Arteon Robot EA Scam: See Investigative Review!!!

Arteon Robot EA Scam: See Investigative Review!!!

The best EA’s in the market have a reputation or at least some positive vibe going around them on the internet. However, this is not the case with Arteon Robot.

We actually don’t understand why no one has ever come out there to confess that they used this EA, and that it’s working like promised on the website here

This usually happens to new EAs in the market, and it’s quite normal for a product to keep out of the limelight until a number of users have actually tried it.

So far, what we are seeing in forums like are merely speculations.

Nevertheless, we can’t discredit these fears because some people do have genuine reasons as to why they are viewing this EA suspiciously.

Thankfully, this review was published for purposes of clearing the air once and for all.

If you want our opinion on the so-called Arteon Robot EA, then this review will answer all your questions and even give you a solution in the end.

Arteon Robot EA Overview

We encountered Arteon Robot in a promotion email which hit our inbox some time ago.

👉 Want to make money automatically with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies without the risk of trading yourself? Are you ready for self-custody of your investment funds? Do you like the sound of regular consistent results and profitable performance? Tired of the forex and crypto scams, false promises and games out there designed to separate you from your hard earned funds? Pause everything you are doing at the moment and check out our list of passive crypto investment opportunities and trading bots. If you are ready to leave the trading and investment to the professionals and upgrade your monthly income, now is the time, see our recommended trading and investment services now. PS: All Products/Services Mentioned are 100% Tested, Verified and Recommended by


And guess what? They were promoting Arteon Robot and telling us all the good things that this Expert Advisor was capable of.

However, you also need to realize that many software vendors say one thing and do the other.

The fact that Arteon Robot was being praised by its owner didn’t mean that it was an automatic ticket to ”financial freedom” in the Forex markets.

That’s why we had to scrutinize it carefully to confirm whether the claims they were making in that email were honest.

Complaint Number 1: which is the biggest complaint about this EA so far

Arteon Robot has been criticized for having a huge draw down, thanks to a handful of users who have volunteered to air their frustrations on the internet for others to see.

In all these complaints, a pattern emerges. All of them say that this EA has a huge draw down.

On the other hand, we know that numbers can’t lie. Two or Three people can’t confess the same thing at the same time.

Realize that these traders used Arteon Robot EA from different parts of the world. They don’t know each other, and so we can’t really say that they agreed among themselves to drag the name of this software in mud.

Arteon Robot is actually being accused of suffering a draw down of 43%.

That’s out of the normal, and unless the developer can correct this mistake, we are advising traders to stay away.

The success of a trader depends on how consistent they can make profits in the long run.

You see, trading is not all about making money now. Instead, a successful trader is defined by their consistency in making profits each time they trade 3 years down the line.

However, with this kind of draw down, a trader is likely to suffer a huge set back at the end of the day, thus donating their profits back to the market a couple of hours after extracting it from the same market.

Complaint Number 2: website details not clear

Knowing a domain name isn’t enough to trust a vendor. Even if they had the green padlock sign on the browser which suggests that the website is safe, we wouldn’t take our chances when the owner of the website is not making certain things crystal clear.

Let’s consider the fact that the registration name of Arteon Forex Robot website is hidden from those who would like to find it on

This is an intentional move to hide something or to remain invisible. But why would a genuine EA vendor choose to hide instead of promoting their products and revealing who they are so that people can trust them more?

As of now, we only know that the website is registered in the city of Scottsdale. However, we are disqualifying them due to lack of transparency.

Serious investors mind where their money go to. You cannot gamble your money on a product whose vendor is not willing to be transparent.

Past Performance: Are those results verified?

Many traders have landed their accounts in hot soup as a result of trusting a vendor who published ”past performance” on myfxbook website.

Many shoddy vendors use demo accounts to trade and show results which they label as ”past performance”.

We actually know a number of scams that operate this way, and they are ripping big profits out of lies.

However, to the average rookie who is just starting out, spotting tell tale signs in how ”past performance” is presented is often hard or even impossible.

The website claims that Arteon Robot has been consistently winning trades over the months.

Apparently, this EA was 100% profitable in December. We do not know if this is actually possible.

Unless Arteon Robot EA placed one lucky trade and won the position, there is no way a robot can make 100% profit in any given month. These claims are far-fetched — even though they claim to back their proclamations with ”past performance” results.

Also, realize that these accounts were over-leveraged. Trading with a leveraged account of 1:1000 is quite suicidal. It’s the reason why this EA is suffering a huge draw down.

Ideally, with that kind of leverage, it would only take one trade-gone-bad to wipe out half of your account balance… no kidding.

Also, a monthly gain of 171% is probably exaggerated. We’ve said time and again that shady vendors love to use demo accounts which they keep trading until results can be favorable — by chance as opposed to strategy.

That is the reason Arteon Robot EA website is warning people in the fine print that these are hypothetical performance and should not be used to predict what will happen to your account if you finally put Arteon Robot to task.

What they are saying here is that Arteon Robot is not reliable. But since the fine print is always written in small words, most traders fail to see it. Instead, traders get carried away by the purported results, which sometimes are nothing but mere fabrications.

The bottom line here is that the claims made by Arteon Robot are not possible to fulfill.

The results which you’re seeing on the website are not possible to achieve in a real account settings. Sure, one or two trades may go well so that your profit curve will start climbing nicely. However, don’t think you’ll survive that long before your profit curve begins tumbling down.

Our Best Advice for You

First of all, Arteon Robot EA is a little bit pricey for what it offers. Arteon Robot does not deserve your money due to the huge draw down that is associated with its strategy of trading.

Although features may look great, the truth is that these features don’t serve any use if you can’t make consistent profits with it.

It’s better to restrict a trader to one broker or one currency pair trading provided that you are assuring them (with tangible proof) that the EA has long term profitability.

We are yet to email Arteon Robot EA owners to demand even more proof of past performance. Until this happens, we cannot recommend this robot to anyone. Instead, we are recommending better EAs and mentoring programs for those who want to make money.


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