email protected], mailed the fake account manager the a**igned to me as well; [email protected], I made it clear I had made no arrangement to pay tax over earnings I haven’t received (especially since it wasn’t stated in “FAQs” withdrawal on their website and nobody told me about it before I initiated the investment process) I can not afford it and I don’t have the money therefore I’d like them to refund my deposit. I tried to login to my dashboard the next day and found that they’ve terminated my account. Yet they never reply my email or refund my deposit.

    Be careful out there because scammers are now going to lengths in other to make their schemes look like real opportunity. I’m still surprised I didn’t realize is a scam until they ask me to pay more before I can withdraw my earnings. The level of deception they put into making it look legit is so convincing you hardly know you’re dealing with scammers..

    They went as far producing fake payout proofs and setting up fake WhatsApp and Facebook profiles (in fact they clone profiles of innocent people who know nothing about their schemes). When I first received information about the website I asked about the source and I contacted the person who claimed to have been with the platform for about two years, according to her she’s a God fearing Christian who would never lie about such thing. She presented her (fake) proof of payout from the promo premium and when I insisted I needed to see more proof she sent me a link to another Facebook profile, a person she claimed to be her cousin who also show me another pay proof of her own.

    Watch out for these fake profiles:
    *Sebastian Turner: the fake account manager.
    *Pamela Houfle: an accomplice who claimed to be a God fearing Christian who’ve been with and cashing out for two years. And her fake cousin:
    *Kimberlee Preston

    Please note that these perpetrators may have cloned innocent people’s profiles and used their photos also. Initially, in my efforts to research alpsfx when I first heard about it I had tried to contact Amanda Harne, the first profile on the website in the section “what users have to say”… I searched and found the real Amanda Harne who’s picture they used and when I asked about her experience with she denied involvement with them and block me!

    At that moment I should have know I’m dealing with scammers but my conversation with (fake) Pamela Houfle and her cousin had convinced me. I invested with and I never got my earnings nor did they refund my deposit.

    (Among many of them) Other scam platforms I’ve lost money to are:

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