مراجعة AccuIndex: عرض Accuindex.com للعقود مقابل الفروقات المنحرفة وسيط الفوركس الاحتيال

مراجعة AccuIndex: عرض Accuindex.com للعقود مقابل الفروقات المنحرفة وسيط الفوركس الاحتيال

مشاركة هذا!

AccuIndex (Accuindex.com) is a CFDs and Forex scam broker to hit the lucrative Forex world. Complaints have been rife all over the web regarding Accuindex. A lot of people have lost their money with this brokerage firm. It came to our attention that people were losing money within a matter of minutes. An investigation was underway to find out what was the problem with Accuindex. Read this detailed review.

AccuIndex Review

AccuIndex Review:

These scammers have come up with a compelling site that looks attractive to the eye. Its no wonder that Accuindex has many people signed up. Folks, this is what scammers are after, grabbing your attention. Looks like this broker has this covered. To be honest, the site is user-friendly and looks legit. However, there’s more than meets the eye. Look no further as we will reveal the dirty tricks used.

What these scammers have done is use empty promises to lure in investors. Who doesn’t want to make quick and easy money? Scammers use this need of money to their advantage. AccuIndex is no different as it has made over the moon promises. One of the promises they made that was off was that they have a professional and technical team. If they did so, no one would be complaining about losing money.

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Who Owns AccuIndex?

According to the disclaimer at the bottom of the page, AccuIndex LTD owns this company. This company is based in Vanuatu which means we are dealing with an offshore broker. Offshore brokers are notoriously known for flaunting strict rules and regulations. What we found odd was that they claim to be based in Vanuatu and address is in UAE. One can clearly see that they are based in three locations.

Dubai, London, and Vanuatu are where they claim to have offices. Is this really true? What we did was contact these so-called offices. Calls made to these offices went unanswered making us question their motives. Anonymity is what most scammers use to hide their true identity. In other words, owners don’t want to be bothered. Why? These scammers don’t want you to demand your money back.

Is AccuIndex Regulated?

AccuIndex Scam

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AccuIndex is not regulated anywhere on the face of the planet. Despite the fact that they claim to be regulated, this is not the case. What these scammers have done is claim to be regulated by the Financial Services Commission (VFSC) in Vanuatu. Folks, this is not the case. What we did was contact the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission to validate their claims. The VFSC did not have any broker named Accuindex.

It means that we are dealing with a professional scam team that will do or say anything. That’s why it’s prudent to always do some research before signing up with a broker. Next, we contacted the FCA to find out whether they had registered this broker. They too claimed never to have heard of such a broker. It’s crystal clear that this broker is not regulated meaning they can steal money at any time.

Empty Promises.

According to their homepage, this broker claims to have industry experts at hand. Is this really true? Are the claims that Accuindex is an Industry leader in Forex and CFDs true? From the chatter we have seen on the web, this is highly unlikely. Fake promises are what these scammers are all about. As we said earlier, no one knows best how to give over the moon promises like Forex scammers.

Another fake promise thrown at users is that members benefit from tight spreads and low commissions. If this was the case, there wouldn’t be a lot of people complaining about losing money. Sadly, AccuIndex is one of the lamest scams we have seen lately. Wide choice of trading instruments are promises that we simply cannot afford to believe. This is simply a trap for investors.

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منصة MT5 وهمية.

AccuIndex Fake Review

According to the homepage, they claims to have the best trading platform the market has to offer. MetaTrader5 and ECN FX is their trading platform. Promises such that this platform offers the best market executions are lies. Also, support of multiple order types is also a lie. As ardent Forex investors, we had to test their platform and see whether it works. Our findings will shock you.

First of all, we could not download this platform for one reason or the other. Download would stall at 42% making us question this platform. It’s clear that we are dealing with an unstable platform which is risky. Hackers are known to take over unstable platforms and steal credit card information. To avoid all these problems, best thing to do is stay away from it for good. This is just trouble waiting to happen.

الإيداع والسحب.

When it comes to depositing money, it’s the only thing they got right. Users can deposit money within Five minutes to accuindex. Don’t do this as we are strongly against anyone signing up with this scam. Users can use Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, and Skrill to deposit money. It’s what these scammers want, for users to deposit money using any available means or channel.

What about withdrawing with Accuindex? Withdrawing with AccuIndex is a pain in the neck. Members have still not been able to withdraw money using this brokerage. It seems that owners of this scam have gone into hiding. Users who try to withdraw get a message that withdrawal process time has run out. This is simply a fraud scheme and the scammers are about to close shop. Stay away from Accuindex.

Is Accuindex a Scam?

Evidence produced clearly point to the fact that we are dealing with a scam. From the level of anonymity to empty promises, this is definitely a scam. Best thing to do is ignore all incoming messages and emails sent by Accuindex team. Mark all their emails as Spam and at no time should you click to any links sent. Links sent by these scammers maybe malware meant to steal your personal information.

AccuIndex Final Verdict.

AccuIndex Scam Review

Only option left for us to do is blacklist this platform and urge all investors to stay clear from this platform. Anyone who signs up with this platform will most likely lose their entire deposit, best thing is to stay clear.

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إذا كنت ترغب في الحصول على إشعار عند تحديث هذا الموقع ، فاشترك أدناه ...

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  1. ح *** س،
    هناك مراجعة AccuIndex وهمية في موقع الويب الخاص بك ، لدينا aLicence ونحن لسنا احتيال وهذا الاستعراض يضر عملي.
    and i can provide our Licence number to remove this fake review

  2. your review is false and way far to be true, the company is regulated and i have been working with them for the past 2 years, withdrawals are fast, executions is great.

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