Apiary Fund Review – Is Apiary Scam or Falsely Accused?

Apiary Fund Review – Is Apiary Scam or Falsely Accused?

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Apiary Fund has been blasted several times for cheating traders. Also known as Apiary Investment Fund, this company runs a Forex and stock trading program where members are trained and ultimately funded by the company.

In other words, Apiary Fund is a prop-trading firm where investors are lured in with the promise that they will be funded with a minimum sum of $2,500 if they ‘prove’ that they can trade and make profits consistently.

What surprises us is that despite this company having operated for a number of years now, investors have always complained that Apiary Fund cheats by making it impossible to qualify for these funded accounts.

We’d like to mention that the concept of prop-trading is entirely not new or scam. It’s a good concept especially if you’re dealing with a legitimate company like Tradenet (which operates with the same business model but with generous amounts in their funded accounts)

So, why is it that many people are now against the so-called Apiary Fund?

Probably this review will shade light on what this company really is and why you should never consider doing business with them.

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Yes, Apiary Fund will make you lose hundreds of thousands of dollars if you go into it without thinking twice.

apiary fund review

Apiary Fund Review: The dirty little secrets that everyone hates about this company

First of all, before we raise any accusations here, we need to speak a little about what this company offers. Let’s start by saying that a lot of up-selling is involved here. You do not pay once for your ”training” because there is the membership fee and the various subscription fees which have to come at various stages of the ‘learning process’.

Apiary Fund is supposedly funding members anywhere between 2500, $5,000, $10,000 or even more depending on their ‘qualifications’ to manage a bigger account.

That’s not necessarily a bad idea because at least they are helping you kick-start your trading with a good account size, mostly if you’re a broke dude.

The problem only sets in when some or all of their requirements are not practically achievable. Of course the site states some minimum requirements that members must attain in order to win a funded account. But not so many people have managed to fulfill them. In fact, the few who claim to have fulfilled these requirements don’t show proof that indeed they got a fully funded account through Apiary Fund training program.

Apiary Fund products in detailed description

They offer a 12 module course which supposedly teaches the fundamentals of Forex and currency trading. They then teach you a number of trading strategies that are popular alongside versions of those trading techniques.

As an enthusiastic member who is dying to trade with them, Apiary Fund will maintain that you should pay $100 monthly subscription in order to retain your access to the learning modules.

Like Tradenet, Apiary Fund has live chat rooms and records where you sit, listen and even participate in. Everything is documented and stored in a library of videos which can be accessed for a one-time fee of $297 (if you want lifetime access to this content).

The company claims that they do teach people the skill of becoming excellent money managers. However, what majority of people say online about them is very different from what they have been promising members of the public.

So far, there are claims that Apiary Fund also charges every individual member $600 in addition to the monthly subscription fee of $100.

Of course they do promise you a funded account if you obey what they are telling you. We must repeat: it’s nearly impossible to meet their funded account requirements. And even if you manage to beat them in their own game, they will give you peanuts which are not even sufficient to cater for your bills if you traded with them as a full time trader.

Also, clients who have a winning strategy are entirely ignored. They hate answering emails from these clients because these people are obviously smarter than them. This means that every time Apiary fund gets a smarter person, they lose money. They don’t want such business because it makes them lose money.

What is the estimated return on investment for those who join?

We do not even know why we are having this subtitle in the first place. But we feel that it was worth mentioning what these guys have promised rewards in terms of payout percentage.

So far, traders are promised a 60% profit while the rest ‘goes to the fund’. As you advance, the firm claims that you will ultimately qualify for a higher payout, say 85% and above.

The question is, why do you donate to the fund? Why do they use your skill to help them donate to the fund? That’s a wrong approach of putting things across.

Let’s discuss the owners of Apiary Fund Investment

Now, the team behind this company are real people. This company was founded by Shawn Lucas in 2011. They later appointed a man called Colton Chesnut as vice president of technology.

Unlike many other on the internet, these people have chosen to voluntarily expose their identities. This is not a bad thing at all.

