Atecs Capital Review: Askew Forex Scam

Atecs Capital Review: Askew Forex Scam

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Atecs Capital ( is a cruel Crypto Currency broker out to cause havoc in the lucrative Crypto trading world. AtecsCapital is claiming to offer unmatched Crypto currency trading incentives. Before signing up with any online investment platform, conducting a thorough research is imperative. After receiving numerous email complaints, we decided to check why members are crying foul. Read this detailed and honest ATECS CAPITAL review and find out the truth.

Atecs Capital Review

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Atecs Capital Review

After receiving over thirty emails in a span of two weeks, we knew something was amiss. Most members are crying foul with this platform over alleged blocking of accounts. Having successfully opened and deposited funds, withdrawing funds becomes a huge problem. Stay away as Atecs Capital is nothing but a crappy broker. Make sure to read this detailed review and find out what’s happening. Why are investors signing up with a shoddy broker in the first place?

Professional scam artists will create a visually compelling website to deceit unsuspecting members. Cloning websites is all scam artists do hoping to trap as many newbie investors as possible. By using empty claims and promises, newbie traders fall for their trap without thinking twice. Thanks to our years of trading experience, we know how to spot scams from a mile away. Stay away from this broker and start using industry recommended platforms at all times.

About Atecs Capital

Altos Group Ltd claims to be the owner of this platform. Located in Dominica republic, it’s evident we are dealing with an offshore broker. Offshore brokers are totally untrustworthy and they close shop at any given time. A huge problem with offshore brokers is their anonymous nature. After checking with various international company registrars, Altos Group Ltd did not appear. It seems we are dealing with an anonymous company which means this is a scam.

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Another perturbing issue with this broker involves their personnel. Who are the founding members of this platform? Why can’t we find any names of people running this website? As we said earlier, anonymity is all over this website. Stay clear of this broker for their anonymous nature. Professional scam artists love to keep their real names at bay for obvious reasons. No one wants to be recognized and held responsible. Scam artists are afraid of concerned authorities hence, no names are issued.

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Is Atecs Capital Licensed or Registered?

Atecs Capital is not licensed or registered by any regulatory body. In order to confirm this, we contacted international regulatory bodies. ASIC, CySEC, FCA, and NFA were bodies which have not licensed this broker. Investors are falling into a trap thinking they are dealing with a licensed entity. Why have they failed to post any licensing and registration number on their homepage? What this means is we are dealing with offshore brokers who want to steal your funds.

The legal page does not have any information to show users where this platform was licensed. Why deal with a broker who fails to post even copies of their licensing? It means we are dealing with a rogue broker out to openly steal funds.

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Disadvantages of Atecs Capital

Account Types

Atecs Capital Account Types

What we found odd with their accounts is how they are similar to another scam platform. Everything is the same as with account types of MGC Logic which is also a scam. What does this tell you? We are dealing with a rogue broker who knows nothing about Forex trading. Looking at their accounts, there’s no clear advantages. Account types in question include Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Black. Why have they failed to quote minimum acceptable deposit?

Another shocking issue we found with this platform is their features. Why claim to offer a personal account manager who is never available? Before depositing funds, users are harassed by a so-called account manager. Atecs Capital is a well hatched plan to entice users to believe they are in safe hands.

Funding Accounts

Professional scam artists will do anything to make they get your funds as quickly as possible. And this is why there are so many depository channels available with Atecs Capital. Funding accounts can be done using BPay, Bitcoin, MasterCard, Ripple, Visa, and others. Scam artists want to ensure anyone can sign up and deposit. All these depository channels are easily accessible by anyone in the world.

Before depositing with Atecs Capital ask yourself one question, what about withdrawing? Withdrawing funds with this broker has been a major issue. Dealing with such brokers makes it trading a nuisance, and they should be avoided. Members have been trying to withdraw funds for over a month without any success. Seems we are dealing with another platform whose owners are mere thieves. Stay away from this platform and sign up with legit trading platforms at all times.

