Antex Cloud Review: A Scam Can Only Tell a Lie

Antex Cloud Review: A Scam Can Only Tell a Lie

Share This! is supposedly a cloud mining farm operated by people who started cloud mining in 2012. They created ”cloud mining farms” to help themselves and others who want to mine Cryptocurrencies for profits.

Antex is definitely an interesting website to look at or even discuss here. That’s because there is absolutely nothing to earn here. You should understand that Antex is operating like any other shady Bitcoin cloud mining website on the internet.

There are lots of similar shady operations on the internet. This particular one is quite popular in Russia as most of the traffic is coming from that country.

We decided to check it out and do an in-depth analysis of the website.

At this point in time, we’d like you to know that Antex is showing the characteristics of a ponzi scheme where a site operator is collecting member deposit and disappearing later on.

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Antex Cloud Review: why we don’t trust their operation

The site is registered to someone called Mikle Mclay. They are giving a Paris address on their information, although we are not so sure whether this information is very accurate.

At this point in time, you may be wondering how Antex is a scam when details of ownership are clearly visible on

Well, that’s a good question to ask. If you want to identify a scam on the web, you should consider many factors and indicators too. We don’t just look at their information and decide that the service is worth it.

The owner of Antex Cloud website did not hide their details on, and that’s a good thing. Now, the problem with this man is that he is a stranger in the Cryptocurrency space.

antex cloud

His experience cannot be verified. We don’t know whether or not they’ve worked in the Blockchain space before. Although they are claiming on their site that they started working with Cryptocurrencies, i.e building mining farms in 2012, there is no evidence that this is the truth.

This statement could be false because there is no indication that the statement represents what actually happened long before Antex Cloud came into the picture.

The other contradicting discovery that we made was that this website was registered a couple of months ago.

You see, they registered the domain in September 2017 and not in 2012. Why is that so?

If they are claiming that their mining farms were ready as early as 2012, then it only makes sense for them to have set up a website back them.

By now, we would be telling a different story. This is a red flag and an indication that the mining farms don’t actually exist.

In fact, it’s very easy to verify whether or not their statements are accurate. Any company or website that claims to have mining farms must provide photos that can be cross-checked with Google maps to ascertain the truth.

They must also allow their members to visit their mining facilities because they have nothing to hide. Any excuse should not be tolerated whatsoever.

Antex Cloud, on the other hand, claims to have mining farms that were set up as early as 2012 yet they are not showing us any photos or allowing people to visit the that facility. It seems shady to us.

Profit calculator

If you want to be sure whether what you’re looking at is a phony website, play around with the projected income calculator.

Most scams have one on their website. Antex Cloud is no exception. Therefore, our work should be very simple.

According to this calculator, a $3000 investment should give you 600 GH/s of hashing power.  The projected income after 12 months is $5346 after every 12 months. This seems realistic enough. But there is a problem.

The more you invest, the more Antex is guaranteeing a fatter check. This is a way of encouraging depositors to invest a lot of money, which eventually will end up sinking with the ship when they make an exit.

The operator of this project is very wise. They are accepting a minimum deposit of $5 (which cannot even produce any significant income for you). But at the same time, they have a calculator on their homepage which lets investors see how much they could earn if they invested a specific amount of dollar.

This works in their favor because if you decide to place a test deposit of $5, you will be fooled when you see your account growing slowly but consistently. Reaching the minimum withdrawal threshold is extremely difficult when you start with $5.

And even if you reach that threshold, we are sure that they will send that profit to you. After all, it’s just $20, not a lot of  money.

This is a game that should be played wisely to compel you to invest more money.

antex cloud website

On the other hand, those who invest $3000 at any given time will not receive any profit. In fact, any significant investment into this shady program will not attract any profit whatsoever.

The point is, you will only receive your peanut profits when you invest $5 (which can take a long time to reach the threshold). Anyone who makes a significant investment here should not expect a dime. That’s just how it is.

Are there any customer reviews or feedback?

In as much as Antex Cloud website is popular on Alexa, there are no investors to talk about their experience with this service.

Most of the people who visit this website are coming from Russia. We are almost believing that this is fake traffic. If it was real, a part of that traffic would be converting. Once they are displeased, they would be starting threads on forums like Reddit to express their displeasure towards this service.

Therefore, this is a concern in as much as the popularity of this website is concerned. We wouldn’t advice anyone to invest with this website as chances of losing the money is nearly 100%.

The truth about Antex Cloud

The return rate as well as the time-frame that one is supposed to make that profit is unrealistic.

You see, Antex is claiming that within 1 year, they can double your investments (as seen on the calculator when we tested the service with $3000 investment capital).

The fact of the matter is that this scam is not operating any Cryptocurrency mining activities here.

Earlier on, we hinted that some people would make money with this website.

You need to understand this very clearly. The only people who will be paid back are those who will invest $5. The small amount of money that will be paid back comes from new depositor money.

A depositor is supposed to be fleeced in order to pay another one. But they are clever while doing this. They can only payout 10% of the total money collected from the deposits to win the trust of naive investors.

You will ultimately lose the game when you trust them with more.

Our best advice for you

We don’t have any reason why someone might opt to trust this service. Antex Cloud has already exhibited enough signs that they are running a ponzi scheme. There is no doubt about it. Please mine altcoins with these approved companies only.

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  1. scam, posiadam dowody na wpłatę testowych 5 USD – nie dotarły na konto. ponadto mam screeny z rozmową z ‘firmą’ na FB w tej sprawie i ich olewającą sprawę

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