مراجعة Urbanforex.com: هل Urban Forex عملية احتيال؟

مراجعة Urbanforex.com: هل Urban Forex عملية احتيال؟

مشاركة هذا!

Urban Forex is a company that claims to be offering Forex trading service. It allegedly has been in the market for over ten years. The firm was launched in November 2008 and has been around since then. It claims to have the best webinars in the market.

There are several courses available on the website. The Master Price action 2.0 is the latest package that the platform is advertising. The founder who is Navin, claims that it was initially designed for the VIP students, and this cost $6000.

We think that this is much money, considering there is no guarantee that you will earn after signing up. The VIP were those that had previous knowledge in Forex trading. The founders have made the course accessible to the general public for a cost of $249.

The videos were lengthy, and many students were having problems following up due to their day to day activities.  Hence, the founder had to break them down to something that did suite everyone’s needs.

The summery enabled students to access what is important. The course takes two months, and every week new lessons are sent to you. The platform wants traders to master everything. Examples are also sent to traders to help them practice.

The company explains that the reason it reduced the price drastically is to help many investors access it at affordable prices. Currently, the course costs $149. We feel that the founder might be desperate, and not having a uniform rate is shady.

مراجعة فوركس الحضرية

The company claims that ever since come up with the Mastering Price Action course, more than 5 thousand students have benefited from it. Additionally, according to Urban Forex, this is the leading course in the market.

The company has beginner to advanced lessons for both novice and expert traders. The platform wants to enable investors to be able to trade while making profits. The team of Urban Forex shares lives trading with its customers to help investors practice what they have learned.

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إق التعدين

Urbanforex.com Review, Urban Forex Platform

There is unique content that you can only access if you are a member. The founder has allegedly broken down their services. After finishing up your daily lesson, you will get three training samples with live trading.

The method is meant to boast and improve your skills. You will eliminate the guesswork and practice using real-time data. After you purchase the program, you will have full access to the membership. There are numerous Forex trading EA in the market that has a good reputation and a trading history that you can buy.

The company will teach a new chapter every week and have live trading opportunities. The only method that is available to cash in is using Debit/Credit cards. The platform does not accept digital currency payment or PayPal. Additionally, the Urban Forex assures investors that they can request for a refund after 30 days if the course is not helpful.

The Difference Between Masterpiece Action with MPA 1.O Program

The new course of Urban Forex is far much better than all their program. The company claims that the course has multiple elements and topics. It has trading entries, fundamentals, pair selection, and exits.

The lessons have also been broken down into shorter videos. There is also an exclusive webinar that has been designed by Navin that is only accessible to two private clients. The founder will help you understand what the course is all about. Hence, contributing to the overall trading knowledge.


The owner of this platform is Navin Prithyani. We have to recommend how transparent he is by taking the time to present enough data about himself. The founder is allegedly a leader who investors how they can manage their trade.

Navin brags of having made a course in 2016 known as the Mastering Price Action Course that helped numerous traders to attain their goals. He also claims that he has designed even better trading courses than this that will benefit investors even more.

The main objective of this founder is to help all form of traders attain success. However, we have several issues that we feel Navin has not addressed. We do not know the qualification that he possesses in the Forex trading. It would be better if he showcased his skills.

Urban Forex Customer Support and Regulation

Urban Forex claims that their customers can reach the support 24/7. In case you need any help, you should not shy away from contacting the support. Unfortunately, some of the platform customers are not pleased with the customer care.

They are accused of not responding to the queries. If the claims are valid, then the company should work on it. The company can be contacted on their various social media platforms as well as on email.

However, the bigger question that you should be asking yourself is whether this platform is regulated. The company is accepting investors from all over the globe. They do not discuss their regulation status, and we also did not find any licensing document available on the platform.

Urban Forex is hence operating illegally since they are collecting funds for investment purposes without the necessary documents. Despite the company having multiple promises, there are some red flags that we cannot assume.

عملاء الشهادات

The Urban Forex has associated several mixed reaction reviews from various investors. It is always advisable to look for feedback from third-party platforms. The analysis that the firm feature on the website indicates the company is meeting the requirement of its clients.

The testimonials appear legit as the customers have attached their social media platform profile links. Additionally, they haven’t used stock images. The platform is being praised for simplifying their lessons and making it easy for their clients to understand.

The mindset of these customers has tremendously changed. Some of the novice traders also recommend the services of the company since they have been able to become competent investors. On the other hand, we were able to encounter negative reviews from their previous customers.

Urban Forex, is being accused of being just another scam venture that is offering the useless trading course. Investors have not been able to see the value of their money. After depositing funds, the videos are allegedly too short. The rubber man term is being viewed as a strategy that is meant to entice you.

