خدعة مشروع Rubix: خداع Rubix مكشوف في هذه المراجعة

خدعة مشروع Rubix: خداع Rubix مكشوف في هذه المراجعة

مشاركة هذا!

Majority of investors in binary options are already familiar with the Rubix Project since it was launched a couple of months ago, and it’s everywhere on the public domain.

Honestly, Rubix Project website makes very absurd claims. Those claims are only backed by lame proof.

In fact, the entire website is made up of misleading conversations around binary options and potential profits that people can make.

However, according to our research which we did thoroughly to fish out their tricks, we discovered that more serious things were being hidden from the eye of the public.

It’s deeper than what it seems to be. We must admit that there are many programs which are similar to Rubix Project and are constantly luring innocent traders to part with $250 so that this مال can be mysteriously multiplied when people bet with the GREEN and RED buttons.. quite literally.

But we also recon that Rubix Project website has used unfamiliar actors as we were not able to find them on the popular Fiverr platform.

The Rubix Project overview

What you probably don’t know about this binary options robot

The ”CEO” and his crew were filmed while acting in front of a green screen.

The person who did the filming is clearly an amateur, and this suggests that Rubix Project is not generating enough revenue for its owner to afford the cost of hiring a decent camera crew.

👉 هل أنت مهتم بتعدين البيتكوين والعملات المشفرة الأخرى لتحقيق الربح؟ الآن ، يمكنك التعدين بشكل أفضل وأسرع وأكثر ذكاءً لتحقيق المزيد من الأرباح مع الجاهزية للاستخدام ، "الأداء العالي" ، والمعتمدة IQ Mining BTC Cloud Service لعمال المناجم. مع خدمة التعدين هذه ، سوف تحصل على ما يصل 128٪ عائد استثمار سنوي من تعدين عملات البيتكوين وحدها دون الحاجة إلى شراء أي أجهزة وبرامج تعدين باهظة الثمن! ليس ذلك فحسب ، بل ستحصل على أول عائد لك في اليوم التالي بعد شراء خطة مع تعدين IQ. يتم منحك أيضًا مدير حساب مخصصًا بعد شراء خطة سيساعدك في أفضل تخصيصات مجمعة وخطط إعداد حساب لتحقيق أقصى استفادة من مشترياتك. إنقرهنا لتبدأ الآن.

إق التعدين

Now, the video is very shallow in content. What we have here is a guy constantly talking about how good life is with Rubix Project software.

ثم يذهب إلى تبين لنا بضعة بيانات حساب وهمية التي من المفترض أن تثبت أن مشروع روبيكس مربحة.

The trick is further reinforced by a couple of actors who come on-screen to tell us that this robot is the best in class for anyone who desires to make money from الخيارات الرقمية.

They obviously do this by giving us their fake life story of how they encountered this website, used the robot and are now living life on the first lane, thanks to Rubix Project app.

The owner of Rubix Project App: who is this guy?

Rubix Project Group is run by one Mr. Brian Morgan who is a pseudo by the way since no real human being fits his description.rubix

First of all, he was hired to represent a none-existent CEO for purposes of marketing this product.

And the second thing is that Rubix Project Group is an entity that does not exist.

But this does not deter him from lying. Our CEO continues to explain that Rubix Project Group has employees with 10 years of experience in الفوركس and brokerage business. These employees, apparently, have worked in Wall Street.

But we want to bring to your attention that this is a ghost company with ghost employees.

He does not exist, and so is the company in question. This is because there is zero information pertaining to the details of this company or the people who are purported to be behind it.

The only claim to fame or ”proof” is the flashy bank statements which are presented to us in form of screen shots.

Obviously, when someone is shoddy, you expect them to change plenty of information in the so-called proof in order to suit the agenda of the presentation.

And the saddest thing is that these guys are so used to recycling screenshots that they never see anything wrong with this.

The account digits which have been blurred out consist of the numbers 3, 8 and 9.

Is this a coincidence? If so, how many times do you encounter such scenarios in websites that promote الحيل?

The rest of the actors!

James Collins is apparently one of the actors standing in front of a green screen to present his account statement.

Surprisingly, he does not tell us his name. But that’s who he is meant to represent — an anonymous person giving false testimonials.rubix 2

Now, if you look at the account statement carefully, you will realize that it’s dated back in 2015.

These guys keep overlooking small details which eventually give them away. In fact, this is the same recycled statement that was used when promoting another scam called the Quantum Cash Machine.

This is the same screenshot that other scams in this industry are sharing across the board.

Obviously we couldn’t get convinced by these tricks. But the joker kept on rumbling, telling us how Rubix Project was used by 87% of traders back in 2015.

Is this true? Is there any form of reference or proof that could lead us to this information?

These are what we call incorrect statistics. Without any reference, it’s impossible to believe what people say.

And of course the funniest part is where they explain how their system works. A scam video is never interesting enough.

So, technically, we never see any Rubix Project software in action throughout the presentation.

We realize that this website has presented us with zero truths, so why would they tell us anything about the working of this software?

The only truth here is that Rubix Project is a robot that relies on guess work to open positions. There is never any complex algorithm involved behind the curtains.

We obviously hate it when people lie in broad daylight and especially if that lie has something to do with people’s investments.

For example, this is seen when another purported user claims to have made $680 million with this software in the last 3 years.

How is this possible when Rubix Project is just a few months old?

That lie does not work as intended. It’s just a way of taking you for a ride, hoping that you will see how the software works and why you must subscribe to it.

Why is the owner giving away such a profitable robot and for free?

We’ve got an announcement that this website is giving copies for free to the first 50 individuals. After this, the window of opportunity will close. We laugh in mockery because this is never the case.

So, why is he doing this? Apparently, the owner of Rubix Project says he will take a cut of your profits each time you use this software.

The actually cut is stated as 3.5% of your profits every 30 days. How is this supposed to work when profits can be withdrawn at any time before 30 days have elapsed?

Again, we don’t understand why such thing is not mentioned in their ToS. You see, if indeed you would make profits, the owner of Rubix Project would make it clear on their ToS that they will be deducting a certain percentage from your profits.

But now it seems that this is just empty talk since no profits will actually be generated here.

Another ridiculous claim is that this software was approved by the FXCA financial organization.

Seriously, when we look it up, we find nothing pertaining to this approval. Where did this approval happen?

لدينا أفضل نصيحة لك

Many false talks and misrepresentation of facts have led us to conclude that Rubix Project is not a good robot to use.

On the other hand, if you’re in need of good تجارة robots for binary options, this list is always handy because we only approve robots with a track record. You are therefore safe with our recommended products and not any other product.

إذا كنت ترغب في الحصول على إشعار عند تحديث هذا الموقع ، فاشترك أدناه ...

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