Anonymous Trade Review: A Creepy Scam

Anonymous Trade Review: A Creepy Scam

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Do you want to make at least $1,000 a day? Well, a certain website called ( claims that it will give you a chance to do so because they secretly tap into the stock exchange servers to gain information 4 minutes prior to this data being release to the public.

Anonymous Trade scam

Consequently, they developed a binary options robot called Anonymous Trade to help trade the markets every minute using unreleased data.

It’s interesting that these guys have the audacity to make such outrageous claims. The entire story sounds fictitious — which is why we investigated the Anonymous Trade story to ascertain the truth.

The Anonymous Trade Binary Options software

The website alleges that Anonymous Trade robot was created by a secret hacker group called Anonymous.

We almost laughed our ribs at these claims because they are certainly ridiculous.

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We even came across a certain letter that was allegedly written and signed by someone called ‘Anonymous’. Is this professional to start with?

A quick background check on this website confirms that nothing is genuine about this trading service.

These rogues used to own a now defunct domain –

Today, the scam runs on a completely different domain — We can confirm that it’s the same service by the same group of financial frauds.

The Anonymous Trade System cannot be trusted because they are too discrete in the first place. Their true identities are hidden, yet the website claims that they will brighten your financial future only if you take the opportunity immediately.

Why you should avoid this binary options system like the plague

We’ve got a number of valid reasons why investors should avoid this system.

If you want to trade binary options using robots, please check out this page instead.

Moving forward, you realize that these guys do not have the slightest clue of what they are talking about. But they are certainly smart because their intent is to sweet-talk you in hopes that you will believe their manipulative shenanigans.

The website of Anonymous Trade system presents a number of problems which trouble the world’s population on a daily basis.

It says that people are tired of being in debts while government and financial institutions are taking control of all the financial systems to make the masses poor.

And what’s the solution? It’s got to do with this robot which they’ve labeled ”Anonymous Trade”.

First off, you need to know that this is just a manipulation tactic. It’s just a tip of the iceberg. You have not yet seen the bigger picture.

The claims made on this website cannot be confirmed. For example, when Anonymous Trade website says that this software was created and tested for 3 years, our research shows that this robot did not exist in 2016, let alone in 2015.

Our due diligence reveals that this app was launched last month.

And their narrative on how they plan to make you wealthy is certainly interesting.

How can you trust a mysterious guy (who admits so) with a funny narrative to solve your financial problems? Do you really believe that Anonymous Trade system is a unique robot that will make and split wealth equally among poor citizens?

No way, this is not going to happen and more so if you’re dealing with a scam that admits to being anonymous.

So, how does it work?

More laughter should accompany the joke that Anonymous Trade is able to secretly hack and connect to the main stock market server even before price can be sent to your broker’s platform.

anonymous trade

Surprising, the guys at Anonymous Trade are so kind and willing to help that they are not even taking commissions for the task which they struggled with in the ‘last 3 years’.

Please give us a break. A spin doctor knows how to promote a product even if it’s just a white label.

The narrative behind the Anonymous Trade software is just too ridiculous for anyone to believe. Investors must avoid because such get-rich-quick schemes are the reason why those who don’t conduct due diligence are crying foul. Please avoid.

Disturbing facts about Anonymous Trade

First of all, the website uses a wrong approach. It manipulates by first putting fear in you. Once they’ve grabbed you by the balls, they know that you can listen and follow them every step of the way.

It’s illegal to hack systems regardless of whether or not they are related to financial institutions.

Secondly, I doubt the claims that hackers are involved. If this was the case (that the stock market servers were hacked), all trading would be stopped until this is fixed.

If the masses were aware of what would happen in the markets 4 minutes in advance, everyone would be rich because this software is ”free” and is being distributed to every poor citizen who needs to be rescued from the impoverishing jaws of the financial institutions and governments that control them.

The economy would stall because everyone is a millionaire. It’s idiotic to just make $1,000 a day when you have the secret of the stock market, every minute of the day. Why make $1,000 when you can make $1,000,000 or more a day? This narrative is simply nonsensical.

What about the ”past performance” as seen on the website?

They claim that they are transparent, and so they can show their ‘live trades’ for everyone to see how things go.

Well, that table serves to demean their intelligence because time does not change. Only dates change, yet they claim that this is a live performance table. Another idiotic idea!

Moreover, results don’t change too. According to the table, Anonymous Trade has a win rate of 80%. We don’t know why it has 80% win rate when it should be having 100% win rate since it can hack and predict the stock market with 100% precision.

Truth is that this table does not show any live performance. It’s a ploy to mislead those who think that money comes easy.

The scammers’ invite to join them

Anonymous Trade website invites the average Joe to join them so that they can make everyone rich at the end of the day.

Well, this is exactly not the idea. You are not joining them in any way. Instead, you are just giving your contact information so that they can spam your mail or call you on phone to pitch you more useless products.

A demo is offered as well

They’ve screwed it all by offering a demo account with software settings which can be switched between Classic, Martingale or Fibonacci!

anonymous trade fake demo

For heaven sake, why do you need these things if you can predict the market accurately minutes before things happen?

A push-button robot like Anonymous Trade is propagated by people who aren’t so intelligent. The website has red flags everywhere, not to mention grammar mistakes and typos.

Our best advice for you

Anonymous Trade is a joke. It’s a new robot whose approach sucks. In fact, that website makes it clear that they are into it to steal and disappear.

We are not quite sure if someone might fall for these tricks because those red flags are very obvious. You can’t never miss them.

Please, be advised that we are offering a solution as well. Just use any of the binary option robots found on this page. Forget Anonymous Trade scam for a moment because it won’t get you anywhere meaningful in your trading pursuit.

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