Arya Trader Review: How is a Fraud

Arya Trader Review: How is a Fraud

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Here’s the full Arya Trader ( review that investors have demanded from us. After investors sent emails to our support team, we decided to investigate the platform. From the word go, we can straightaway tell that this is a cloned website. They are trying to mimic another trading tool from And this is a habit that is growing in the forex robot world with scam developers targeting naïve investors. For those who don’t know about it, this is what we found out.

Arya Trader Review

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Arya Trader Review

The developer is selling multiple licenses for their robots to traders. One of their most significant claims is that their robots are designed with the help of AI technology. Investors should know that nearly all traders will claim their robots have AI tools. And this is where most of them go wrong because they easily believe it. They also provide trading portfolios, and traders can quickly sign up and use them. Before you start signing up, there are a few details you need to know about the robot.

Not much is known about the developers of this robot, which is a problem. They also claim that they are in bed with other financial websites such as On their homepage, they introduce themselves as a place for more than 20,000 robots. Their most significant selling point on these robots is that they are completely stable. And this is another lie as most users are complaining of the stability. It seems these robots are either slow at executing trades or loading. It makes these robots a risk to investors.

Business owners

Information on the developers of these robots remains unknown, which is a huge problem. We don’t recommend using robots that are operated by anonymous persons. These robots tend to close the shop quickly and with no warning given to members. It is why we remain adamant that this platform is a fraud. Why would a developer fail to associate their names of a product they deem successful? These are the main reasons why we strongly believe in honesty and transparency.

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At the disclaimer of their homepage, they claim that Click2Sell is an authorized reseller of the robot. Click2Sell is a business entity that only uses clicks as a way of getting income. They don’t care whether the links will lead users to a risky product. And this is why we see the extent to which the developers will go to sell their product. Beware of this product as it is a scam and will most likely be closing down soon. They have not been able to convince the trading world of their reputation.

Domain details of the site

A look at the traffic from the site shows that their servers are located in France. The site went live on 19th June 2018. They may have over a year in the limelight but have not proven profitable. And this is another reason why we have to flag down the platform. They have indeed created a robot from scratch that is not a favorite among traders. With AI technology, any robot will be a hot product for traders. It seems that the negative reviews from clients are the reason why smart investors shy away from it.

Feedback from clients

After a look at their social media pages, we noticed that they seem to have a selling strategy. They entice users to sign up using social media platforms such as Facebook. Their page, however has not been doing well. There has not been any interaction with users as most already know the downside of the platform. The majority of the clients who signed up when the robot started are a sad lot. They have been ranting on trading forums on the risks involved with the robot. The top complaint associated with the robot is lack of efficiency.

How does the Scam work?

Arya Trader How it Works

They claim that Arya Trader is working in all brokerage houses that provide the MT4 trading platform. Members sign up and install the MT4 trading platform. After signing up, they should click on ‘my portfolio’ account. The account is now live, and users have to add funds to enjoy the features of the robot. We also found out that users can rent robots for $30 a month. Interested parties can go and look at the how it works page. We have to warn you that the page is long enough to take readers to sleep.

License, compliance, and registration of Arya Trader

Arya Trader IS NOT LICENSED to operate in any jurisdiction around the world. We looked it up with a majority of regulators to find out if the robot is fully compliant. We found out that the majority of regulators in Europe already plan to ban the use of this robot. They, too, have received complaints from investors of the problems with the robot. And this is why dealing with such a robot is a problem. Investors get easily enticed with the professionally looking website and sign up. They fail to grasp the intention of the developers.

The entire page does not have any information regarding compliance with industry regulations. We would expect their terms and conditions page to cover this information. From the look of things, the developer wants to hide this vital information. They want everyone to sign up without knowing their compliance status. Investors should note that the robot will not insure any funds deposited with them. Any money-back-guarantee is not true as they already fail to offer insurance cover.

Problems with Arya Trader

Contact and support

Their contact chat box is one of the many reasons why we have our doubts about this platform. It has a Turkish default language, which means the developers are not in France. These could be offshore developers who want to target investors in the Turkish region. Even after filling in the form, investors will not be able to get the full support they need. The support team is nowhere to be seen weeks after we sent our message. And this proves that this platform is the bedrock of scam robots.

Plans and Pricing

Arya Trader Plans and Packages

Arya Trader is offering four packages or plans to interested parties. The four strategies are divided into six pieces package with different timelines. Information on these prices can be found near the bottom of their homepage. One robot is going for $30, while six robots are going for $60. From what we gather, the plans have no advantage over each other. The only difference between these robots is the price. These prices are not enough to warrant a sane trader to buy the robots.

The results and strategy used

There are thousands of robots available on the platform, and no results of either one of them. No trader has been able to get their hands on valid trading results. And this makes the robots a product with no proof of concept. The vendor should have tested the robots on a live trading account and gave their results. They are hoping investors will sign up and use a robot that is not tested on a live account. The platform does not appear on myfxbook, which adds the final nail to the coffin.

Safety of funds with Arya Trader

The security of funds is not safe with a robot that fails to get a valid license from regulators. Their website is also filled with bugs, an indication of a lack of security software. Without proper DDoS protection, hackers can hijack the purchase process and steal valuable data. And this is why we insist that this is a terrible platform. No one should use the robot since it has no valid results. There is no money-back feature on the plans, which makes it a risky venture.

Scam or Legit Arya Trader

There is no doubt in our mind that the over 20,000 robots are a nuisance. Arya Trader is a scam that should be avoided at all costs. Stay away from the robot or else risk losing your entire funds.

Bottom line

Our readers are our priority, and we must protect them from financial risk. It is why we are adding these robots to our scam blacklist.

Trade safely with trusted robots that make a difference and offer transparent trading conditions. These robots protect your investment and offer a realistic way of earning passive income. Choose the right robots today and start seeing the benefits of having tested robots.

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