ATrade-FX Review: a suspicious platform

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ATrade-FX Review: a suspicious platform

Forex trading has existed over the years and has helped the trading and tourism sector to grow. Foreign exchange-FX involves changing different currencies to access preferable services using the newly attained currency. This market is available worldwide as long as the users can trade the existing currencies for another. In this review, we will dive into how works and its benefits to its users. We will also define the standing of on matters of legitimacy. Review 

ATradeFX is an online trading platform that provides trading insights to investors. It has a unique strategy in its account creation. It is the newest development yet. This platform seeks to standardize services regardless of investor’s religious beliefs. has a new set of accounts meant for the Islam community. Swap-free accounts have are now available to Muslims since their religion forbids them from enjoying interest-related services. This way, they can freely trade.

Atrade-FX Review, Atrade-FX company

This trading forum also provides trading guidance on mobile and desktop methods. Investors can freely trade 24/7, regardless of their location. ATradeFX’s vision is to allow for total inclusion in service delivery and build a long-term rapport with their investors. The total inclusion, though, comes at a cost since this site is a scam. Make a habit of striving to invest in legit trading platforms to get the greatest value.

ATrade-FX Domain Insight

According to, this domain name was registered on 5th October 2020 and is set to expire exactly one year later. Ponzi schemes are made this way. Their sites are always set to expire one year later. The pyramid schemes will always end up fleeing with investor’s money and will not be found at any time.

Additionally, as per, the company is based in London, UK, and the registered contact number is 44-20-38854949 as per site information. However, this information does not coincide with the data provided when registering the site in its domain. According to, a legit domain registration site, is established in Seattle, Washington, in the US. The registered contact number is 1.2065771368.

They seem to have provided completely different information on their existence since the regulators cannot easily track them. The small details omitted by these forex brokers matter. We have realized that has provided information on their platforms. The confusion in the site’s registration origins is a red flag to investors as they have hidden much more.

The Spread and Leverage Ratio of

The spread and leverage ratios help investors decide the viable investment option. A small spread and a manageable leverage ratio is usually a good decision. The only spread that is provided by ATradeFX is the VIP account at one pip. The one pip is highly liquid, thus a reliable one. However, investors who would rather open classic or Islamic accounts will be at a loss in deciding what to invest in. Why would the broker leave out this information? Investors may end up creating the two accounts and later realize that the spread is too big.

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Leverage is also an important aspect of trading forex. The reasonable leverage ratios range from 1:100 to 1:200. Anything above this is too risky and should be reevaluated. Unregulated sites don’t provide this data since they can get away with any ratio. They might decide to put one of 1:1000. This would be absurd to an investor if losses are incurred. This means that it would be impossible to hedge against this big loss. Whether knowledgeable about forex or not, investors should make a point of investing in research and base investments in Legal forex platforms. 

Is Regulated?

The regulation of trading forums is made according to jurisdictions. The territory of falls under the UK regulators FCA because it’s established in London, UK. The FCA doesn’t have listed as a regulated site in their list. It’s an illegal trading platform whose main target is to defraud investors of their funds. They even go ahead and claim to have complied with international regulations. All prospective traders should know that there are no international regulations when it comes to forex trading. They all depend on jurisdictions. Legal trading forums always showcase their license certificate on their websites as recommended. Don’t fall for these scammers.

Withdrawals and Deposits has three types of accounts, all of which serve different purposes. There are classic accounts that allow traders to trade using mobile or desktop. They are therefore able to trade throughout. The brokers are said to be well versed with trading knowledge because of their advanced skills. The VIP account is the second account. This account allows investors to trade on mobile and desktop but also provides tutorials on how to trade. Ultimately, there is an Islamic account that allows Muslims to trade effectively. It provides for trades concerning Shariah laws. There are also no interest/swap charges.

The charges associated with the three accounts are unavailable. The lowest investment amount isn’t indicated in the trading forum. The commissions on each account are also missing. A reliable trading platform should have this information on its site. Investors need to know the monetary requirements of investing in a forex trading platform. Investors should be aware of these types of forex investment sites. Do your investigations first before getting it all wrong.

ATrade-FX Contact Details

Contact information is important to site users in situations where they have questions on trading. The support system on the trading platforms should be 24/7 to direct their users. ATradeFX supports traders through email and phone through 44-20-38854949. We don’t know how effective the email responses are, but probably, they are not prompt. Beware that traders have reported that doesn’t respond to calls; thus, the users can only gather negligible help.

Atrade-FX scam, Atrade-FX contact details

 Trading Platforms

Brokers use software interfaces to aid traders in making currency exchanges. They are of different types, including mobile applications, websites, or other usable programs. The well-known trading forums used in trading are MT4 & 5. traders can access the forums via mobile & desktop channels. MT4 is popular compared to MT5. The popularity of this platform comes with its ability to allow for hedging.

In our investigations about, we have not found any information relating to the software they trade with. Investors cannot access this information online, and hence it’s better not to invest in this scam site. Legal platforms showcase all relevant data to their investors for purposes of better decision making. It is upon you to always go the extra mile to find out more about these platforms. Many are fraudulent and pry on the naivety of investors.

Final Verdict

Any form of trading by investors is always aimed at generating profit. Investors will thus strive to find the best investment option among the many that exist. In recent years, investing in forex trading has become a norm. In this investment space, investors will thus evaluate the legit trading platform to invest in. They will also gauge the returns expected to see if it’s a viable option. ATradeFX is an illegal platform that ought not to be believed. It’s a scam and will only exist to make investors suffer. Choose trading forums that are regulated and have a reasonable spread and leverage ratio for great results. Don’t trade on this site!


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