استعراض Bitcointrademate.com: بيتكوين ماتي التجارة هو الغش الأساسي

استعراض Bitcointrademate.com: بيتكوين ماتي التجارة هو الغش الأساسي

مشاركة هذا!

Bitcoin Trade Mate is a company that has grown popular on the internet for the last couple of days. We strongly believe this is another HYIP in the market that will exit when you least expect it. There is no way a legit firm can offer such high profits within such unrealistic duration.

They are targeting naïve traders in the industry who do not know how the market operated. The company claim that they are dealing with portfolio management as well as crypto trading activities. However, there is no evidence of them partaking any investment services.

The company additionally states that they are making much profit in their trading activities. Bitcoin Trade Mate is making trade easy for both institutions and individual traders. Moreover, this pyramid scheme also derives its earnings from investing in startup firms.

The platform does not speak much regarding their services. How do they expect us to believe them while, in reality, they are making no effort to build trust to discuss what they do? The company is shady in all nature, and we urge you to stay away for the sake of your sanity. Despite there being a plague of a pyramid scheme stealing investors’ money, there is still برنامج تداول تشفير شرعي that works even better and conveniently.

Bitcoin Trade Mate Review

The Ponzi scheme will not survive long in the industry sooner or later, and they will call the shots and exit the market. However, they are a comparison of multinational companies that have expert analysts and finance personnel in almost all fields.

The platform deals with investment in Forex, Digital currency, Stock, silver, oil, future, real estate, and gold. There is no evidence that the company has experienced workforce as they do not feature any information regarding their CEO or the background of the alleged employees.

Bitcointrademate.com Review,Bitcointrademate.com Platform

Without evidence, we cannot trust anything they display. The company should show the people behind its operation on its website. Bitcoin Trade Mate does not have software that aids their service; they solely depend on their employees.

👉 هل ترغب في جني الأموال من خلال منصة استثمار تشفير مستقرة تحقق عوائد مستدامة على الاستثمار؟ احصل على هذا: يمكنك الآن تحقيق هامش ربح ثابت بفضل طريقة جديدة ومبتكرة للاستثمار. نقاط الغلة هي الإجابة التي تحتاجها لبدء تحقيق ربح لائق من خلال الاستثمار في العملة المشفرة. برنامج تأجير متعدد المستويات هو ما تجلبه عقد الإنتاجية إلى الطاولة. الإيماءة الرئيسية هي طليعة التوليد ارتفاع العائد على الاستثمار بفضل عبقري ستيفان هورمان وفريقه. مع الإيماءة الرئيسية ، أنت تستثمر وتترك النظام الأساسي يقوم بالباقي نيابة عنك. ما هي الإيماءة الرئيسية؟ إنها طريقة جديدة لتوليد الإيرادات من خلال توفير التكنولوجيا التي تعتمد على إثبات نهج الحصة. تقوم Yieldnodes بتشغيل هذه العقد الرئيسية المشفرة وتحسين الاستراتيجيات المعقدة لضمان حصول الأعضاء على ربح. عقد الغلة سيعطي الأولوية لأمنك من خلال توفير خيارات استثمار دقيقة. يحصل الأعضاء على الحماية من الخسائر الخارجية أو التغيرات غير المتوقعة في ظروف السوق. هذا ليس بأي حال من الأحوال مخطط الثراء السريع؛ بمجرد إيداع الأموال ؛ عليك أن تنتظر حتى تنضج الغلة. تقدم Yieldnodes طريقة مجربة ومبتكرة وآمنة لتحقيق عوائد عالية على استثمارك باستخدام إيماءات التشفير الرئيسية. فقط مع حد أدنى للإيداع 500 يورو، يمكنك الذهاب! مع مدة عقد لا تقل عن أربعة أشهر ، فإنه يمنح المستخدمين فرصة لتجربة الإيماءة الرئيسية بشكل كامل. من خلال الانضمام إلى Yieldnodes، لديك فرصة جعل 5 إلى 15٪ كل شهر. إذا كنت لا تزال تتساءل عما إذا كان هذا خيارًا آمنًا ، فيمكنك إلغاء العقد في أي وقت. بالنسبة لأولئك الذين يرغبون في الانضمام وترقية إستراتيجيتهم الاستثمارية ، عقد العائد هو الحل.
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The platform uses much false information as we proceed; we do not see anything positive that they offer. Their address is fake and their claim to have a high number of employees, among others. They have three investment companies that provide very unreasonable returns.

