Apex Trading Investments Review: Scam Alert

Apex Trading Investments Review: Scam Alert

Apex Trading Investment is a managed account Fund Management Service that promises Traders a better financial future. Apex trading investment also provides a cryptocurrency trading software. They claim this software has a 90% success rate with minimal risk involved.

You can get in touch with the company by filling out a contact form featured on the company’s website. You can also get in touch with the company via a live chat option. Further, you can reach the company via their phone number.

Pros of using automated trading robots

Have you heard of automated trading? For those that have, they know too well the benefits of trading with automated robots.

  • Ease of use

These are some of the best trading robots to use even for newbies. With an engaging interface, traders get the chance to indulge more with the platform.

You get guidelines and tutorials on how best to use the robots and take advantage of the market by simple click trading.

  • Customer support

The highlighted trading robots offer 24/7 support that offers much in terms of reliability and support.

Go for robots that will be there when you need help no matter the time zone. That’s why we highly recommend these robots.

  • Customizable alerts

Traders get customizable alerts from these robots hence get notified about potential market gains while away. It helps save both time and effort from traders who immediately make the right moves.

  • Accuracy of trading and results

As a trader, you want a platform that offers much in terms of reward. Accuracy of trading and performance is one of the reasons to sign up with these robots.

The robots have been a favorite when it comes to ensuring the best are available. Here’s what you need to offer traders with the best trading results.

  • Better trading performance overall

Experts and traders look for a robot furnishing traders with reasonable ROI. That means you will be in the leading position to offer the best in terms of positioning.

The robots were seen to produce results of over 85 percent in most cases, and these were consecutive trading days.

  • High performance

Another reason to go for these robots is the high performance they bring to the table. Tests indicate most of the listed robots hit over 88 percent in ROI.

And these are trades that offer investors the much needed help for trading.

Apex Trading Investments focuses on trading in two significant markets, Forex, and binary options. Other than trading, they aim to teach you how to trade consistently and objectively. They claim through their teachings, and you will learn to master how to put the pieces together.

The pieces in question include Futures, Forex, spreads, tax brackets, micros and minis, psychology, money management, and trade systems. You will master the ultimate hedge strategy and get stops for pennies on the dollar.

The company is built upon three pillars, which include knowledge, daily interaction, and having cutting edge tools.

While all this may be helpful, it is also essential to have a wealth of knowledge and experience to leverage. The problem we have is that we cannot verify that experienced individuals run this company.

The owners remain anonymous, making it impossible to check their trading history. Anonymity is a classic sign of people running an illegitimate. This is definitely a concern we have with this company. Our top recommended crypto trading bots have passed the legitimacy test and have a proven trading performance. They will give you the best environment to safeguard and grow your funds.

Apex Trading Investments Review

This fund management and cryptocurrency trading company believes in banding as a trading community to learn from one another. They offer several educational packages to help you trade consistently and objectively.

Apex Trading Investments Review, Platform

The company boasts of having over 27,000 from over 150 countries around the world. The company urges you to join their experienced traders who are committed to helping you rather than trading on an island or floating aimlessly. They promise to teach you skills on how to trade futures, spot Forex, and options on the North American Derivatives Exchange (NADEX).

You will be provided with hundreds of hours of videos, step-by-step courses, free live weekly webinars, and access to multiple free tools and the dynamic trading forum.

The company claims to be based in the United States in Texas but does not give a precise address for their base of operations. It’s clear; they do not want anybody tracking them down. The company gives out its phone number as 1-888-WIN-APEX (888-946-2739). They promise to respond to customer’s complaints 24/7.

The company offers a trading bot that they believe will help you capture trades in time instead of chasing fast markets. The bot goes out for $597 for a single computer license and $750 for a dual computer license.

When it comes to funding management, the company promises numbers that seem to be unrealistically high. For an account with a minimum deposit of $2,000, the company promises a 45% return on profits after 30 days. The other account requires a minimum deposit of $10,000 and entitles you to an 85% return made from investments in 30 days. The final account requires a minimum deposit of $50,000. This account brings in a 105% return in 30 days.

