Amabit Telegram Bot Review: Is Scam or Real?

Amabit Telegram Bot Review: Is Scam or Real?

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Amabit is a platform that claims to offer its investors great trading opportunities through its trading bot on telegram. However, the company is a scam, and you will lose all your funds if you choose to invest with them.

The company only accepts Bitcoin as their mode of payment with a minimum deposit amount of 0.001 BTC. Recently, the use of Bitcoin payments is being exploited by Pyramid schemes because of their irreversible and untraceable characteristic.

The company claims that it was established by a team of experts who have experience in their proprietary software as well as trading cryptocurrencies.  The team also claims that they are always adapting and looking for ways to better invest in cryptocurrency and increase member’s profits.

The company only brags of its competent team, but there is no information or proof of their expertise. The team also operates anonymously, and nothing is known about them.

The crypto space is a highly volatile market that is sharp and unpredictable, which makes earning consistent huge returns hard. The company does not state how it operates and how they mitigate their client’s risk to cover the total cost incurred.  The company aims to attract innocent newbie investors with the claims that they will earn lucrative returns paid daily on their initial investment.

Many people have made a tremendous amount of money while trading cryptocurrency, but it was not because of getting rich overnight schemes but through patience, adequate skills, and a good investment.

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Amabit fails to provide any business models, investment plans, financial performance documents, or even an FAQ page. Avoid believing false narratives and unverified information because Ponzi schemes are getting harder to spot, and you can fall victim and lose your money. Review

Amabit bot claims to be an investment bot which offers the opportunity for an investor to earn daily accrued profit from your investment. The trades claim it is a guarantee for you to earn passive income, and you don’t need any expertise or to do anything.

Amabit Telegram Bot Review, Platform

All you need is make a deposit and trust the team behind the bot. The website claims that all you need is a telegram account and a Bitcoin wallet for cryptocurrency transfers.  It is all false information that is made to entice investors to make deposits. The platform only aims for people to blindly invest before they steal your money.

Ponzi scheme, like Amabit, always leaves loopholes in their terms of service or privacy policy to take advantage of investors. Amabit telegram bot does not have terms of service and can quickly amend it to exploit its users.  The company works hard to cover its murky operations.

It claims to be operating across the globe and accepts Bitcoin deposits but the company any form of registration or license. The bot also does not have a demo account or educational material to help investors get acquainted with the bot or how it works.

Amabit and the team behind the bot claim that they will assure a 10% daily accrued income on the investor’s initial investment. The only requirement they have is to make a deposit and relax to make money. You should always invest with legit crypto trading bots in the market.

Any investment market always has its own risks. The profits and how the boot operates is also very sketchy. If the deal is too good, it is better to just walk away because none of Amabit claims is true.

Investment plan and returns

 Amabit is a telegram bot that promises its investors a guaranteed return of more than 10% accrued daily for two weeks. It is a return of more than 280% paid in a month, which is almost impossible. All investment ventures have a risk, and it is more volatile in the crypto space.

The company also does not mention any way the trade to make or how the bot works. The company owners, as well as the team promising unrealistic returns, are entirely in the dark.

Amabit only accepts Bitcoin deposits and accepts a minimum deposit of 0.001 BTC. The minimum withdrawal amount is not limited. The platform has a three-tier affiliate program. It offers 6% for direct referrals and 2%- 1% for the next two lines. The company encourages investors to refer more people to join the site to earn more deposits.

Regardless of the numerous promises, it is good to stay away from scam platforms such as Amabit, which uses shady marketers, fake testimonials, fake claims, videos, and blog content to promote fraudulent activities.  The website has no intention of paying the miner but will play the marketer because they are in collaboration.

Regulation and Customer support

Amabit does not claim to have registered their company or that they are not regulated by any regulatory body. The company is conducting its operations illegally and deceiving its clients. The fact that Amabit is a trading bot that operates globally should have a Government body regulation the website to protect the client’s interest as well as their funds.

The platform should be licensed in the FCA cluster if it is operating in the UK and an FTA cluster for operating in the USA. The website could easily break the law and get away with your money.

A legitimate company always values its customers and usually has a good customer care system to help the clients if they encounter any problem. Amabit does not have customer support on social media handles, but you can send a complaint to the email [email protected] or [email protected] The website does not have a phone number, but you can contact them on telegram @jack_amabit.

Amabit founder and its expert team of traders are claiming that they are the expert in trading cryptocurrency with years of experience. The founder and the team are completely anonymous, and there is no information about them. Legitimate cryptocurrency trading websites are transparent, and the founders, as well as the team, have known credentials and social media handles. A legit company will not shy from being transparent.

The Domain insight

We were able to gather useful information regarding Amabit telegram bot, all thanks to and The company domain is, and it is currently unknown to the target audience of the company. However, the company has considerable traffic and an Alexa Global ranking of 1986507.

Final Verdict

Amabit is a company that has numerous red flags, which is a scam site made with the interest of stealing client deposits.  The company has made unrealistic claims of huge profits with only a principal amount required as the investment.

Competitive legitimate companies typically have reasonable returns, but Amabit trading bot promises a 10% interest rate paid daily for two weeks to have an ROI of 140%, which is absurd.

The company is also operating anonymously, and the information concerning the people behind the website is unknown. They clearly want to scam as many people as they can before they ghost investors.

Additionally, the platform is illegally operating and may face criminal prosecution. The company is not registered, and it does not have any license documentation or regulation documents. Lastly, the website does not have any proof to support any of their claims.

Amabit is a company that can easily swindle your money and gets away with it. You should always invest with the best crypto trading bots in the market. Before investing in any online venture, it is essential to have both knowledge and skills.

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