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Welcome to the review. has created aBot, mBot and even launched an internal exchange. The coin which they are producing and setting up an ICO for is known as ARB. ARB is listed on exchanges like and

ARB coin is currently selling for $2.306. According to the site, the aim of the robot that has developed is to help investors make up to 30% a month (which I think is a lot) and nearly impossible to sustain.

ARB coin is driven by PoW algorithm, and there are over 8.7 million coins in supply.

If you want to make the right choice regarding this company and its offering, please go through this review as we will be covering every major aspect of aBot, mBot and in general.

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We have looked at the road map and the most outstanding points to pick out from this road map is the company’s progress where they launched aBot which is compatible with up to 50 different exchanges and mBot (a manually-controlled trading bot) compatible with up to 5 exchanges.

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They went ahead and listed ARB coin with exchanges like Yobit, Etherdelta, CoinMarketCap and Coinexchange respectively,.

Next, ARB coins were made compatible with hardware wallets such as Trezor, Ledger Nano and many others.

The main idea behind aBot and mBot is that they all use Arbitrage trading, which the vendor says can make consistent profits because the bots are depending on transactions as opposed to movement of price. claims that their bot is customized from an open-source platform known as Blackbird. They believe that aBot and mBot are the best automated Cryptocurrency trading bots in the world.

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How it works

Everyday there are thousands of markets, trading billions of dollars in the cryptocurrency sector. There are always price differences between trading exchanges and profiting from those trades is called arbitrage trading. New exchanges and markets arrive constantly, making arbitrage opportunities more and more common.

In order to maximize on the profits of manual cryptocurrency arbitrage, a person must have deep understanding of the market and monitor hundreds of arbitrage trade opportunities while having a method to quickly act upon the arbitrage opportunities when they are presented, without making any errors.

These errors can be spotted by bots that monitor the markets 24/7. The problem is in finding a robot that will truly spot these arbitrage trading opportunities if they arise. Many of these bots are plain scams that want to take your money. So while arbitraging is a legit way to trade, very few robots can help you make money this way. Review – fees claims that they are reaching 80% quarterly ROIs. Although no returns are guaranteed, the company does not provide any evidence to show us that indeed they are reaching these percentages on a quarterly basis.

The sales page is only listing a few ”last trades” which were allegedly made by aBot and the corresponding returns in percentages.

The credibility of is questionable because no proof has been give to support the claims.

On top of this, users who generate profits with aBot and mBot will be subject to paying varying fees depending with the duration of use.

These are as follows:

1-30 days

3% fees on profits

31-60 days

2.9% on profits

61-90 days


90+ days

2.7% Review – aBot and mBot investments

To invest in aBot, investors need to part with at least $250 and they will also be entitled to earning daily interests.

The second investment into aBot requires between $500 and $100,000. For aBot investments, there is no locking period.


On the other hand, investors who want to utilize mBot will have their investments treated to a locking period where they can’t withdraw until the investment is mature.

This kind of thing is very popular among ponzi schemes on the internet. is definitely a platform that is worth investigating. Review – background

The website is listing a few people who are allegedly involved with the operations of ARB coin. The CEO is allegedly someone called David Peterson.

David Peterson has been featured on some industry blogs, but there is no information about him on sites like Google or Wikipedia. This limited coverage seems quite suspicious.

And according to some ICO websites out there, the real identity of the CEO of Arbitraging cannot be verified or confirmed. Review – what users say

A link on twitter said that the site was potentially harmful. There are also some chit chats about the bot and their ICO opportunity on

But nobody is confirming with solid proof that the ICO or their aBot/mBot is yielding any profits. Review – Is this a scam?

You’d most likely stay away from this ICO and Crypto trading bot until we find enough evidence that the opportunity is going to profit your bank balance.

Now, this is the thing: when you invest in ARB coins and make profits, you will be paid in ARB coins.

This is something similar to a pump and dump because ARB is still not a mature coin, and there is no way the company can pay ARB coins as returns for its investors.

The truth of the matter is that even if we got paid in ARB coins, we could soon realize that the coin is in more supply but in zero demand.

This creates a situation where investors will have ARB in their wallets but have nowhere to dispense them for real fiat currency which is usable in the world.

Our best advice for you

The fact of the matter is that arbitrage trading opportunities are nowadays rare. This is due to technological advancements where everyone is using a specialized bot to try finding these Arbitrage trading opportunities. We feel that is not a reliable investment operation. Traders wanting to make money in the Crypto markets can take advantage of these robots instead. 

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  1. This company is a scam, do not invest in their product. Initially it was profitable for some, then others were s***ed in and lost all their investment.

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