While the company promises these kinds of high returns, they fail to provide any evidence that shows they are capable of hitting these kinds of profits consistently for an extended period.

All in all, the company focuses on providing three primary services. These include step-by-step trading education, real dynamic trading community, and cutting edge trading tools.

Step-by-step trading education

Apex trading investment claims to have traders just beginning the journey to retired floor trades. They claim their education material has been built for every level of traders to be able to learn and grow. Traders will have access to step-by-step courses, dynamic question, and answer through the forum, live rooms, live webinars, and Apex live.

The Real dynamic trading community

Apex investing claims to have over 26,000 community traders, made by traders, for traders. They believe these traders are genuinely engaged, take part in the community, and get the most out of it.

This community will offer you the ability to engage through a dynamic forum, live webinars, live trading room with multiple traders sharing jobs, small online real-time mentor groups, and Apex Live master trading seminars.

They believe all these features will transform you from beginner level to a full expert trader in no time.

Cutting Edge trading tools

The company claims the tools at Apex investing are designed by traders from the total community input of over 26,000 traders. This has resulted in the most cutting-edge tools which are continually being developed by a team of full-time programmers based on a request from traders.

These tools are supposedly made to provide traders are clear edge in the markets and help make trading objective and consistent. They claim these tools have gone through various trialing processes and iterations to make them the best in the industry.

Regulation and fund safety

Apex trading investments do not provide any indication that they are a regulated company. We cannot verify that they are licensed to perform financial transactions with the public. Any unregulated company is running illegal operations, and there is no telling what they are willing to do to get your money. Regulatory bodies oversea company operations to ensure they are legal and the public is safe.

Additionally, there is no evidence that this company’s systems have state-of-the-art protection from hackers like they claim. SSL encryption is necessary for operations to eliminate the risk of losing funds as a result of DNS hijacking, phishing scams, and more. This means there is no fund safety assurance with this company.

The company does not show proof of payments made. We need to verify that actual people have received payments from this company before we can fully trust them.

Should you invest with Apex trading investments?

At this moment, we cannot thoroughly recommend this company to you. Many of their claims cannot be verified. They promise very high returns, but they fail to provide a verifiable record of their trading results.

We have no idea the strategies they apply to identify market setups to open or close trades. Investors want to have an inside view on the workings of a company they choose to trust with their money. The owners of the company are anonymous, and it is difficult to tell whether they have successful trading performances.

Final Verdict

While this company may be legit, they fail to exhibit full transparency with their clients. The owners operate in complete secrecy, and we have no idea where they are situated. Additionally, we would first like to see a positive trading performance before we recommend it to you.

It would be wise if you stick with the companies that have proven to work over a long period. Only legit cryptocurrency trading companies will offer you the kind of returns you are looking for. You only need to be patient.

8 Replies to “Apex Trading Investments Review: Scam Alert”

  1. I can tell you now that Apex new signal service on the ES is losing. I haven’t made any money using any services or signals from Apex. I did learn a lot about how nadex works and how to trade with Apex, it ends there. They won’t make you money but you can learn how to trade there.

  2. Apex is a scam and Darrell Martin is a lier. Misleading novice traders. I was signed up for 3 months. And Darrell kept ignoring inconvenient questions. Please, Don’t trust those people from Apex.

  3. I made a small investment in their 5 day flip, in the end of the five days. I got zip, they wanted a bit more money before the payouy and if I did not pay the money the balance will trade for another 7 days, and I would have to pay for an upgrade.

  4. This is a scam sight currently being investigated by the uk Action fraud agency and national intelligence fraud bureau. Do not invest any money with this company currently over 200 victims reported scammed.

  5. This is a 100% scam. Unbeknownst to me, I was charged twice on the same day and was sent an email with the following:
    1. 50K 10 Contracts 1x$167.00 $180.78
    Subtotal $167.00
    Tax (8.250%) $13.78
    Total $180.78
    $36.16 for the first 30 days, then $180.78 for
    each 30 days

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