استعراض سوق رأس المال العالمي: CFD المخيف و Forex احتيال على فضفاض.

استعراض سوق رأس المال العالمي: CFD المخيف و Forex احتيال على فضفاض.

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Capital World Market (Capitalworldmarkets.com) is a Binary and Forex scam broker to hit the financial world. Offering a 50% bonus, we noticed that this is a fake Binary and Forex broker on the loose. We’ve received numerous emails from people who lost money with CapitalWorldMarket. This is the main reason why we decided to conduct a thorough review of this fictitious scam. Read this detailed, honest and truthful review.

Capital World Market Review

Capital World Market Review:

Capital World Market is offering users a 50% sign up bonus fee, folks this is a huge red flag. Newbie traders probably don’t know this but bonuses are strictly forbidden. Bonuses are a huge pain when it comes to withdrawing money with these brokers. Details of how this affects withdrawal will be highlighted below. Bonuses are not the only issue we have with Capital World Market.

Disturbing details are emerging as to how many people have lost with this fake broker. Here, we will reveal all the dirty tricks that have been used by CapitalWorldMarket developers. Another thing that we feel you must know is the anonymity involved. Level of anonymity involved has led us to ascertain that we are dealing with professional scam artists. Get to read this entire review and find out the whole scary truth.

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لا يوجد دعم العملاء الحية.

In this day and time, you expect to have a live customer support experience. Why not? If you will be trusting someone on other side of the world with your money, you need direct contact. Problem we noticed first with this brokerage firm is that they don’t offer live support. In case a member has an urgent message, they need to use emails. Emails are not reliable since you might get are a response when it’s too late.

Fact of the matter is, users need to have direct contact with live support. Best thing that Capital World Market can do is offer bot chats. Sadly, we do not have bot chats to send our queries. Members are at a disadvantage because no one really wants to be shut out. Calls we made also went unanswered since the number listed was not picked. It certainly means that we are dealing with scam artists. This is how they operate.

Fake Education Centers.

According to Capital World Market website, members can get schooled on binary and Forex trading. If this was true, we could have applauded them. Sadly, these are just scam tactics to lure members into signing up with Capital World Market. Problem with their plans is that they don’t offer eBooks or webinars. Specifics would be vital in enhancing the knowledge of users. Nowhere can we fully claim to be educated.

👉 هل أنت مهتم بتعدين البيتكوين والعملات المشفرة الأخرى لتحقيق الربح؟ الآن ، يمكنك التعدين بشكل أفضل وأسرع وأكثر ذكاءً لتحقيق المزيد من الأرباح مع الجاهزية للاستخدام ، "الأداء العالي" ، والمعتمدة IQ Mining BTC Cloud Service لعمال المناجم. مع خدمة التعدين هذه ، سوف تحصل على ما يصل 128٪ عائد استثمار سنوي من تعدين عملات البيتكوين وحدها دون الحاجة إلى شراء أي أجهزة وبرامج تعدين باهظة الثمن! ليس ذلك فحسب ، بل ستحصل على أول عائد لك في اليوم التالي بعد شراء خطة مع تعدين IQ. يتم منحك أيضًا مدير حساب مخصصًا بعد شراء خطة سيساعدك في أفضل تخصيصات مجمعة وخطط إعداد حساب لتحقيق أقصى استفادة من مشترياتك. إنقرهنا لتبدأ الآن.

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Fake Auto Charts.

Capital World Market Scam

Another visible trick that we will expose is their fake auto chart. Sadly, this is an exact copy of a previous scam. Nothing has changed with this photo as it was used in Monetex Scam. It is highly likely that these are the same fraudsters that are behind Capital World Market. With a fake auto chart that doesn’t work, we believe we are dealing with a shitty brokerage. Why do all these? Simply put, they want to take away your money.

Auto charts are also used to legitimize the brokerage firm. Newbie traders who don’t understand anything about trading will believe it. Intentions of these scammers are to make you believe that the entire thing is real. Wouldn’t you have believed it if we didn’t raise the concern? It all looks legit and this is what scammers are hoping to achieve. Newbie investors will sign up not knowing they are headed for disaster.

Fake News Posting.

Another thing we noticed with this scam is the fake news posting. Anyone can copy-paste news posting and insert them on the web. Problem with this is that we know where they got their information. One can easily see that they have copied from the New York Journal Business section. It all seems to be legit because after all, it’s a newsworthy comment. Why do they do this? Scammers want you to believe they are professional traders.

Be warned that this is far from the truth, they are just scammers. Contacting the people who wrote the actual news made things clearer. These journalists were shocked to find their content used in scams. It’s a big letdown, especially to the binary and Forex trading community. Such tactics must be put to an end now. Never sign up with a broker just because they have posted a newsworthy comment, it sometimes is copied.

Who Owns Capital World Market?

Capital World Market Fake Review

A good question to ask is who actually owns this brokerage firm. Is it a person, a group of people, or a company? No one really knows and this is a huge problem for us. How can they expect us to trust them with our money if we don’t know who is behind them? Scam artists are known to hide behind the curtains with such details. If Capital World Market was real, owners would have been known by now.

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What Platform is Capital World Market Using?

Another alarming detail that emerged with Capital World Market is that we don’t know the platform being used. As traders, we feel that this is an insult to the Forex world and not going to let it happen. Knowing which platform users will be using gives us a heads-up on what to expect. We strongly believe that these people are simply toying with us. After putting up newsworthy comment, why not let us know what platform to use?

Platforms are the core facing every trader’s platform. Problem we have with Capital World Market is that we don’t know the stability of platform used. It could be an unstable platform that only works via the web. Meaning that you cannot trade on the go like other traders. If you don’t believe it, check it out, they have no known trading platform.

Is Capital World Market a Scam?

Capital World Market is definitely a scam in the making. From anonymous owners to lack of clear communication channels, this is a scam. Best thing to do is to stay away from it by ignoring all promotional messages. Why not just ignore the whole brokerage firm altogether?

Capital World Market Final Verdict.

Capital World Market Scam Review

Due to the concrete evidence we have in our hands, we have to blacklist Capital World Market. Scams are here to spoil the good binary and Forex trading name. What we are hoping is that relevant authorities will look into it and shut the brokerage down.

Always go for genuine and profitable Forex trading robots for all your trading requirements. No one proves to be such reliable and honest as Forex trading robots. يتمتع الأعضاء بفرصة لكسب المال الحقيقي بالإضافة إلى سهولة التداول. قم بالتسجيل مع أفضل روبوتات تداول العملات الأجنبية اليوم واستمتع بجني الأموال من خلال تداول الفوركس.

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