AMG Trading and Investments is Scam – Honest Review

AMG Trading and Investments is Scam – Honest Review

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Let us look at this company known as AMG Trading and Investments ( We have all reasons to believe that the people who run this show are nothing more than stock trading wannabees. It’s a join venture between a father and a son who claim to be super traders.

In fact, they claim that 2017 day trading returns were +5,103.19%. On the same breath, they declared that their swing trading results for the same period is +674%.

This is total BS from a couple of trading wannabees who have no business giving investment advice. The father to the son, Mike Gutridge recently declared bankruptcy when he told the court that he had nothing more than $10 in his pocket.

And now they are all claiming to be making more than 1,600% on a monthly basis, thanks to their ‘magical stock trading techniques’ which have seen them making wealth.

Surprisingly, none of these persons will ever produce evidence of trading success. What they will do for you is to sell you their so-called stock trading secret. How on earth is that possible?

AMG Trading and Investments Review

So, what exactly is this website by the name AMG Trading and Investments?

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AMG Trading and Investments is simply a website/company that offers an assortment of trading products ranging from day trading chat rooms, swing trading chat rooms, trading courses and mentoring programs.

Access to their day trading chat room costs $145 per month. On the other hand, signing up for their swing trading chat room will only cost you $95 per month.

Their trading courses have been categorized into levels. Level 1, 2 and 3 cost $250 each. All students must go through the 3 levels. That’s an equivalent of $750 spent on trading courses.

Besides that, they have a day trading course which is also charged a fee of $250. And of course their mentorship program has a fee as well. This costs $200.

AMG Trading and Investments Trading products

As you can see, this is one of the most expensive companies to do business with. They train you nonsense and you break the bank for the sake of the ‘education’ which they are giving you.

Now, when you pay a visit on their ”about us” page, you will discover that no single individual has claimed ownership of AMG Trading and Investments. Instead of describing their business in details, they only say that AMG Trading and Investments was starting by a father and son who enjoy stock trading.

They also claim that their business is founded on the Biblical principle that one should treat others as they would wish to be treated.

This is apparently the golden rule that these people structure their lives and business by. Then finally, they conclude that it is better to give than to receive.

While this is a good Biblical principle to live by, we still find it startling when someone claims to live by that principle yet they are not willing to introduce who they are to the public.

As an investors, you are simply supposed to act on blind faith, believing that they are not scammers asking you to break the bank in the name of being taught how to trade stocks.

Supposed performance of AMG Trading and Investments

This business claims that since January 2017, their day trade returns have been +5,103.19%. They also claim that their swing trade returns have been skyrocketing higher in the excess of +674%.

AMG Trading and Investments returns

In short, if you started with as little as $1000, your account would simply grow incredibly in the next few months. You’d become a millionaire in less than one year, thanks to the techniques taught at AMG Trading and Investments.

First of all, we have never witnessed such outrageous performance claims in all our lives since we started this website.

At an incredible rate of +1,672% monthly return on investment, any investor would simply become wealth only if they trusted these bozos. And you see, we anticipated that AMG Trading and Investments was supposed to include a legal disclosure stating whether the so-called trading results were real or hypothetical.

However, we also realized that these dynamic couples running a fraud under the name of AMG Trading and Investments did not understand the basic disclosure statements as required by the FCA or SEC. Instead of following the right procedure, they have this lame excuse for a disclosure which states that AMG Trading and Investments does not provide investment advice and that prior performance is not an indication of future performance.

You see, this automatically makes the owners of AMG Trading and Investments a target for securities fraud. Yes, if you don’t state whether results are real or hypothetical, you stand to be charged for committing civil and criminal offenses.

Who the heck will believe this trading nonsense that making over 600% return on investment is possible with this company or any other stock trading venture?

Keeping in touch with AMG Trading and Investments to seek clarity

We reached out to AMG Trading and Investments to gather some evidence of these ridiculous earnings. They could not be reached on phone as the number they gave on their site did not have someone on the other end to attend to calls.

So we left a message stating that we were looking to verify the earning claims that we saw on the AMG Trading and Investments. We never got a response, probably because the father and son had realized that they were under investigations and were likely to be busted.

We also sent an email message asking for some sort of verification to prove that the amazing return on investments as stated on the AMG Trading and Investments website were real. Of course there was no response.

But of course the simplest way to get super fast response from these con men at AMG Trading and Investments is to pretend that you are a newbie looking to learn stock trading.

In other words, we were literally sounding as if we wanted to be scammed. We even threw in a few bible principles to mock them. We were doing this because we wanted to lure them to start a conversation with us. It worked well because for the first time, we got a response. The wolves were more than willing to sell us their stock trading secrets.

At this point, we already knew that we were dealing with dishonest people. There was no need of wasting time in trying to ask for verification of results since they hated this requested.

Our best advice for you

It is interesting that AMG Trading and Investments is run by a father and son. The father knows how to con investors on the web. So he teaches his child how to lie for financial gains. The lure of quick internet dollars is irresistible.

It is true that these duo have worked hard into creating and sustaining this online venture. However, the moment you claim that you can make over 8,000% return on investment in a couple of months, you automatically become a fraud selling snake oil product. This is definitely not acceptable.

So the best advice we can give to our readers is that they should avoid AMG Trading and Investments at all cost. If you want to try stocks as an investment instrument, find Tradenet in this list of trading products. It will be good for your trading.

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  1. I spent over $100 on their day trading chat room and have only lost money! This company is a scam and they steal your money!

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