Navin is not an honest man as per the feedback we got. The customers are not satisfied with the services that they got from this shady firm. The novice traders claim there is no coaching; the support is terrible.

The only thing that Forex Urban seems to be interested in is the money that traders’ deposits. The questions of the students are not being answered in live trading, which is a significant drawback. The customers warn potential investors to stay away from this system instead of wasting money.

الحكم النهائي

Urban Forex is a company that is allegedly offering the best Forex trading services in the market. Despite the company being around for over a decade, there are somethings that they need to address.

Urban Forex appears not to be licensed, and they have some negative reviews from those who have tried their services. You are using the أفضل برامج تداول العملات الأجنبية in the market instead of investing in a system that has significant loopholes.


إذا كنت ترغب في الحصول على إشعار عند تحديث هذا الموقع ، فاشترك أدناه ...

14 Replies to “Urbanforex.com Review: is Urban Forex a Scam?”

  1. هذا مراجعة تستند إلى ** إغراءات. أنا طالب في Navin ، وبينما أعترف أن دوراته الدراسية باهظة الثمن ، وهو يجني الكثير من المال منها ، أعتقد أنه ينفذ جميع التقنيات التي أدرسها كما أفعل بنفسي. إنهم يقومون بعمل وهو يشرح ذلك جيدًا ويجعل من السهل على الناس فهمه.

  2. I have bought and taken all of Navin’s courses. If your dedicated to learning then I highly recommend ALL Urban Forex courses. Pricing is extremely fair in my opinion. They are ful of stuff you can’t possibly know unless somebody teaches you. I highly doubt there is another course that teaches this way. Check out Urban Forex on youtube and decide for yourself before buying anything. There are a ton of free videos on there to help you decide. HIs courses are designed in a way where you have to start at the beginning and master each lesson before the next will make much sense. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND and I will continue to buy any new courses Navin is selling. Join us on Facebook for free at World Cla** Daytrading page where there are several of us that are students of Urban Forex courses, posting all types of trade ideas in advance. From Stocks to Futures and anything that basically trades.

  3. Honestly I find it a little hard to profit from his strategies. I’ve taken the MPA course and o follow the rules most of the time and it stops short and goes the opposite direction or it does something else to cause a losing a losing trade. Navin tries his beat to explain but its easier to understand with trading grounds that where added to the lessons. But I’ve been finished his course for about 3 months now and still not profitable. It’s easy to see what’s going on when I look at past charts like Navin does but when. It comes to the current chart it’s a different story

  4. Please, Read full.
    Honestly, I bought his all course,,,, first time i just watched videos lot’s of time. i didn’t understand anything,,, Because of i just watched all videos,,, i don’t try to understand the point what Navin try to explain perfectly. After a long time i watch all videos and i made a Hand Note for each videos. then i understand all points. Now i can gauge the Market Movement. And now i am a Profitable Trader (Alhamdulillah).
    i think lot’s of people facing this problem …. My Opinion: That’s your problem not Urban Forex
    (An Honest Review)

  5. I’m a former “team member” and was part of Navin’s “inner circle”. After years of training under Navin Prithyani, meeting him in person and trading with him in person, I have serious doubts about him being a profitable trader. Multiple other team members told me that they themselves were not profitable yet. One of those not profitable traders (Wilson) has been on Navin’s team for many, many years. This is a major RED FLAG to me. In all my time with Navin, I saw zero proof that he or any of his team or students were consistently profitable trading forex.

  6. Yeah same story as “Whistle blower”, I was also in his inner circle. Was with him for years. He is a good teacher and good at attracting new traders. Can teach basic concepts well. Supply/Demand, SnR, V formations and yeah the list goes on. However he is not a profitable trader himself.

    He is living a good life style from Students money.. and he is getting a lot of it too. Some months his income from the courses he is selling exceeded USD80000. So yeah he is living a high life on poor students money and scamming them for every scent.

    Know the feeling when you first find his videos online – it’s like oh my god this guy knows what he is talking about, but yeah, great con artist.

    So my advice to you is to try to find a reputable trader who has a track record.

  7. His course his terrible, they doctor the charts and I know he does not trade FX live accounts. Do not waste your money with this lot they selling educational courses and thats it

  8. They guy makes new names up like “V formation” and “money zone” for beginner education like double-triple bottom/H&S/Support and resistance.

    He and his “teachers” trading are R:R ratio of 1:1. and never did anyone in his team posted a trading statement from the broker where they made money. You’re better off finding someone who did. I know at least 3 other trading education companies that are 10x better than him.

    The most valuable thing I got from MPA, 4 course-bundle was tradingview. Stay away from Urban forex, there are many cheaper and better educational companies out there

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