By telling us who owns the company, we immediately feel that Apiary Fund is excluded from the classic scams that use fake owners and testimonials to lure in unsuspecting victims.

However, this does not mean that Apiary is sincere in their operations. We should of course consider other factors when drawing a conclusion of what this company is.

Something fishy though is lurking on the horizon

While we conducted our investigations on the so-called prop-trading firm, we smelled a rat. We came across a guy called ”Dakota Andrews” who claimed that they had been awarded with a funded account.

Apiary Fund Review and bogus testimonial

This guy was of course doing what we expect these companies to do. However, we have never heard or come across any genuine person giving their testimonials of how the product is good and then literally begging viewers to sign up with their email addresses below.

This has never happened and cannot happen unless the person doing this is employed by the merchant of that product…. in this case, Apiary Fund is the merchant.

Think harder!

While the concept of funded accounts sounds great to all Forex traders, one needs to take a step and put on their think hat before making any move.

You see, in the case of Apiary Fund, access to the software and training can be very expensive. You hinted the costs involved in the initial paragraphs of this review.

What surprises us is that Apiary is a fine print somewhere on their site which clearly states that they will not be responsible for your losses.

Apiary Fund Review terms and conditions

Let’s make this clear. This statement contradicts what Apiary has been preaching all along. Secondly, it makes them look unethical. And thirdly, it drives prospective customers away, and thus negative reviews will never stop to tarnish the name of this company.

Our best advice for you

We believe that we have said all that you needed to know concerning this prop-trading firm. If you don’t want to spend and potentially lose all your money, avoid this training program and invest in these ones instead.

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25 Replies to “Apiary Fund Review – Is Apiary Scam or Falsely Accused?”

  1. Warren, Thanks for your review of our company. Although I disagree with your a**essment of our company, I would love to talk to you about your concerns. Show you that we are legitimate, and answer any questions you may have about us. Please feel free to contact me below [email protected] or 801-701-1650 x102

    1. Too bad trading and programs like this are only for the rich. V
      I got scammed by 2 brokers because I had no training. All I wanted was to be able to buy a house for my son and I to get out of the situation we’re in. I ended up trusting the wrong people and now are worse off.
      I learned from it the worst happiness is the one that ends with all hope gone.

      1. Actually, Apiary Fund is probably the only choice I know that works for people of limited means. You have to put skin in the game in order to earn. And it isn’t get rich quick, where you’ll have that home downpayment in a few months. They no longer charge an up front fee, just 97/month, which decreases as you succeed. If you want to trade successfully as fast as possible, I suggest you go through the free training at websites like BabyPips and ForexPeace Army, use the unlimited free simulation trading at the broker of your choice that provides it without a deposit, until you feel like you really know how to trade successfully. If you feel like you could benefit from learning to trade conservatively making consistent gains in a disciplined manner, you are a candidate for being funded. Sign up for Apiary at that point, zip through the content, and learn their techniques, prove that you can have consistently winning days, that you can consistently trade appropriately sized lots, that you always use a stop loss, win more than you lose, earn more than you lose per trade, day after day. Unless you want or need specialized coaching that the forum members can’t help you with, or that you can’t get answered in live webinars, that is all it takes to get funded. If you continue to be profitable, it is a win-win for them to allow you to trade larger accounts up to 250K with 85% commission to you. If you aren’t that sort of trader, it isn’t a good match. So now you know.

  2. Hi Warren. Read your a**essment with interest. Some of the points raised are valid. I have just achieved funding through Apiary. It took me 15 months and I had to be dedicated to make it happen and I can see how some people do not make it. The thought to give up did come but I was learning all the while and am looking forward to profitable trading.

    The learning doesn’t stop just because funding is achieved, the process is ongoing. It may not be for everyone but I would say to people have a look and make up your own minds.

