Asia Profits Review: Scam with Dangerous Lies

Asia Profits Review: Scam with Dangerous Lies

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Guaranteed profits, outrageous returns and copy-pasted introductions are some of the characteristics of one weird ponzi scam called Asia Profits. Indeed the popular hookline appears on this website again. ”Impossible is nothing” is a statement which they have engraved on the homepage and is clearly seen by every visitors who comes to this website. They go ahead and list down their ridiculous returns where a typical investment of between $1-$10,000 is supposed to bring 20% hourly ROI for 7 hours.

We hope there is an option to re-invest afterwards and become a ”millionaire” since Asia Profits is poses as a get-rich quick investment opportunity. There is definitely more than meets the eye. That is why we want you to read this review till the end. But in case you don’t make it, come back to this link and find yourself a Cryptocurrency bot for trading. We don’t guarantee overnight riches like Asia profits. But you will at least make reasonable returns from your trading activities. Now, that’s guaranteed and it’s not too good to be true.

Also, there is an option to mine your coins too. Mining is a proven way to multiply your coins over time.

Having said that, let’s discuss factual information in this insightful Asia Profits review. We already know it’s a scam.But what exactly are the factors that are classifying them as fraudulent?

Asia Profits Review

We watchful and extremely careful when you come across a purported investment platform that promises 3700% in 20 days or 1150% in 10 days. These profits have never been generated in trading. With the experience that we have, we can assure you that these profits are definitely out of the norm.

Asia profits also claims that their company was founded by traders who have 10 years of experience in the Forex and the Cryptocurrency markets in general. But one thing you have to understand that it’s never about the experience. Its’s about the performance. If we cannot see performance of trading for the last 10 years, we simply can’t believe it. Period.

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asia profits

Now, consider this. If Asia profits traders have been doing this for 10 years, they should be having all the money in the world. They should not setup a website and then start to pitch too good to be true investment returns. Someone who can truly make a lot of money fast has no need to hustle $1 or more from random internet users. Therefore, these promises and falsified.

These crooks should have definitely retired into a private beach front apartment if they had all the money and knew how to make it. The reason Asia Profits is still here is because it’s a pyramid scheme. You can rest assured that pyramid schemes don’t last more than 6 months. To lure people into the financial game, they make unattainable promises which no financial expert can approve of.

To fool you some more, Asia profits has just copy-pasted their about us description from another ponzi scam website hosted at This domain has since been pulled down (at the time of writing this review) and it’s not clear whether it will go live on the internet again. However, their mode of operation used to be similar to that of Asia Profits, hence the reason why it has mysteriously disappeared and part of its content copied by Asia profits.

Anonymous traders

They claim that Asia profits has a team of professionals who have 10 years of experience applying their skills and doing technical analysis in the market to ensure constant cash flow with minimal risks. This site is also deceptively claiming that in 2015 they decided to open their doors for individuals who wanted to partner with reliable investment platforms for purposes of generating passive income.

But first of all, there is an issue with this statement. The alleged trader are 100%, and there is no concrete evidence that Asia Profits works with traders. If they are working with traders, it shouldn’t he an uphill task for them to prove it.

An illegal investment platform

The one thing that is supposed to give them credibility is that is regulated and licensed by the financial regulators in the UK. This is supposed to insinuate that Asia Profits is related to Gold Xavier, and that the latter is a corporation that is legally registered in the UK.

We want to confirm that Gold Xavier is not a corporation and has never been registered in the UK. The second thing is that the alleged company in question has never attained any license from the FCA. And above all, the website of the alleged company is down right now. Nowhere in the Asia Profits terms and conditions did they disclose their association with this falsified company.

The point is, Asia Profits is not legally registered and their licensing information is just forgery or mere allegations that don’t represent the truth.

The anonymous owner

Rest assured that the anonymous owner of this platform is quite secretive and also not transparent with the operations of his site. The site seems to suggest that an element of a pyramid scheme is heavily incorporated into the fabric of the platform. In fact, there is concrete evidence that this site is a ponzi scheme. It has not yet proved its trading activities. Until proven otherwise, it should remain classified as a ponzi scam based on the ridiculous returns which the anonymous owner claims you will earn.

We must also point out the fact that when a site claiming to be an investment platform is not upfront with details of who owns it, it should be treated suspiciously. There is no reason why the admin should hide their details when they are genuine about what they purport to offer.

Our best advice for you

Asia profits is definitely a dangerous site to put your investments in. If it was real, a lot of people would have flocked it just to participate and make quick returns. It isn’t real. So go and figure out whether 3700% in 20 days is an achievable goal. If it’s not, then you know that this is a ponzi scam.

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