الذكاء الآلهة مراجعة: احتيال تنبيه على iqgods.trade

الذكاء الآلهة مراجعة: احتيال تنبيه على iqgods.trade

مشاركة هذا!

IQ gods is an HYIP company that will eventually exit the market. The platform requires investors to deposit $25 and earn a 1% profit for the rest of their life. If you do the math, you realize the amount is too high and unrealistic to achieve.

You can deposit funds via BTC, Payeer, or Perfect Money. However, the person who is behind this entity does not want to blow up their cover. There’s no information to guarding their qualification or any image that shows their face.

It is a red flag that should not be taken lightly. The legit investment platform will always showcase its team of experts to gain the trust of its customers. IQ gods do not see the need for being transparent.

The promises they make are appealing, and many shall fall victim to their fraudulent activities. The platform does not have any product or services that they are offering to their clients. The claims that this platform makes are common with a Ponzi scheme.

Nonetheless, the company markets itself as a leading Forex trading venture in selling commodities and stock. The shady firm assures clients that they will make stable earning if they choose to join them.

Unfortunately, if you believe the scammer behind this venture, you will only end up making huge losses. The amount they are asking for is very little to yield such a high amount of returns.

It shows the level of desperateness that these scammers have. In any investment, it takes time to get back your capital. Keep off any get-rich-quick scheme as the journey never ends well. Invest with legit Forex trading brokerage in the industry. These entities will not scam or make unrealistic claims.

Iqgods.trade Review

IQ gods promise traders that it will double up their amount within no time. The platform also claimed that they are offering their services to every investor across the world. They have already get out for over 50 countries, and they are expanding daily.

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IQ gods Review, Iqgods.trade Platform

Such statements are only meant to lure more innocent victims inter depositing their hard-earned money to their system. The platform claims that they are involved in Forex trading activities, yet they failed to disclose the strategy they are utilizing.

When it comes to Forex, the best firms in the market will explain in detail their trading strategy. Additionally, they will provide their performance results for the public to see how they are doing. You will also be aware of the drawdown you should expect.

The person behind IQ gods seems not to be an expert in the Forex niche. The promises they make are vague. If you are a keen investor, realize the website is filled with marketing content. There’s no enough data on what they are a company involved with.

According to the website, you should make money work for you instead of working for money, about trusting the word of a scammer. The company claims they have been in the market for a long time, and they have met the goals of their customers.

Unfortunately, this information is false as IQ gods are barely and how old. They want it to appear as though they have a trading history. The platform state it is a private online investment that wants to cater to a small number of investor.

It additionally states that investors’ funds will be safe on their hands. Their main focus is offering high security to their clients. Sadly, the company is not safe for anyone. Hence, if you care about your funds, keep off this dirty scam.

How Do IQ gods Works?

Honestly speaking, the only person who can answer this question is the scammer behind the venture. The company does not disclose the method they are using in their trading activities.

IQ gods only claim to be involved in Forex trading, yet there is no evidence. The company does not state the currency pair that they trade. There’s much essential information that is missing from their website.

We don’t know if the platform sends signal, trading software that can help them provide constant profit to their customers. They fail to mention the leverage traders can enjoy. It only proves that the firm is a scam.

The FAQ page answers generic questions. The platform does not have investment plans that investors can choose from. You won’t make profits with such a shady entity. The deposit and withdrawal information is insufficient, and this is only an element you are dealing with scammers.

Your money will not be safe in the hands of the person who is running this website. Legit investment platforms do not accept such a low amount of money—every coin matter to the con artist operating IQ gods.

خدمة العملاء

IQ gods claim that they are offering 24/7 customer support to their clients. Hence, you can contact them whenever you want to resolve any issues. There is no feedback from those who have engaged with them in the past.

Therefore, the allegation cannot be verified. However, it is a Ponzi scheme. You can expect the worst-case scenario. You have to fill a contact form just in case you need any help.

IQ gods do not have basic communication means that other reputable firms have. Usually, you will find a live customer support service, telephone number, or email address that ease the speed of communication.

The founder of this company aims to attract multiple investors with a lower amount of capital. They will, therefore, end up making much money if their plan works as intended.

IQ gods are not regulated by the government to run their business. No corporate oversees the operation; hence they can do whatever they please. You will find such entities breaking their terms and conditions to suit their ill motives.

They will also exit the market without the knowledge of their clients. They are exposing you and your money to multiple risks. The Ponzi scheme is not worth your trust.

ملاحظات العملاء

IQ gods is an entity that is offering a gold mine to Forex traders. If at all, this is a transparent entity, then they should have enough feedback to certify their business is trustworthy.

Unfortunately, this entity has a very low trust score and traffic coming into the website. Moreover, there is not even a single review regarding its venture. A platform that is not reputable creates more fear and raises more suspicion.

If you put into consideration the fact that you are dealing with a platform that has no trading results and no endorsement, you should avoid them. The only thing that we find with this platform is several red flags.

الحكم النهائي

IQ gods is a Ponzi scheme that is hiding under Forex trading activities. The founder of this venture has inadequate knowledge of Forex. There are much data that they have left out, and it only raises more questions.

We do not recommend Investors to use this shady company. You can go ahead and utilize these Forex trading EA in the market that has been proven to be profitable. You can trade by eliminating human error and without the fear of being scammed.

Investors need to be very careful with platforms like IQ gods that only create more distrust than being transparent. The security of your money should be your major concern.

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