  3. I too have recently received funding, 20-03-18. It took me four months and the frustrations of reaching achievements were very stressful, but no less than having a funded account with “Other Peoples Money”. The achievements are designed to access your ability to trade and not gamble! Some of your concerns are, I believe misinterpreted. I have paid my monthly fee of £46 for the use of the software and teaching resources. I must add for the potential earnings and opportunity this is far cheaper than most Forex Learning Providers that give you information in the form of eBooks and webinars and then send your on your way with a free demo account after receiving your £**** fees. One company quoted me £3500, and then offered me their reading material via a personal email for £10.50 which I received in the post. Apiary is in the market to make money, like every body else. Apiray have given me the tools to trade and still I am learning. I know where I’m staying and I urge people to do their research and go with the option that suits them best.

  4. I worked for a company called Vector Marketing in college selling Cutco knives with a similar marketing strategy. They would bring in 500 people for training and wittle that down to the most capable 100 or so. Out of these fewer than 10% actually made a sale to anyone outside of immediate family and friends. They go from campus to campus recruiting 18-20 year olds with promises of “$30/hr guaranteed” then offload a bunch of product on their relatives at pitifully low commissions (that are supposed to rise “exponentially in weeks” according to the pamphlet). After all, whose grandma is going to say no to helping her favorite grandchild work his way through school? I closed 16 sales in the first two months and was paid less than $500 total. The average sale was over $400. I spent two months at this before I ran out of acquaintances to pitch and began to understand the true nature of this company: it is basically a Ponzi scheme for labor. Sure, it is designed to work out very nicely for a small number of people at the top. I am not saying Apiary sells a bad product, I can’t speak to that as I have not taken the course. I still own Cutco knives because they are the best you can buy. My problem is that the marketing structure is predatory. Get a thousand people to pay your fees then fund only the most successful. These schemes can be identified most easily by one key characteristic: an ambiguous pricing structure. If Apiary is legitimate, then direct me to a clear list of your available services and prices (which I am pretty certain does not exist). Apiary is so close to being a scam yet somehow operates in this ethical and legal gray area. If your product is so high-quality just sell it on the free market for a fair price like reputable investing education providers such as Zack’s. As for those that have found success with this program, just know that your accounts are being funded by regular people, like struggling homeowners and single parents f***ed into paying their $100/month on promises of financial freedom. If you’re okay making your money on their backs then go for it.

    1. Mike, Thanks for your post. However Apiary Fund has never been affiliate with Vector Marketing. That is a totally different company. I believe what you were describing was the structure of an MLM. Which I agree with you does only benefit those on top. That is not our structure. We have set the price for our service at $97/mo. A person can get discounts on the technology fee as they work their way through the ‘beeline to funding’ process, and only be paying $65/mo. There are multiple post in our public forum, google reviews, and forexpeacearmy where you can read what people say about us who have done the program. We offer a free 30 day trial so that if you don’t feel like you are getting $97 dollars worth of value out of being with us it won’t cost you anything. I would be happy to talk to you about your concerns please feel free to reach out and contact me anytime at 810-701-1650 x102

      1. I never said it was the same company, just the same kind of scam. Money back guarantees and free trials mean nothing if people are not able to see all future charges from the outset. I know how up-selling works. And I don’t believe a single one of your positive reviews, those aspiring actors reek of being compensated.

          We disclose all cost to getting funded and other products upfront. The only obligatory cost to getting funded is the $97 dollar tech fee. We do offer other products. Our trader live upgrade include 4-5 live trainings per day which a person has full access to. Obviously there is a cost to train someone. Unfortunately we cannot do it for free. So we have put our costs at the absolute lowest cost that we can. The only other product that is not displayed on the link above is our trader summit, which is a live 3 day event that we hold every 6 months for 597 dollars for a ticket. Please feel free to call me or email me at [email protected].

          1. You are completely missing the point. The cornerstone of your marketing scheme is that people will eventually trade with your fund’s money, which only happens for a tiny subset of your subscribers. If that is not accurate then show me. What percentage of subscribers actually trade with fund money? The answer to that question will reveal how badly the odds are stacked against most of your customers. I believe that YOU believe people are being helped by this. You will not be the first person in history to drink his own company’s koolaid. But you really should take a step back and look at the big picture, money isn’t everything man, trust me. Do something with your life that will make your you and your family proud, not just rich.