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Are funds safe with Atecs Capital?

How can funds be safe with a broker who is anonymous and based offshore? Stay away from this broker or else become their next victim. Why have they failed to reveal where they bank funds deposited by members? Is it possible users are depositing funds straight to owner’s personal bank account?

Another issue we found to be horrifying is segregation of accounts. Atecs Capital is merging assets in one account. Make sure to stay away from this broker or else become their next financier. Don’t expect any compensation from this broker in case of insolvency. Atecs Capital is not insuring funds as stipulated by trading laws.

Is Atecs Capital a Scam?

After checking all relevant details, we are beyond sure Atecs Capital is a certified scam. Make sure to stay away from this broker as they are a total flaw. Dealing with them will likely be a fatal financial mistake. Don’t become their victim and stay away.


Atecs Capital Crypto Broker Review

Adding this platform to our scam blacklist will aid in protecting our readers. You now know what to expect with this shameful broker. Stay away.

Dealing with credible and dependable Forex trading tools is a step in the right direction. Choose authenticated and formidable Forex trading robots at all times.

Wishing you a successful trading experience.

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13 Replies to “Atecs Capital Review: Askew Forex Scam”

  1. I got scammed by Atecs Capital as we
    well. In the process of handing the matter over to Interpol.
    Contact me at if you have been scammed as well. Together we make a strong case.

  2. i have been badly scammed by these evil people. All seemed well until i tried to Withdraw money. Then they went “off air”. Everything they say and do is totally dishonest. Their review is also a scam no doubt by another part of the same outfit. Dont touch with a barge pole

  3. Atecs Capital, Jack Cruz, his girlie Nicola Fisher, Bryan Bennet, Steve Lacazette and many more are defrauding their customers from their investment. These people at Atecs Capital are criminal. The police should get involved. They have been reported to the ESMA, the FCA and Interpol.
    Stay away from Atecs Capital or their so-called holding company the Altos group.

      1. I posted detailed account of anydesk viewer the account Manager did to me with his name on here and they get advised ,,,all this took 21 days to achieve

  4. I am just the latest victim of this fraudsters.Pity I didn’t read anything before.Bitcoin revolution brought me there.I would be happy if I get the maximum amount as they say 110 pounds back.

  5. Stay very clear of this company! They constantly pester you to invest more so that they can scam you out it. A man called Luca Rosso repetitively encouraged me to do something called “credit loop”, I would be in serious debt right now if I’d have done that with this company. They will take that borrowed money for themselves and leave you in the dirt. I’ve already reported this company to the relevant organisations and have a case being built against them to hopefully get my money back. For those that are smart and researching before investing with someone, DO NOT put a penny of your own cash in this company and don’t give them any of your bank details!

  6. Deposited the minimum amount after signing up. After being pestered by an account manager, he tried to push me put more money in. The next day I tried to withdraw my funds and I was stopped by a “financial adviser” looking to probe my financial situation and change my mind. Their attitude took a drastic turn, and their conduct was utterly unprofessional to a point where they are obviously screaming for you to give them money. Luckily despite much effort, I was able to get my deposit back. But I will warn everyone that this is a seriously fishy and unprofessional platform ran by anonymous people. Red flags everywhere.

  7. I sent a email saying account Manager is a crook an asked urgent refund of only USD $172 all which is left on the 21 January 2020 I receive a automatic email confirming my WITHDRAWAL request has been completed. The funds have been approved and refunded and may take additional time to reflect on your Statement,,,
    I shall wait as I have already given a detailed summary of dealing with the account Manager and the attempt to extract by Ben Harper account manager USD $250 on my Credit Card (have block on) by the viewer that that p***ed him off being declined by my bank ,he searched over 1 hour trying to find Online Banking to hack (I don’t use online banking) it is no doubt a scummy outfit of Cowboys ,,,

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