Amex Financials Review: Broker Scam

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Amex Financials Review: Broker Scam

Amex Financials ( is claiming to be a leading Binary Options and Crypto broker based in the Stated. AmexFinancials is without a doubt a scam as the United States does not accept binary trading. Amex-Financials is professing to offer a commodity not acceptable in the United States jurisdiction. Claims of being regulated by the NFA are a roost to drive investors to sign up. These are online scam brokers. Read this genuine and transparent AMEX FINANCIALS Review for more details.

Amex Financials Review

About Amex Financials

According to their about is page, Amex Financials is claiming to be based in Germany. The disclaimer at the footer of their homepage shows the broker has a UK and US address. Such tactics are used by scam brokers who try and keep their identity unknown. By using these two locations, they hope to target unsuspecting American and European investors. And this is why we must expose them. Staying safe is paramount and it is best to look for a credible broker with an outstanding online reputation.

The broker claims to use a sophisticated blend of experience engineering to offer trading services. They also profess to empower thousands of marketers to access markets around the world. These are false claims with no grounds as the broker has literally broken the internet with complaints. A majority of members have turned to the web to vent their frustrations on the broker. It would seem the broker has nothing else to do than steal from anyone who signs up and deposits.

Assets Offered by Amex Financials

Amex Financials is claiming to have binary and Crypto assets. Without an asset’s page it remains unclear whether the broker offers Forex assets. Details pertaining assets features such as leverage and spreads remain unknown. The broker is hoping investors will sign up without checking on the assets. And this is a grievous mistake most investors make when signing up with online products. They don’t bother to check and read through the website for terms and conditions.

One of the mistakes the broker makes is claiming to offer a high payout of 81 percent. What the broker does is use empty claims and promises to drive investors to sign up. With features of a guaranteed profit margin, the broker is clearly misinforming investors. The broker claims it is impossible to make any losses with their platform. If this was the case, we would all sign up with them. The market is volatile and prices changes without any warning. Anyone trying to make profit guarantees is using false claims.

Business Owner

Amex Financials is also not clear as to who owns the platform. They are not clear as to who operated and runs the website making it another anonymous platform. What they have done is post stock images and given them names. A closer look at the members posted reveals none of them works with the platform. These are downloaded images used to sell the idea that this is a professional outfit. Why don’t these people have any social media presence? It would have helped if we had their social media handles for confirmation.

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False Features

The broker is filled with false features which are meant to entice investors to sign up. These features include having an easy to use platform to fast payout. The problem with Amex Financials is none of the members has been able to withdraw funds. For the last couple of months, members are having a hard time withdrawing funds. The claim of fast payouts is quickly thrown out as AmexFinancials is blocking withdrawal requests. And this is another solid reason to stay away from the broker.

License and Registration of Amex Financials

Amex Financials IS NOT LICENSED by any regulatory body in all the regions they claim to have offices. Starting with the United States, the regulator does not have a broker with this name. Records show the National Futures Association has no broker licensed under this name. And this is why we must stay away from the platform. These scam brokers are operating without a valid license. What this means is anyone who deposits funds should know there is no depository insurance.

The Financial Conduct Authority is planning to issue a warning in regards to this broker. A warning is due as a result of complaints received from European investors. The broker clearly does not follow set industry regulations and rules. Their website also has no details on their compliance. A legit broker will post copies of their license certificates for all to see. Without these documents, it is clear AmexFinancials is a hoax. It is best to stay away as funds are far from secure.

Limitations of Amex Financials

Account Details

Amex Financials Account Types

With the broker claiming to offer binary and Crypto assets, they have no account types. Amex Financials is silent on the accounts offered on their platform. Does this mean they have a single account or PAMM account? The latter seems to be the case as members are forced to give control of their accounts to managers. Information on minimum deposit required is also missing. Without a quoted minimum deposit, it gives the broker leeway to ask investors for any amount. The industry has set $250 as the acceptable minimum deposit for online trading.

Contact and Customer Support

One would expect a broker who is based in the States to have an efficient communication channel. They have used a message box where members leave their information. Being an unregulated broker, it is clear they are harvesting data using their communication channels. The live bot will ask for personal information before directing users to an account manager. These are scam brokers who will sell your information to third parties.

Copy Trading

Amex Financials is claiming to offer copy trading services to newbies. With their copy trader, novice traders are promised an easy time trading. They are also promised heavy gains thanks to their so-called expert analysis. AmexFinancials wants investors to deposit funds and give control of their trading.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Anyone planning to deposit funds will use bank transfer or MasterCard. The problem with this broker is all funds are directed to a personal bank account. Most of the funds are shared between the broker and account managers. None of the funds deposited ever goes to trading. Withdrawing funds remains to be the biggest challenge facing members. None of the members have been withdrawing funds which makes the platform a scam.

Trading Platform

Another missing feature with this broker is their preferred tool of trade. Without any information on the trading terminal available, this becomes even more sinister. Members are using a web based trading platform which is far from being stable. The problem with custom built platforms is they tend to have no security features.

Safety of funds with Amex Financials

Safety of funds is far from possible with this platform. AmexFinancials is not segregating funds as dictated by trading regulations. The broker is pooling funds in one account which is extremely risky. None of the funds deposited head to a real account; they all go to owner’s bank account. And this is the reason why no one is able to withdraw funds. And this is why traders should stay away from the platform.

Scam or Legit Amex Financials

Amex Financials About the Broker

After reviewing all the facts, it is clear Amex Financials is a scam. Stay away from this platform or else risk losing all your funds. Mark any of their promotional emails as spam and never click on any links sent. Warn your friends and loved ones from joining their affiliate programs.

Bottom Line

To protect our esteemed readers, we have to add this platform to our blacklist. Trading can be a lucrative way to earn profit if the right tools are used. When dealing with digital currency, it is best to use affordable brokers.

We wish all traders the very best.

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