            1. That information has been published Here: I also understand that there are a lot of scams out there. You have probably been duped by some of them, and you are free to express your opinion on them. The whole thing that you are arguing is the whole reason why we let people come and try out what we have. If they don’t like it. We have not gained a cent. If they like it they are free to continue. Best of luck to you with your trading.

              1. I encourage anyone who is interested in this service to follow the link Nathan has posted. Clearly stated at the bottom of the page: “Each week our dozens of traders place real trades with our real money on the live market.” DOZENS???? Thats it? How many subscribers do you have in total if only dozens ever make it to trading funded accounts? I take ‘dozens’ to mean less than 100-200, or you would have said ‘hundreds’. If you have 10,000 subscribers then less than 2% are funded. If you respond again please post your total number of funded accounts vs total subscribers, or at least a ratio of these so we can clear up the numbers.
                Now on to another interesting statement from that link, “Apiary Fund is not able to provide a refund to a**ociates who have logged in and accessed the information and material on the Apiary Fund website.” Money back guarantee until the first time you log in? How is that useful?
                OK, my third and final point: I can’t believe you are the person doing Apiary’s PR. You are a terrible spokesperson, Nathan, but to be fair it is hard to speak well of something as slimy as Apiary.

                1. Yes I would encourage anyone who is interested to follow the links by verified people from 3rd party sources that actually have had experience with our company. It is easy to throw mud at any company saying they are a scam an not bring any empirical evidence or testimony of grievances. In the link I posted we are very proud that if you are with us for 6 months you have a 58% chance of getting funded. I will let our statistics and reviews speak for themselves. This will be the last time I respond to this thread. END OF THREAD.

                  1. You have not said a single thing of any substance in all your posts, which are instead filled with BS figures and links that only further prove my point. I am not asking what someone’s chances are of getting funded over time. ANSWER THE QUESTION: WHAT % OF TOTAL SUBSCRIBERS EVENTUALLY REACH FUNDED STATUS?? Only when you have answered this question will the issue be closed.

                    1. H***o Mike, c’est une formation comme les études en faculté ou en école. Toute formation est payante. L’interet d’Apiaryfund est la discipline, la consistance et la possibilité de travailer dans la ruche.
                      Des proches sont fondés avec des montants allant de $1000 à $100 000. Les bénéfices sont clairement évident avec un gain de 1% a 15% par mois. La seule condition c’est de réussir les examens d’entrée, comme tu le fais pour ta scolarité.

                  2. I was a member a while back and agree that it is very hard to get to funded status. I go to Silver 2 and I know there are still many levels above that to get funded. There are many steps at each level and they are increasingly difficult to achieve (i.e. Have 10 profitable trades in a row. Have 10 profitable trades where you have no more than 4 pip loss potential intra-trade. These are just examples from Silver 2 and I can’t imagine what some of the higher levels require. Is it possible, I’m sure it is but it will take you several months (longer if you have a real job) paying $97/month to get there. It wasn’t worth it for me as I could do the same with a free demo account and online information that is freely available. Good luck if you do try it.

                    1. Chris,
                      Thanks for your post. You are correct that some of the beeline requirements can be difficult. Silver 2 is the most difficult level. However, when someone goes through beeline to funding they have to remember that we are developing traders. That is a difficult task, and we are not full of get rich quick answers. Those tasks are designed to teach lessons that a person will encounter while trading their own funds. We consider our company much like a sports development camp. They athletes go through and do certain ‘drills’ that they will encounter when they are playing the game. Much in the same way we will take people through the processes that they will see in the markets. It has been a wonderful teaching tool for both us and the traders. We have seen that on average a person who goes through beeline makes $1.23 dollars for every $1 than a person who didn’t go through the beeline process.

  5. Was practicing a bit of due diligence after receiving an unsolicited e-mail to sign up for the “funded trading” webinar. I see that Nathan reached out after the review, but did not see the result of that offer. Was there a follow up? and if so, were the additional information and responses not worth posting?