The plans are Silver, Gold, and Premium. We will highlight the least amount that each of them accepts. The silver account takes 5000 Euro; the gold requires 30,000 Euro while the Premium takes 100,000 Euro. That is much money that they are collecting, yet there is no proof of investment.

Furthermore, even their website is cheaply designed, and they don’t seem to have any money. They depend on the money that you will deposit to run their operations. There is a lot of essential data that is missing.

How Does Bitcoin Trade Mate Works?

The company mode of operation is unknown to investors. The promise a monthly profit of 50%, 65%, and 75% concerning their account. If you do the math, it does not add up. The ROI is mind-blowing. Sadly, if you deposit the funds and wait eagerly for the month to pass, you will only be shocked to realize the Bitcoin Meta Trade system has collapsed.

The only difference that is there between these investment plans is the ridiculous returns, and in the highest tier, which is Premium, it assures traders they can cash out weekly. Commonly, pyramid schemes build the notion that the more you deposit, the higher you will earn, and the quicker you will receive your funding.

Unfortunately, this is not how it works. To receive a reasonable amount of returns, you need to have patience and trust the process. You cannot just join the market blindly without having even the necessary knowledge and expect to make the ROI that Bitcoin Trade Mate projects.

Considering that the company does not have any financial reports, managerial reports, draws down, and win rate, it would be hard to trust that they can make such earnings. Furthermore, they lack endorsement from those who have traded with them. Without evidence of trusting them, blindly will only lead to numerous losses.

تفاصيل الاتصال واللوائح

Bitcoin Trade Mate displays their location as 1 Bell Street, Maidenhead SL6 1BU, Berkshire, England. The address is randomly generated as we did not find a company by the above name.  They are operating anonymously and should not be the kind of company that wins your trust.  However, the Ponzi scheme has put up a registration document on their website; it indicates they are registered in the UK.

Nonetheless, as we always inform you, registration certificates do not mean much. What you should be looking for is if an investment venture has a regulatory form. If Bitcoin Trade Mate had an FCA license, we would endorse their services.

The company operates against the set jurisdiction in the world without caring and collecting money from all over the world. Some countries have set up stringent measures for online investment platforms.

For instance, it is a requirement that they set a certain amount of money before they embark on their venture. The amount is meant for compensation in case the company undergoes bankruptcy. Their clients will not suffer severely. Additionally, companies need to disclose their banking information.

They must segregate the founder’s bank account from the firm’s account. It ensures that you do not cash indirectly into the investors’ bank account. There is much reason to be super careful.

Not all companies meet these requirements; it is only the serious ones that want to create transparency with their customers. We are very sure that the platform is an offshore entity that only claims to have a registration from the UK to gain credibility.

Funds Safety in Bitcoin Trade Mate

Investors’ money is not safe in this fraudulent platform. It would be best if you were very keen on Bitcoin Trade Mate. The method of withdrawing is not made very transparent. They only make demands of making you rich within an unrealistic timeline.

Logically speaking, if any venture discovered a method that would generate such amount of money, the chance of sharing the information with members of the public would be very minimal. They would not waste time broadcasting the news.

Bitcoin Trade Mate is begging you for your money. It does not have a mechanism that can make you rich. Instead, you will be making them realize their financial goals by becoming rich using your funds. Additionally, the people behind the company are operating anonymously.

They do not have top security measures that can protect you against hackers. Nonetheless, you will be sharing your data with people who can use it against you.

الحكم النهائي

The fact that cryptocurrency trading did make a significant number of investors a great fortune does not mean the market is still like it used to be. For starters, the industry is flooded by investors unlike before, and there are numerous currencies in the market.

It would help if you trusted only the legit cryptocurrency trading companies in the industry to avoid landing at the hands of Ponzi schemes. They do not offer convenient customer support services. Bitcoin Trade Mate is not worth your time.

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