مراجعة Forexstrategycreators.com: احتيال Forex Cruncher أم لا؟

مراجعة Forexstrategycreators.com: احتيال Forex Cruncher أم لا؟

مشاركة هذا!

Forex Cruncher is an investment company that claims to be dealing with Forex. The platform is offering currency pair of USDJPY, GBPUSD, and AUDUSD. Additionally, the shady firm also features a graph that is meant to show investors how it has been fairing on in the market.

The trading EA views itself as an entity that is profitable no matter the current condition of the market. It allegedly can make a total return of over 300% within four mounts. How accurate is this statement? We shall discuss in detail whether the company is worth your trust or not.

The platform has a dramatic video on their website that is showing how you can expect your account to grow. You can deposit funds using various methods like PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, among others.

The Forex trading bot was allegedly developed by the very able team of Forex Cruncher. The company is promising investors a financially free life if they believe in their cause. The platform assures investors that they are unlike any other entity in the market.

You will have to deposit $99 for you to enjoy the services of this software, which is currently at a discount. The initial price is $199 honestly speaking; considering all the returns that the bot can yield you, it should be more than this price. It is a red flag that proves the company is bluffing, and it does not have anything to offer.

Unlike the Ponzi schemes that will promise you high earnings and high expectations. Forex Cruncher assures its customers that they can expect nothing but the best. Unfortunately, the statement is not correct as this a shady venture that will leave you high and dry without meeting their promises.

Forex Cruncher

The company is everything that they despise. The company claims that it has over ten years in Forex trading. Sadly, a quick search on Whois.com will show you that Forexstrategycreators.com was launched in November 2013.

When an investment company is not transparent with the minor details, it becomes hard to believe anything else they promise. The platform is anonymously registered, and we cannot determine who the owner is behind its operation.

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إق التعدين


Forex Cruncher also boasts of having an accuracy rate of 99.9%. However, even the legit Forex trading robot in the market does not have anything close to this. You should keep watch and avoid wasting your time with this useless trading EA.

Additionally, with the promises, it is assuring investors of Forex Cruncher ought to have a large number of traders flocking on the website. Unfortunately, this is not the case as they have very weak traffic of 10,262,765, according to Alexa Global ranking statistics.

Forexstrategycreators.com Review, Forex Cruncher Platform

The suspicious entity allegedly also has over five years of programming. The features that it brags of are fully automated trading ability, an algorithm that is secure and unique. User-friendly interface that all investors can easily navigate.

Active management activities that will primarily benefit traders. Lack of lagging indicators and no martingale. The EA also can lock in profits and has been making consistent profits for Forex traders ever since 2000, which they had not yet joined the market.

Additionally, the shady Forex trading EA boasts of having Low drawdown, and a very effective risk management policy. In addition to all this, Forex Cruncher state that their trading activity is 100% risk-free for two months, and you can get all your money back in case you are not satisfied.

How Does Forex Cruncher Works?

The company mode of operation is one full of fake promises. The platform claim that you will not endure any losses while we all know that the Forex venture is a highly risky one that one cannot predict or attain the kind of returns that Forex Cruncher is projecting.

It should avail financial reports if they want us to believe their claims. The graph that the company avail is vague. It would be best if they presented MyFXbook data. The graphs the firm avail can be designed by anyone, and also the figures can be manipulated easily.

The drawdown that the Ponzi scheme has attained ever since its launch is 1.76%. Moreover, it claims to have made over 2000% profit for the last seven years—the platform view itself as a top-notch entity that is unlike any other Forex EA in the industry.

It does not use the Martingale technique. It also ensures they maintain a very tight stop loss of around 10 to 30 pips on every trade. To trigger their entries, it uses price actions that have no lagging indicators.

The truth of the matter is if anyone developed a system that can work like Forex Cruncher claims, the chances of sharing the idea with the public would be very minimal. Do not believe the false promises of this suspicious entity.

دعم وتنظيم العملاء

The company has not disclosed its actual location to investors, which is even more worrying. To contact the support, you will have to fill up their contact form, which is available on the website. It is not a convenient method of communication.

You might end up waiting till eternity before receiving feedback. Upon checking the regulation status of this platform, we were surprised to find that it is operating against the law. No one is overseeing the operations of Forex Cruncher, which exposes users to more risks.

شهادات كاذبة

There are reviews of alleged clients of the Forex Cruncher on their platform. The testimonials seem cherry-picked and nothing that creates confidence. There is no method available to determine if the remarks have been left behind by real investors.

There is no social media account linked to the comment. We can only see vague wording and users name, which can be easily be made up by the company itself. The review insinuates that the platform is indeed profitable, and users have been making only profits ever since joining the venture.

The reviews also indicate that Forex Cruncher delivers its promises. You can put your account on autopilot and earn the outrageous profits. The company should present proof of payment to gain the trust of traders.

It is absurd that traders claim to have never encountered any Forex trading bot in the past that has such a tremendous performance rate. Sadly, this is only another marketing strategy that is incorporated by numerous Ponzi schemes in the industry.

They expect us to believe what they display without showing visible proof. The risk-free investment opportunity it presents to investors is vague and unrealistic. The fantasy will cost innocent investors huge losses.

الحكم النهائي

The company also has a unique method that it uses to open only the profitable trades in the market. It is ridiculous that the suspicious entity claims to be professional, yet the only thing we can see is unethical and low standard services.

Forex Cruncher also states that it only executes two trade at maximum. The system never fails and can provide the same results over the years to come.  Invest only with legit Forex trading EA that can give you real-time earning that can yield you reasonable returns.

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  1. forexcruncher expert advisor does non work. It earns money only in backtests. In demo trading it makes only loss. Authors do not respond to refund requests. Stay away.

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