  6. Re the statement: Yes, Apiary Fund will make you lose hundreds of thousands of dollars if you go into it without thinking twice.
    I would take 8-9 years of paying a fee and never learning how to trade successfully to hit 100K losses for paying for the data feed. Much less 100’s of thousdands.

  7. RE:e accusation that “The question is, why do you donate to the fund? Why do they use your skill to help them donate to the fund? That’s a wrong approach of putting things across.”
    THEY put up all the money. The trader is using his/her skills to be paid a commission for their successful trades. What is so wrong about this? There is no “donating” going on. I think that this “reviewer” didn’t do his homework. That is the kindest interpretation of his article.

  8. No, Apiary does not put up all the money, their subscribers do. It was revealed in the comments that Apiary will not disclose the success rate of their program (% of subscribers that eventually receive funding). Those who don’t achieve funding are the ones donating, $97 a month. If Apiary’s success rate is high they should make the numbers public. If it is low, then they are selling an inferior product.

  9. I would like to make an honest feedback about Apiary Fund. I was a member since 2017 and until now I have not reached funding. At the beginning I was still motivated and pumped that I will make it. But I have noticed that there is some glitch on their system like on my case I was surprised that I only have 1 level left to complete 1 requirement but it went back to 0. It has been happening a couple of times until I just got fed up of the same thing happening. I even told one of the customer service about my case but he doesn’t seem to care. Tbh, I would encourage everyone to join so you will see it for yourself!!! Too bad it took me awhile before I realize it’s not worth it.

  10. The “glitch” is that they use for their platform when there are much better options out there. Constant issues witht he platform. Hopefully they find a better solution as it is holding the company back and fustrating for people trying to trade. Not confidence ispiring at all, but doesn’t deserve to be called a scam.

  11. No one listed on their site is a registered rep. No one is a registered futures broker. Apiary Fund is NOT a broker dealer, futures broker, or investment fund. Apiary Fund is in UT. It is not supervised by the Secretary of State, Treasurer or Banking Commissioner of Utah. It is not supervised by any USA Federal agency or Department.

    Apiary fund is a for profit school.

    Apiary Fund teaches people how to trade foreign exchange using a data feed obtained from a third party, which they declined to reveal. They provide data to students for them to make trades, for a fee. FOREX students enrolled in Apiary Fund are sure to get an education. They are not likely to make money or to get their money back if they lose money. They cannot go to any Federal or State regulator to help them after they have been educated because this “school” is not supervised by any Federal or Utah agency or department.

  12. The Original poster must be on the wrong d****. Here is my experience with APIARY.
    I give the APIARY FUND 5 Stars! Excellence in Education and On the Job Training as well as providing the opportunity of earning cash.
    The Apiary Fund has performed its services and support exactly as described in its literature and online opportunity seminars. I have been with this program roughly 180 FOREX market working days. During this time frame I have advanced through the Apiary Beeline program as prescribed and until last week was at the Gold prefund level. The educational part of the program started the process by providing me with online recorded lectures and practical application opportunities on a simulated $10,000 account. There were specific goals I had to reach in each of the categories starting with Bronze levels 1, 2, and 3; then on to Copper levels 1, 2, and 3; Silver 1, 2, and 3; Gold 1 and Gold Prefund. These goals are attainable “IF” you apply yourself and take this business seriously. Online cla**rooms and telephone chats are available, and I’ve used them. Last week Jan. 14, 2019 I was provided my first fully funded account of $2500 and am starting to work the account with the guidance that has been provided by the Apiary team (Shawn, Nate, Todd, Rex, Steve and the rest of Aviary support) since the start of my Apiary Fund adventure.
    Is there a cost in joining the Apiary Fund? Yes, less than $100 per month for system technology fee. It’s very similar to cable TV with one big difference the more channels you add to your Cable TV the Higher the Cost. With Apiary, the more you work the system and advance through the ranks, the lower the cost. There are no other mandatory requirements.

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