AstroFX Review: Is Astro FX a Scam Trading School?

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AstroFX Review: Is Astro FX a Scam Trading School?

AstroFX is a platform that targets novice traders in the market. They want newbies to start their trading careers in their forum. The course takes a period of 12 months to be completed.

The company claims that they have experienced mentors who have over 20 years of experience in the market. The trading course is available both online and physically. You can visit them at their offices in London.

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Additionally, the training is not limited to any one, as they offer its services across every country and region in the world. Their online training is accessible, and they even pay for the delivery fee for any resources that you might require.

The one-year program is meant to empower potentials traders to improve and learn new skills that will take their trading in the next level. In case you might require more information on how this platform operates, you can request a callback.

AstroFX Review. Platform

You only need to list your name, select the course that you are interested in partaking, your email address as well as a phone number. AstroFX will then contact you, explaining everything in detail. The platform highlights what you should expect from them within the 12-month duration.

AstroFX Review

The course is meant to teach you the necessary information that will set you off in the market. You will learn some of the critical aspects that every trader should have. You will even get a chance to master what you have learned in real trading.

AstroFX states that you will be able to familiarize yourself with various trading tools as well as strategies in Forex trading. The main aim of this platform is to take your trading ability in the next stage. You will know how to use indicators and learn signals that are available to you.

Traders are guaranteed they will learn the technical analysis. They will also know how to predict the price movement by following the chatting pattern. The other thing that the company is educating potential investors with is the fundamental analysis, which will help you to determine the current value of the market.

Investors will also understand the importance of risk management. You will get to know the importance of focusing on a particular order size. The platform will help you to keep your emotion in check whenever you are executing a trade just in case you’re not using trading software.

AstroFX claim their training course is compatible with any form of a trader in the industry. They state that anyone can learn despite having a different background. They have something in stock for their students. We are not more into training courses as we believe the information can be gathered from various sources available online.

Therefore, we urge investors who are interested in Forex trading to use this software in the industry. The system will help you to generate a reasonable amount of return. You can trade manually at a most favorable time.

About AstroFX

The company claim that it is one of the leading Forex trading schools in the market. AstroFX state that they have been in the market for the last five years. A number of the client have already benefited from there course.

The platform claim that they have taught over 2000 students. Moreover, they have over 3.1 million views on their YouTube channel. The people responsible for these schools also state that they have traveled across the world, teaching several clients.

AstroFX performance can be seen by the number of successful traders they have made. The company had those that might be in doubt to check on various reviews that are accessible online. The platform additionally proclaims that their courses are recognized worldwide.

Investors with different backgrounds can benefit from the materials they avail. The company provides over 70 videos for their student. Moreover, they will also get AstroFX guidebook and strategies that they teach.

The guideline that they present will provide a methodology outline. You can, therefore, grasp some of the critical aspects that they will be teaching. In case you miss the online training course due to unavoidable circumstances, you don’t need to worry. AstroFX has a telegram group which is private for their members. The company claims that they have 15 mentors and five courses.

Those that have engaged with this trading software claim the company has changed their lives. Investors claim that they are impressed with the services of this entity. Nonetheless, there is no way we could verify that the information is legit.

The testimonial that AstroFX present does not have a profile. Therefore, it creates more distrust than shedding light. We always advise investors to look for clients’ feedback from third party Platforms.

Training Course

The company has a premium course that is created depending on the experience and knowledge of an individual. After they know the category that you fall, the firm will enroll you. It will help to maximize your learning at your own pace.

In this package, you are allowed to ask a question and consume knowledge without any haste. AstroFX has a group course available. The platform claim that this is their most popular session. Information is passed physically in a traditional classroom at their offices. The company selects a group of 10 to 15 traders for every classroom. It will help you to get information face-to-face along with the expert team.

The other package is their online course; it targets those who are either located in the United Kingdom or any other country in the world. You can learn despite having a tight schedule at a convenient timeline. AstroFX is offering over 16 hours of training digitally. You will have multiple resources at your disposal, and you will learn fundamental, technical, and psychological trading aspects.

The last course is the basic package, which avails an in-depth knowledge to investors. You will take your analysis to the next level by understanding how you can utilize the information you have gained from the platform. The company also offers free videos to investors.

However, we do not know the quality of education that this platform is providing. It would have been best if they did breakdown the package and what the course entails. Usually, you find that the investment platform will provide a guideline for the subtopic that they are teaching.

