AltCoin Trends Scam- Review Exposes Everything!

AltCoin Trends Scam- Review Exposes Everything!

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AltCoin Trends, a trading software product which can be found on this domain,, is pure nonsense. It’s designed to lose money rather than make it. It’s not a legitimate Crypto currency trading robot. It’s not even close to something like that.

Apparently, AltCoin Trends software is based on the so-called Andrew Frost Proven Cryptocurrency technique. This technique is not explained in details apart from saying that it’s a profitable method of trading Crypto currencies on the internet.

With this weird trading technique, AltCoin Trends software is guarantying nothing but winning trades. In fact, when you look at the statement which they published on the header of the site, you will see them boasting that this is the most powerful trading algorithm for those who want to make profits by trading Crypto currency. And the best thing is that it only takes a few clicks to set up and smile on your way to the ATM.

This is definitely the exact definition of what a Crypto Currency scam is.

It’s only fair that we expose this software once and for all to save people from losing their monies.

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AltCoin Trends software Review

A fake owner and presenter by the name Andrew Frost tells the world that this software makes $3,000 per day. It uses extremely powerful and cutting-edge technology for trading Cryptos.

He claims that this technology was put together by the best minds in the Crypto currency investment industry. For that reason, the average Joe is able to make easy profits by simply signing up and making a small deposit with their chosen broker.

They also boast of ”real time analysis” capabilities that has enabled the ”intelligent algorithm” to have an edge over the rest of the solutions currently available in the market.

Customer satisfaction is allegedly top notch. Also, 86% of customers are allegedly making over $5,000 per day using AltCoin Trend software.

altcoins trends fake account earnings

The win rate is an impossible 93%, meaning that if you place 10 trades, you will always be assured of winning at least 9 of them. This is definitely a red flag as that kind of win rate has never been experienced with any Crypto currency software before. Such a high win rate is only mentioned in similar scams like Crypto Wealth by a fake actor known as ”Max Carney”.

The funniest joke of all is that at least 91% of spots have been taken, and thus any further delay will cause you to lose your spot.

If this is real, then we should have been locked out by now. Why are they still accepting new sign ups? It’s been around for days, and the 91% fill up rate isn’t just hitting the 100% mark. It looks suspicious indeed. It must be a trick because even if you attempt to sign up 100 days from now, AltCoin Trends website will still be accepting new members who want to make money by trading Cryptos.

Of course if they’ll remain online this long, that’s what shall happen. It’s just a marketing trick. The truth is that these scammers are open to anyone who feels like donating their money to them.

First impression of the site

We didn’t have a shade of doubt that AltCoin Trends was the usual generic binary options scam software. It’s easy to determine if a site is selling a white label by just looking at the presentation.

We noticed the video on the homepage and also realized that it was promising crazy profits. That’s something we have seen with all scams of this nature.

Below it, there was a fake testimonial and declaration that someone had made $3000 in the last 24 hours using AltCoin Trends software.

altcoin trends scam

Of course we didn’t get convinced because those claims were not verified. The person who was making those claims remains anonymous up to now. So it only takes a fool to believe poorly-fabricated testimonials like the ones seen on the AltCoin Trends website.

When we scrolled further downwards, we came to the AltCoin Trends software benefits section of the site. Some of the benefits which they were touting here include ease of use, access to well-monitored financial databases, and also compatibility.

What caught our attention in this area is that AltCoin Trends website was claiming that the team behind this app built it from the ground up, syncing it with the biggest and reliable financial database in the world. This is allegedly updated regularly.

We wonder how this can be possible with a white label such as AltCoin Trends.

There is also mention of Bitconnect in their ”About Altcoins Trends” section of the site.

In this section of the site, they claim that their software is both user-friendly and cutting-edge. However, the next sentence spoils the party because now they start talking of Bitconnect and how it strives to ensure that users are always in the forefront of technology when it comes to making money form Crypto-currencies.

The question is, are the two related? Is Bitconnect the company behind AltCoins Trends website?

Well, there is no evidence that these two are related. But there is plenty of evidence that the owner of AltCoins Trends website just copy-pasted that statement from the Bitconnect official website while forgetting to edit that part which mentions ‘Bitconnect’. This is a blatant mistake. It shows how lazy these guys are. They only want quick money.

Who is the guy in the video?

He is called ”Frost”. We had to put his name in quotes because there is not proof that this is his real name. All evidence point to the fact that he is using an alias name for purposes of acting.

Think of it! This software is free to use. ”Frost” is actually giving it away to anyone who cares to listen to his fake story. But he is expecting that upon getting your copy, you will sign up with his recommended brokers and actually make a deposit before trading can begin.

It would be shocking to believe that some folks still fall for these tricks. You see, this ”Frost” guy is claiming that his app will make you free money. But what incentive does he get when he gives it out for free? If it makes money, then it should be considered a premium product that costs money.

But AltCoin Trends software has actually proved that it is a scam designed to abuse Crypto currency trading. You should be suspicious of his motive because Andrew Fost is a fictitious guy. The story which he is peddling around is equally as fictitious as himself.

Notice how this guy is promising free money with the AltCoin Trend software. You ought to be skeptic because no one has ever given anyone free money. There is no exception with this software too. The rule of thumb still applies. But those who believe otherwise often lose their money. History has proved so.

Our best advice for you

If you want to be safe, exercise caution and notice the tale tell signs such as the anonymity of this software. Altcoin Trends and the owner of that website are completely anonymous.

The website doesn’t even have real contact info. It’s just taking the joke too far. And the worst thing is that people will lose money to this scam as a result of ignoring their conscience. Use this link to pick out valid Crypto Currency investment products/services.

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