Any1Profit Review: Crude Forex Scam

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Any1Profit Review: Crude Forex Scam

Any1Profit ( is another crude CFDs, Crypto Currency, and Forex scam to hit the lucrative Forex world. Any 1 Profit is simply targeting unsuspecting online investors who don’t have a clue about investing. Any1 Profit is claiming to offer the number one market in Crypto Currency. Members have been sending alarming emails concerning how their funds are being mishandled. Read this genuine and honest ANY1PROFIT Review and get the truth.

Any1Profit Review

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Any1Profit Review

Complaints have been coming in from all corners of the world from members of this platform. Yes, most members are having a hard time trying to savage any balance left with this platform. You need to start making money with the right platforms and stay away from rogue and scam online entities.

Any1Profit is another online scam platform whose main agenda is to steal from anyone who signs up. Signs of being a rogue platform start when you start trading with their rigged demo account. Members fall for these traps because of the empty claims and promises plastered by scam artists. Professional online scammers know for a fact that we all want to make an extra buck. They take advantage of this need by claiming to offer an alternative to making easy and quick profits.

About Any1Profit

According to the information on their about us page, they claim to be in existent since 2012. What they are trying to show is experience which is not the case as the platform is completely anonymous. Disturbing information with this platform is in regards to their base of operation. In this case, Any1Profit is claiming to have offices in Bulgaria, Sweden, and the UK. All these claims are false and have no validity.

Anonymity is a scammer’s ally and no one can actually tell the names of people behind this platform. Wouldn’t you want to know the people tasked with handling your funds? A problem with this platform is lack of any information regarding their personnel. Who are the founding members of this platform? Information regarding owners remains sketchy making the platform totally anonymous.

Is Any1Profit licensed and registered?

Another shocking revelation with this platform is in regards to regulation. If they are based in EU, they should be compliant with rules which guide the trading industry. We checked with various regulatory bodies to confirm the license status of this platform. What we found out is shocking beyond words. CONSOB has already issued alert warning investors of this platform. Other notable bodies have distant themselves from this platform. Regulatory bodies such as CySEC, FCA, and NFA have no association with this platform.

Trading with this platform means your funds are at risk of being stolen. Whoever signs up with this platform should expect nothing else but a horrific trading experience. Why have they failed to post any details regarding their license? Register of companies also don’t have any details regarding this company’s compliance.

Features of Any1Profit/ Advantages

Any1Profit Trading Platform

Any1Profit is simply going to take all your deposits once you sign up. We could not come up with any advantage of dealing with this platform. With members already crying foul, we recommend you stay away from it. Anonymity is also another feature which makes us question the intentions of this platform. Trouble started when members tried to reach these brokers for comment.

Disadvantages of Any1Profit

Account Funding

Funding accounts with Any1Profit is easy and fast. With members using Bank transfer, MasterCard, and Visa, funding becomes easy. A huge problem with this platform remains withdrawing funds as no member has achieved this fete. With this being a scammer’s move, blocking any withdrawals means the broker is up to no good.

Fake claims

As we mention in our reviews, scam artists will do or say anything to make their platforms appear legit. Any1Profit is using fake claims to lure investors into believing this is a reputable platform. With claims of being in existence since 2012, it would seem they have the necessary experience. Sadly, we checked with various brokers, traders, and online trading community platforms. None of the pool we mentioned has ever heard of this platform. Beware of unfounded claims used to scam investors.

Trading Platform

According to information on their website, they are furnishing users with MT4 trading platform. A huge problem with this statement is they fail to give users a demo account. No one knows the stability of this platform or the security features installed. Does their platform offer DDoS encryption and SSL Protection? These are some of the hard questions we need answers to. What about the issue with leverage and spreads offered? Without a demo account, members are signing up blindly.

Types of accounts

Any1Profit Account Types

Any1Profit is providing users with four account types to choose from. Accounts are named Starter, Basic, Advanced, and Premier. What these accounts have in common is a high minimum requirement deposit. The most basic of account dictates members to deposit a minimum of $500 to start trade. Industry set minimum required deposit starts at $250 and this platform is doubling the amount. It seems they are targeting a different class of investors with their account types.

