مراجعة استثمارات EDM: مدير استثمار احتيالي

مراجعة استثمارات EDM: مدير استثمار احتيالي

مشاركة هذا!

EDM Investments (Edminvestmentsinc.com) is another online scam purporting to offer unrealistic profit margins. EDMInvestments is claiming to offer private portfolio management services to anyone who wants to sign up. The website has been well designed to fool even the most advanced trading expert. Luckily for us, we have a team of investigators who know how to look for traps set by scam artists. The traps set are hidden within the platform. Read this genuine EDM INVESTMENTS Review for more details.

EDM Investments Review

About EDM Investments

They sell themselves as financial advisors, assets, and wealth management service providers. The website is enough to fool anyone who wants to get a quick profit. These scam artists have devised a way of taking advantage of greed to make money fast. They will offer insane claims and promises just to get unsuspecting investors to sign up. The truth is, there is no fast way to make money. Using approved and recommended tools such as Forex trading robots is the closest way. And this is why a majority of investors rely on these tools to make informed trading decisions.

The background and trading history of EDM Investments is still a mystery. They have failed to issue users with any information regarding their background. On their about us page, they simply make a statement of what they intend to offer. The people who are behind the platform still remain at large and with no names given. And this is the first red flag we noticed with EDMInvestments. There is a lack of information regarding the people who operate the platform. And this points to an anonymous online scam platform.

معلومات الشركة

When and how the company came into existence is still a mystery. The entire website has no information regarding the actual owners. They pile up information on different pages on the types of services they offer to investors. And this is what makes trading with the platform dangerous. Members are signing up and depositing funds to an unknown third party. Information on where the company is located remains hidden. It is our assumption that EDM Investments is another offshore-led brokerage house.

On their company page, they list the types of services offered. These include finding investments, discussing strategies, and monitoring markets and economies. Other listed services offered by this platform include delivering a rich online platform for trading and managing assets. What they fail to mention is who is behind the creation of the platform and strategies used. The website is using industry jargon to try and fool investors into depositing funds with them.

Domain and site details

EDM Investments Domain Details

After looking at one of the leading domain tools, the truth about the platform is out. Records do show that the platform was created on 15th August 2017. And this is proof the website has been in operation for over two years. Why they fail to give users information regarding their true location is beyond us. It is also proof that the complaints ignored by other parties for the last year are true. The site has been stealing from investors ever since the platform was created. It is time to expose the rot in the trading industry.

👉 هل أنت مهتم بتعدين البيتكوين والعملات المشفرة الأخرى لتحقيق الربح؟ الآن ، يمكنك التعدين بشكل أفضل وأسرع وأكثر ذكاءً لتحقيق المزيد من الأرباح مع الجاهزية للاستخدام ، "الأداء العالي" ، والمعتمدة IQ Mining BTC Cloud Service لعمال المناجم. مع خدمة التعدين هذه ، سوف تحصل على ما يصل 128٪ عائد استثمار سنوي من تعدين عملات البيتكوين وحدها دون الحاجة إلى شراء أي أجهزة وبرامج تعدين باهظة الثمن! ليس ذلك فحسب ، بل ستحصل على أول عائد لك في اليوم التالي بعد شراء خطة مع تعدين IQ. يتم منحك أيضًا مدير حساب مخصصًا بعد شراء خطة سيساعدك في أفضل تخصيصات مجمعة وخطط إعداد حساب لتحقيق أقصى استفادة من مشترياتك. إنقرهنا لتبدأ الآن.

إق التعدين

License and Registration of EDM Investments

Looking at the entire website, there is no information regarding their license nature. To try and confirm their status, we reached out to leading online regulators. What we found out is shocking beyond words. EDM Investments is NOT LICENSED OR REGISTERED to offer any unwarranted trading services. And this is the reason why no one should sign up with EDMInvestments. Without a valid license, any funds deposited will not be insured as dictated by the industry regulations.

Other regulators in the European region have heard complaints from investors. They plan to issue an alert over this unruly platform. These scam artists have been stealing from investors without a second thought. The only way to protect investors is to issue a warning and hope authorities will shut down the website. Regulators planning to issue a warning include BaFIN, CONSOB, CySEC, and the FCA. These are reliable regulators who want to protect investors from their jurisdiction.

Restrictions of EDM Investments

خطط الحساب

According to the victims, they have been depositing different amounts to the platform. It is proof that EDM Investments is offering a trading platform with no trading accounts. And this is the reason why they have been demanding such a high amount. When it comes to online trading, the set industry minimum deposit is $250. If the platform offers asset management, they have to indicate the plans offered. Without proper information, the platform takes advantage of it and asks for insane depository amounts.

Buying and Selling of Shares

EDM Investments Services Offered

EDM Investments is boasting of having a share broking service backed by extensive in house research. They also claim to give access to a range of global affiliates and ensure entry to all international stock markets. What they fail to mention is the conditions set for these services. Lack of this vital information is proof they are a bunch of scam artists. It is best to stay away from such a lousy trading platform.

الاتصال ودعم العملاء

Other missing information is in relation to customer support. On their contact page, the platform claims to be located in Japan. Beware of scam artists who use virtual phone numbers to get the code of that region. They have listed an email where investors are supposed to send their queries. These scam brokers use the emails to sieve through what the clients want. If it is about withdrawing funds, they block any and all access.

إيداع وسحب

What remains to be the biggest challenge facing investors is the lack of withdrawal. Depositing is made easier as the channels used include Bank transfer and Credit/Debit cards. The deposit process is easy and takes less than five minutes. After signing up, members get an email with details of the bank account number to deposit funds. Make sure you don’t deposit funds with EDM Investments as none of the members have made any withdrawals. Withdrawing funds still remains a thorn in the flesh for members.

شهادة زور

Among the testimonials listed is from the Taus Family. These scam artists are trying to pull strings by using a reputable family’s name. In the real sense, the Taus Family has no affiliation with EDMInvestments. And this is why no one should believe a word these scam brokers claim. They also claim to hide a name for privacy reasons. Stay away from this platform or else risk losing your entire funds.

Safety of funds with EDM Investments

With the high number of victims popping up each month, it is clear EDM Investments is a worthless investment platform. The website lacks proper information regarding the actual owners of the platform. They have failed to put in place safety measures to protect investors. Lack of DDoS protection and SSL encryption on the platform puts members at risk. Any third party can easily attack the website and steal valuable data. Information regarding member’s home addresses is privy to hackers.

Scam or Legit EDM Investments

EDM Investments is a scam without any doubt. The number of victims coming out is overwhelming. They have been selling a nonexistent product and service. What these scam artists have done is to clone an asset management firm. Unsuspecting investors have signed up without conducting proper research. And this is the reason why no one should sign up with an unregulated online entity. Stay away from the platform or else risk becoming another victim.

الفكر النهائي

Adding the platform to our scam blacklist will ensure no one else falls for this trap. Stay away from the platform and warn your loved ones from joining their services.

A genuine way of staying safe is having experts مع سنوات من الخبرة التجارية.

We wish you all the best in your online investment venture.

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