Alterion Ltd Review: Is a Rewarding Auto Trading Robot?

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Alterion Ltd Review: Is a Rewarding Auto Trading Robot?

Alterion Ltd is an auto trader robot making promises of earning 1.0% in daily returns. Our review goes to show the pros and cons of this auto trader.

There’s clear proof that whoever is behind Alterion is behind other questionable MLM products and services. These are financial products with high daily profit claims with no verifiable results. Records indicate that it’s a Private Limited Company operating as a securities firm.

Yes, there’s a corporate license of the shell company ALTERION LTD licensed under the UK Company’s registrar. What we don’t have is the facts leading to this platform as a genuine investment platform.

Alterion Ltd Facts and Features; is it legit or scam?

Anonymity and transparency are a few reasons why we have to stay away from the platform. There are no details of the people running the show. This creates a vacuum for investors on this platform as the security of funds is an issue.

There’s also the issue of verifying the results. With the platform claiming to build the auto trader thanks to AI, there are no results to showcase its performance. You would expect Backtesting results available on this platform on MyFxBook, but that’s not the case.

AI-Driven Automated Trading is possible only with tested and trusted products.

Find out more in our detailed Alterion Ltd Review.

About Alterion Ltd

Other related products from the creators of Alterion Ltd include the Alterion clone It’s also pitching the same 1 percent guaranteed daily returns and has the same company registry details.

DailyProfite, Growex, and Tencent Equity as the other products belonging to the same group. None of these companies are upfront in naming the people behind it making them look suspicious from an investor’s point of view.

Alterion Ltd is the same as the others. Promising high returns only to fail miserably in offering reliable investments. The best way to move forward is by having a transparent platform with proven performance.

You also have to take consideration of the stated profit guarantees. 1 percent daily profit margin sums up to 30 percent monthly gains. Now that has to be one of the biggest profit margin guarantees the industry has to offer.

Investors have to approach AI trading with caution, especially those claiming to offer guarantees results. Even with machine learning capabilities, chances of making guarantees profit margins are not relatable.

AI-Driven investment platforms rarely offer investors guaranteed profit. All they do is offer accurate analytics of the market giving traders viable investment options. Making profit guarantees should be the red flag for a high risk no reward auto trader.

How the Alterion Ltd robot works

It all starts by investors signing up hoping to make a better investment with the platform. As you sign up, there’s a membership incurred. You then have to deposit trading funds with the platform offering 200 percent after 24 hours every day of the week.

With such claims, naïve investors jump in with the hopes of creating one of the largest investment ROI. If the platform was such a wonder, nearly every banking institution would have signed up with them.

There’s a reason why no one bothers with such claims as they are unrealistic. You have a robot claiming to make insane ROI margins. And the worst thing is, the platform fails to give investors a valid reason for it.

The platform also offers affiliates a chance to make commissions by inviting others to the platform. This is a $40 daily commission for referring five users on the platform for the next 30 days.

The High Risk of

What the owners are doing is throwing money around from one account to the other. You invest today and the platform deposits funds from other sign ups to your account as a sign the platform works.

Remember Alterion Ltd fails to give clients the exact information of how the robot works. Is it a Masternoding or Staking project? The platform fails to give investors the much needed information to generate any sense of transparency.

Investors get the chance to withdraw part of their initial deposit. If you deposited $1,000, the platform will allow two partial withdrawals. Note that the platform sets a withdrawal limit meaning you can’t withdraw the entire amount.

After withdrawing $100 the first two days and $200 after four days, Alterion Ltd gives the impression investors are actually earning the projected ROI. That’s far from the case as they have just allowed withdrawal of part of your initial deposit.

And the action goes around for other investors as well. After your second withdrawal, the platform will try and convince you to join another tier with a much higher ROI margin. This is where investors go insane and invest their entire savings.

At this point, the platform knows you’re either all in or only looking to invest with the initial amount. From there, there’s no more withdrawal with the platform citing different reasons including breach of terms and conditions.

That’s how you lose money with this platform.

Bonus and Commissions Alterion Ltd

Apart from the listed daily profit margins, the platform also offers bonuses and commissions. Bonuses are earned after investors hit a milestone such as moving from one plan to another. Commissions are solely based on referrals.

There are two set victims on this platform, members who invest and affiliates who help market the platform. Investors are seen as the best marketers to invite close family and friends into the foe.

Affiliates get in with the hopes of directing clients to the platform and finally converting. Sadly, the platform has other ideas when it comes to investing. These are the issues we have with a platform failing to offer much in terms of authenticity.

No affiliate gets to earn funds and this has started to result in a decrease in the number of signups. A decrease in the number of investors signing up indicates the platform is about to wind down.

Customers’ Thoughts on Alterion Ltd

With the platform only having a few weeks in the scene, there are both positive and negative feedbacks. The positive feedbacks are from the first batch of investors who withdrew funds partly vested by other investors.

And then there’s the customers who were paid to post positive reviews. These clients indicate the platform moved to allow try and promote the platform using paid comments. That’s a route only taken by high risk no reward programs.

It points to a platform without any confidence on their product or the services on offer. And that’s why we have to stay away from this platform or any other.

Is Alterion Ltd Legit or Scam?

From where we stand, there’s no way Alterion Ltd is a legit trading platform. All facts and features point to a high stake no reward program, similar to other such products from the creator. We have a wash and rinse platform deceiving investors with daily and high ROI claims.

Whether the Certificate of Incorporation is true or not, there are still signs of a high risk platform. We recommend you steer clear from projects without accountability and transparency. It’s a high risk AI-Driven project without any verifiable information.

Verdict Alterion Ltd

From where we stand, Alterion Ltd is a high risk investment platform.

If you want to invest in AI-driven tools, get it right the first time by enjoying the services of proven AI-driven trading tools.

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