Are funds safe with Any1Profit?

Funds are not secure with a platform which is anonymous and lacks proper regulatory status. Any1Profit is not segregating accounts as dictated by law which is a huge problem. It means they are pooling funds in one account which is a huge risk.

Is Any1Profit a scam?

Evidence clearly point at this platform lacking in essential and features. Any1Profit is a scam which must be exposed to prevent further damage. Mark all their emails as Spam and make sure never to click on any links sent by their marketing team. Warn your family and friends from joining any of their affiliate links.

Bottom line

We will be adding Any 1 Profit to our scam blacklist to protect our readers. You now know what to expect with this rogue platform.

Wishing all investors a happy and prosperous trading experience.

7 Replies to “Any1Profit Review: Crude Forex Scam”

  1. × Alert!
    • - Can't withdraw your funds from this fraudulent company?
    • - Have they asked you to pay excessive withdrawal fees or to deposit more funds?
    • - Or is there an excessive delay in processing your withdrawal?
    • - Are they trying to push you into depositing more money with them even without withdrawing the one you've already put in?

    It's a CONFIRMED scam company, recover your stolen funds by clicking the button below, then fill out the form and you will get a FREE Mychargeback consultation today:

    Click the button below, fill out the form to recover your lost funds from this scam company

    Click Here To Recover Your Stolen Funds
  2. How can this company still be advertising and be so readily available on the web Why have they not been brought to justice
    Another who has had their entry into trading destroyed

    1. Agreed, invested the initial £250, my account was being handled by senior broker Charles Lewis, he asked me what would give me confidence to continue investing in ‘Any1 Profit’, I replied ease of funds withdrawal that’s when the problems started, still waiting for my money back.

  3. Bei mir war es eine Inga. Wollte auch immer mehr Geld. Gut das ich nicht nachgeschossen habe. Denn alsich mir was auszahlen lassen wollte, ginge es angeblich nicht. Einfach nur ein Dr&$#@cksl@#$&den.

  4. I am an international PhD student at Brisbane, after I watched some advertisement on the internet with the actor Hugh Jackman showing how to earn money by using Bitcoins thorough the platform Bitcoin Evolution (, I decided to subscribe on this website.

    Suddenly, I started to receive many calls from different places, people indicating some steps on how to start and use it. But, actually, I could notice they are from different companies and not from Bitcoin evolution that they use it just like a website to get people information.

    Nevertheless, talking to people from Any1Profit ( that I was reckoning they were from Bitcoin Evolution group, I decided to acquire $ 250 US to start some trading. I received some instructions, I sent some documentation such as my passport, debit card number and CVC and address by using this website, emails and platform.

    After more instructions, I tried to trade some currencies, but I did not feel confident about doing it. So, I decided to require my money-back such as procedures indicated by the platform and staff from Any1Profit. They informed that I could receive my money in 7 days, but after more than 1 month I am still waiting for my money.

    The staff from Any1Profit does not answer me adequately, they just answer me that they are checking what is happening and that they will contact me. Every day, I still continue to receive different calls from overseas trying to instigate me to invest in other platforms. And now I am thinking, probably, this could be a scamming practice.

  5. Any1Profit ist reiner Betrug!!! Bei uns war es auch eine Inge Becker. die Plattform sah professionell aus und wir legten Geld an. Als ich um Auszahlungen bestand, ging es ewig angeblich nicht. Danach wurde ich zu einer anderen Firma (Blockchain) in London verwiesen, die erstmal über 20.000 € von mir als Vorauszahlung wollten…angeblich wegen der Steuer. Als ich um Details fragte, wurde sofort der Kontakt abgebrochen. Renne jetzt meinem Geld nach

  6. Betrüger durch und durch. Auch habe Geld investiert und als ich eine Auszahlung verlangt habe, sollte ich erst einmal 22.000 € an die Firma Blockchain überweisen. Meine Einlage habe ich bis heute nicht zurück erhalten.
    Durch und durch Betrug

    1. Die gleiche Summe habe ich durch meine Blödheit auch verloren.
      Warum diese Leute noch nicht im Gefängnis sitzen ist mir auch ein Rätsel.

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