Bitcoin Bank Review: Monstrous Scam, Avoid

Bitcoin Bank Review: Monstrous Scam, Avoid

مشاركة هذا!

بيتكوين Bank is a suspicious investment program because it makes falsified claims that cannot be verified. It is an all under one roof investment program where anything goes, as long as we are talking the language of Cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Bank is headed by someone called ”Marvin Deen Freeman” which could be a fabrication as well since we don’t believe that such a person is the admin of this website.

Bitcoin Bank plans to steal from its users by first presenting itself like a Cryptocurrency bank with a wallet, payment cards, and an investing feature. The investing feature in question is known as Lending program, or rather the usual lending program where scammers ask you to lend to their software so that they can help generate crazy returns for you.

Now, BitcoinBank is also generating and selling its own fake Cryptocurrency which they call BTCB coin. You might mistake the abbreviation of this coin for Bitcoin’s BTC. Be careful because this is a ploy to imitate a legitimate Cryptocurrency with the aim of defrauding investors. This trading software which you are lending BTCB coins to will allegedly make you 0.000005 BTC every day. Is this true? Definitely this is a hoax. We will see below.

مراجعة البنك بيتكوين

You need to be aware of the fact that ponzi schemes are nowadays sophisticated and not too obvious to spot. Bitcoin Bank cannot convince us otherwise because it is already showing the usual characteristics of a lending ponzi scheme with a fake Cryptocurrency not worth buying. In fact, modern ponzi schemes have fake coins which they are offering for a price. Whenever you buy such a coin, you lose money because you are spending real value to acquire nothing.

We came to learn about this bogus scheme when an infamous ponzi scheme called Bitconnect came online some time last year and eventually collapsed in a spectacular fashion. Their admins are currently dealing with a lawsuit which is related to defrauding victims on the internet.

This is clearly the path of Bitcoin Bank which is obviously trying to implement the dangerous ways of its former self, Bitconnect.

When someone tells you that they will give you a fixed daily return if you use their robot, you should definitely know that you are talking to a scammer or someone who is very ignorant on matters related to trading.

👉 هل ترغب في جني الأموال من خلال منصة استثمار تشفير مستقرة تحقق عوائد مستدامة على الاستثمار؟ احصل على هذا: يمكنك الآن تحقيق هامش ربح ثابت بفضل طريقة جديدة ومبتكرة للاستثمار. نقاط الغلة هي الإجابة التي تحتاجها لبدء تحقيق ربح لائق من خلال الاستثمار في العملة المشفرة. برنامج تأجير متعدد المستويات هو ما تجلبه عقد الإنتاجية إلى الطاولة. الإيماءة الرئيسية هي طليعة التوليد ارتفاع العائد على الاستثمار بفضل عبقري ستيفان هورمان وفريقه. مع الإيماءة الرئيسية ، أنت تستثمر وتترك النظام الأساسي يقوم بالباقي نيابة عنك. ما هي الإيماءة الرئيسية؟ إنها طريقة جديدة لتوليد الإيرادات من خلال توفير التكنولوجيا التي تعتمد على إثبات نهج الحصة. تقوم Yieldnodes بتشغيل هذه العقد الرئيسية المشفرة وتحسين الاستراتيجيات المعقدة لضمان حصول الأعضاء على ربح. عقد الغلة سيعطي الأولوية لأمنك من خلال توفير خيارات استثمار دقيقة. يحصل الأعضاء على الحماية من الخسائر الخارجية أو التغيرات غير المتوقعة في ظروف السوق. هذا ليس بأي حال من الأحوال مخطط الثراء السريع؛ بمجرد إيداع الأموال ؛ عليك أن تنتظر حتى تنضج الغلة. تقدم Yieldnodes طريقة مجربة ومبتكرة وآمنة لتحقيق عوائد عالية على استثمارك باستخدام إيماءات التشفير الرئيسية. فقط مع حد أدنى للإيداع 500 يورو، يمكنك الذهاب! مع مدة عقد لا تقل عن أربعة أشهر ، فإنه يمنح المستخدمين فرصة لتجربة الإيماءة الرئيسية بشكل كامل. من خلال الانضمام إلى Yieldnodes، لديك فرصة جعل 5 إلى 15٪ كل شهر. إذا كنت لا تزال تتساءل عما إذا كان هذا خيارًا آمنًا ، فيمكنك إلغاء العقد في أي وقت. بالنسبة لأولئك الذين يرغبون في الانضمام وترقية إستراتيجيتهم الاستثمارية ، عقد العائد هو الحل.
انقر هنا للتسجيل مع Yieldnodes اليوم

ملاحظة: تم التحقق من YieldNodes بنسبة 100٪ وتوصية من قبل Valforex.com.

مراجعة البنك بيتكوين

This is Cryptocurrency trading, and the volatile nature of Cryptos is certainly something you cannot predict. That means you cannot promise a fixed daily return in any way.

The other concern that we have against this website is that they claim they have a trading bot yet no activities of that trading bot were presented on this website. They would have certainly done a good job if they spared time and resources to talk more about the alleged software and its performance. By saying ”talk”, we mean giving some verifiable proof of performance.

So far, this has not happened. It was just mentioned in the passing, meaning that they are not even serious about it. You can rest assured that these guys are taking you for a ride on this matter.

The fake team behind Bitcoin Bank

After thoroughly reviewing the alleged team members of Bitcoin Bank, we are convinced that they are fake and anonymous. They cannot be verified either because their profiles are fake.

Although they recently added a few LinkedIn profiles, clicking on those links will lead you to empty profiles with no history or proof of work in relation to Cryptocurrency investing.

And definitely there is plenty of evidence that these guys are using stolen photos to try and fool the public. It is unacceptable.

Before we forget, the scammers behind Bitcoin Bank have gone ahead to use the photo of a French Journalist called Aude Lancelin. They don’t have to fake it for us to believe them. If Bitcoin Bank is truly legit, we will know it even without much of this lying and nonsense.

Warning that regulators are giving to you and the people involved

Now, the fact of the matter is that Bitcoin Bank is giving a service in the area of investing. They are also an advisory service that deals with المالية.

The problem with this illegitimate business is that the team is definitely fake, and the owner does not wish to expose their identity. They have opted to remain anonymous up o now.

These crooks have not registered Bitcoin Bank anywhere, plus they don’t have any proof to show that they are licensed. What does this mean? It means that they are operating this business illegally and with the intention of scamming investors and distancing themselves from any responsibility that may arise from such losses.

But there is this one thing that everybody should know about Bitcoin Bank. The British Columbia Securities Commission recently published a warning against Bitcoin Banks and other related ponzi schemes operating in the country. The regulator raised some serious concerns against this website. It’s your job to go and ask regulators in your country. They will confirm the same thing to you.

How do they intend to scam you?

Since it’s a sophisticated ponzi scheme and that’s a fact, you must know that anybody wanting to participate in a modern ponzi scheme must purchase a useless altcoin. In this case, we are talking of purchasing BTCB. Once you have bought a worthless coin with real money, they will ask you to ”invest” it with their robot so that they can allegedly trade it for you.

This is just pretending and not trading because no trading activities will be taking place in this website. The scheme will instead use a portion of their earnings from new deposits to pay existing members. This is a scheme that is meant to attract new depositors before they eventually hit a threshold and disappear with everyone’s money.

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