Contact Details

The company is allegedly located at 49 Grosvenor Street, Mayfair London, UK. You can contact them via email; [email protected]. You can also reach them using their telephone number (020 858 0096), which they have displayed on their website.

The FCA does not regulate the company. Therefore they are offering their services illegally. It is essential to know the regulatory status of the platform you want to venture with.

Final Verdict

AstroFX is a Forex trading school that is allegedly based in the UK. There is no scam report of this entity, and they have been in the industry for a while. However, the company is only claiming to have experienced personnel who are training investors on how to trade successfully.

We do not know the quality of information that the company is providing. Therefore, our best advice would be to use legit Forex trading investment companies in the market. You are guaranteed that your funds are in safe hands.

5 Replies to “AstroFX Review: Is Astro FX a Scam Trading School?”

  1. × Alert!
    • - Can't withdraw your funds from this fraudulent company?
    • - Have they asked you to pay excessive withdrawal fees or to deposit more funds?
    • - Or is there an excessive delay in processing your withdrawal?
    • - Are they trying to push you into depositing more money with them even without withdrawing the one you've already put in?

    It's a CONFIRMED scam company, recover your stolen funds by clicking the button below, then fill out the form and you will get a FREE Mychargeback consultation today:

    Click the button below, fill out the form to recover your lost funds from this scam company

    Click Here To Recover Your Stolen Funds
  2. Low quality high quantity. Talks for hours without making a point. Using advanced words in the wrong contexts to make an impression that
    he is advanced. Confuses you on purpose. (I hate when they use w**d “professional” when they are retail traders. False marketing?)
    Typical video in the course – Shaun describes what has happened in the recent past. Everybody can do it – using fancy words to describe what has happened in the past. It is a completely different game when you are actually trading and predicting the future moves.
    Funny thing, when he actually makes a call for the future move in his course, he is wrong 4 times in the row. I have no idea why he has not deleted those videos where he was wrong. I did not make a precise calculation but as I would say his calls/trades are 20-30% right. Anybody can call a direction in the market which has two outcomes – up or down. 50% chance that you will be right.
    He claims that he is teaching advanced stuff while in reality he talks for hours how important is wicks and round numbers. You can learn this basic stuff for free on google in a few minutes. Doesn’t provide any specific strategy which you could backtest and see if it works.
    In addition, he likes to frame that his teaching are “amazing” and if you are not getting results it is because you are not confident, weak psychology, you don’t understand something and etc.
    I did not buy the course but I have got it for free. Don’t waste your money and time.
    All their money is from selling courses. Really doubt if they are actually. You only have to sell 500 online £2000 courses to earn 1 million.
    Unless you want to sound good when analyzing the past of any chart then buy but it will not teach to become a profitable trader.

  3. AstroFX and EverythingFX are both one and the same company. I haven’t bought his courses but I did review his free courses that have been leaked online. Basically a watered down strategy you can find anywhere for free online.
    They have been flexing Shaun’s Myfxbook ( where he attempted to convert a $5,000 account to $1 million which he’d blown, for marketing purposes.

    What the public doesn’t know, and do not see on his open public Myfxbook, is that Shaun blew the account on margin call during heavy rollover rates mid week. I was able to confirm this information through the owner of the Traders Domain
    broker, Ted Safranko. Since he was trading so aggressively and using up all of his margin, a little hiccup such as rollover rates was enough to crash his portfolio. The reason it doesn’t reflect his blown account in Myfxbook now is
    because he unplugged the Myfxbook by changing the password..very easy to do.

    You can see his balance in his Myfxbook “$248,825.13” and by checking his “history” tab further down below if he withdrew the remainder of his funds. If he didn’t unplug his Myfxbook, why is his $248,000 still sitting in his account???
    Naturally, the Myfxbook will only show his positive extreme growth when it should have been blown and in red. He did walk away with $102,000 in withdrawal, and it’s still impressive from that perspective, but to unplug his Myfxbook
    and claim to grow the account at such an extreme ROI and covering up his blown account for sign up money is a bit sketchy. Shaun had a lucky streak where he leveraged other people’s money (through course selling) to finance a
    5k deposit. Keep in mind every portfolio he opened after that, and even others before it, he had blown easily in such a short amount of time. If he’s such as great trader, why is he blowing accounts?

  4. Ils m’ont pris mon argent et ne m’ont rien donné, c’est purement des escrocs qui se sont fait un nom. À éviter absolument…

    1. Merci’ ils fournissent des services d’investissement avec une rentabilité en 4h. J’ai falli leur envoyé mon argent. heureusement que j’ai fais des recherches au préalable.

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