Asia Bits Review: Anonymous Bitcoin Investment Scam

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Asia Bits Review: Anonymous Bitcoin Investment Scam

Asia Bits Review Update 2023: Find out why you need to stay away as the owner decided to call it quits and refused access to member funds.

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About Asia Bits

Asia Bits at purports to offer Bitcoin mining services and appears to be located in the US but targeting the Asian Market instead. There is also a lot of mistrust between visitors of this site and the admin of the site. This is mainly due to the presentation and also their lack of persuasiveness. It is usually very easy to spot a true Cryptocurrency mining platform. A genuine Cryptocurrency mining platform doesn’t have to work very hard in order to persuade its users that they are mining BTC, Eth or any of those coins. So we definitely have to question the motive that Asia Bits is having.

Thankfully, we dag some facts about Asia Bits. We are very confident that you will find value in this review as we seek to address the question of whether or not Asia Bits is a genuine, safe and secure website.

Asia Bits Review

At this point in time, we will start with the known before venturing out into the unknown. The wise folks once said that there is always an answer where there seems to be none. So even as we write this review, we believe that we can pick up a few things about Asia Bits to learn more about them.

Basically, the site Asia Bits is supposed to mine and sell Bitcoins to the public for a specific fee. In other words, this site is purporting to help the general public who have no knowledge or probably don’t own BTC the chance to own and even trade BTC.

asia bits

Asia Bits is also informing us that they employ programmers and investment experts who run their operations on your behalf. You are not supposed to be bothered by anything when you are an investor. But as you can see, this site is talking about faceless and anonymous people whom they call their programmers and experts. Rather than parading them so that they can welcome investors into the platform or at least introduce themselves and what they do, the site opts to approach the matter in a low profile manner which makes the entire operation very suspicious.

Asia Bits is aimed at the Asian markets because this market is currently big and very lucrative. Also, we have done some preliminary investigations and found that the site is probably not blocking interested users coming from other parts of the world. has also proved to us that the true owner of this site is largely anonymous. When we check site information on and discover that the owner is hiding their name, that usually means that the admin is up to something. It is not reassuring given that at some point, the anonymous admin will ask money from users of this site. If he anonymous, then it means he is probably considering a loot which will be conducted through the site’s operation.

In short, it’s a bad way of promoting a site when the owner is anonymous and yet they are working hard to build credibility. That credibility will never be achieved.

Getting started with the website

Getting started with this site takes less than 10 minutes as the process seems to be very straight forward. Unlike many other ponzi scams and dodgy sites out there, this one was willing to spare its budget to employ some security features during registration and actual transactions too. Client data such as name, passwords, emails, banking information and so on are protected by Https protocol. To prevent phishing and hacking, the site also requires that users must create complex passwords containing letters, numbers and special characters.

In addition to that, the site requires that users must provide the names of their sponsor as well as their preferred currency before getting started. This reminds us that there is an element of ponzi scheming on this site as well. The site has two options for you. It can automatically pick a sponsor for you or you can manually pick a sponsor. In other words, this site is suggesting that their operation involves building some sort of a pyramid where someone will always be on top of the other and so on.

It is no different from what we have seen in many ponzi scams out there.

So, is Asia Bits a scam or is it a trustworthy site?

There are many factors to consider when determining whether a site is a scam. One of the things would be online rating or customer feedback.

The rest would include whether the owner is anonymous, transparent and is able to produce proof of their business activities.

With regards to user feedback, there is no feedback anywhere on the internet to suggest that this site has real active users who are using their services. This is a bit strange because the domain was registered back in 2016. It has been around for some time and long enough to find a few customers.

So when we find that no user feedback is being given on public forums involving discussions of Cryptocurrencies, we can only wonder what is potentially going on.

We might assume that their users are satisfied with their services. But that would also be a risky approach because we don’t know the other side of the story.

Nevertheless, Asia Bits has no active social media accounts too. Their Facebook account was either deactivated or banned as that page cannot be accessed anymore.

On Twitter, there are no traces of Asia Bits at all. Isn’t this suspicious? You should treat these things as red flags. They ought to have established their online presence from all angles. The reason why their online footprint is secret is something we may not be able to explain.

Also, the anonymous nature of the owner of this website is disturbing. One may need to think twice before doing any form of transaction with the faceless owner.

Our best advice for you

The best thing to do now would be to avoid these anonymous and non transparent operations. Asia Bits avails too little information for us to determine whether or not it is a scam. Also, there is some sort of ambiguity in their presentation. Mine BTC here.

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