Aura 4 Finance Review: Aura4.Finance is a Crypto Ponzi Scheme

Aura 4 Finance Review: Aura4.Finance is a Crypto Ponzi Scheme

As the name suggests, Aura 4 Finance is a crypto-financial company that claims to provide reliable financial services all over the world. The website of the company, Aura4.Finance states that you can fully trust the company because it can provide massive profits to the users through its reliable and efficient system. 

In this article, you will get to know about all of the different aspects of Aura 4 Finance so that you are able to decide that whether you should invest in this company. Keep reading to make a smart investment decision. 

Overview of Aura 4 Finance

Aura 4 Finance is presenting itself as a well-established online ecosystem that is providing various financial services to businesses as well as individuals all over the world. It primarily targets the crypto industry in its marketing material, but the website is also trying to attract people who have an interest in different financial services. 

Furthermore, Aura4.Finance states that the company has all of the essential regulatory certificates and legal documents to perform trading and investment. Yet, there is no proof that the company is actually registered in any country. 

Domain Insights

Aura4.Finance was registered in February 2021. The analysis of the website by Alexa shows that Vietnam (32%) and Russia (14%) are contributing the highest amount of traffic to the website. It is possible that the company is operating from one of these countries.

The website does not provide any genuine information about the owner of the company or the team behind the platform. Instead, it provides some random names with stock photos that clearly show that Aura 4 Finance does not want to reveal the identity of its team. 


Registration Fee of Aura 4 Finance

If you want to get access to any of the income opportunities of Aura 4 Finance, you will have to invest anywhere between $10 to $100,000. The website states that you can make the investment in the form of BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, or several other crypto coins. 

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The exact breakdown of the investment packages of Aura 4 Finance is as follows:

  • Spend an amount of between $10 to $100,000 for one month to get 3% ROI per day. 
  • Invest an amount of between $10 to $100,000 for two months to get a 3.5% ROI per day. 
  • Invest an amount of between $10 to $100,000 for 4 to 24 months to get 4.4% ROI per day.

It is evident that Aura4.Finance is allowing users to invest in various crypto coins with different packages so that it is able to attract a large number of people. However, you should keep in mind that it is a new platform. You should not trust it with a large amount of investment. 

Income Structure of Aura 4 Finance

The income structure of Aura 4 Finance revolves around the affiliate ranks of the company. These ranks are:

  • Rang 1, for which you have to register as an affiliate. 
  • Rang 2, for which you have to invest $100 and make other people invest at least $1000.
  • Rang 3, for which you have to invest $250 and make other people invest at least $2500.
  • Rang 4, for which you have to invest $500 and make other people invest at least $5000.
  • Rang 5, for which you have to invest $1000 and make other people invest at least $10000.
  • Rang 6, for which you have to invest $1500 and make other people invest at least $15000.
  • Rang Bronze, for which you have to invest $5000 and make other people invest at least $100000.
  • Rang Silver, for which you have to invest $10000 and make other people invest at least $250000.
  • Rang Gold, for which you have to invest $15000 and make other people invest at least $500000.

The company is expecting you to invest a large amount of money to get any significant profits. You should not be investing in Aura 4 Finance because you will not be able to make much money from it. Instead, you should consider using crypto trading bots to make money via reliable and efficient crypto trading strategies. 

Features of Aura 4 Finance

Aura4.Finance mentions many different features of the company to attract more people and get their investment. Most of these claims do not make sense, especially when Aura 4 Finance is a new name in the crypto industry. 

Hence, it is important to review all of the features of the company to determine whether you can trust the company. 

Reliable Investment

Aura 4 Finance tries to convince people about its legitimacy and reliability by claiming that a team of highly professional and experienced people is running the company. However, the website provides fake images and names of the company’s team. Hence, you cannot trust the company. 

It is not clear that who is running the company. Aura 4 Finance can be similar to many other crypto scams that eventually collapse due to lack of recruitment. In this situation, you will end up losing your money. 


Aura 4 Finance is claiming to be complying with all of the legal rules and regulations. However, there is no proof that the company is registered in any country. The website states that the company is operating from the UK. The site analysis shows that it might be running from Russia or Ukraine.

It is also very common for crypto scams to lie about complying with the law to seem like a legitimate platform for investors. However, you cannot trust these claims because there is no official data to support them. 

Modern Trading Techniques

Aura4.Finance states that the company is providing huge profits through reliable and modern crypto trading techniques. It also claims to have a modern trustable management system to increase profits and efficiency of the trading methods. 

However, if you closely look at the business model of the company, you will realize that the income structure is all about how much you invest in the company and the number of people you recruit. 

This kind of business model means Aura 4 Finance is like any other crypto pyramid scheme. It needs your money for its survival. If people stop investing in this company, it will collapse due to a lack of recruitment. 

Maximum Control

Aura 4 Finance is trying to make people invest in the company by claiming that you will be having complete control over your investment. Yet, the website does not provide any specific information about its withdrawal system. As a result, it is difficult to trust the company. 

Aura 4 Finance Logo


Aura 4 Finance is falsely claiming that it generate money via professional crypto trading. The entire discussion about the company in this article makes it clear that the company does not have any external source of revenue. It is completely relying on investment from the affiliates for its survival. 

This kind of company cannot survive for a long period of time. Therefore, you should not be investing in the company because you will lose your money when you invest in it. Aura4.Finance only wants you to keep investing in the company every month and keep recruiting people for it. 

Furthermore, the company lies about being registered in different countries and complying with the law. All of these false claims are made only to convince people about the legitimacy of the company and get their investment. In reality, Aura 4 Finance is not capable of providing any significant profits. 

Even if you manage to make some profits, they will not be any significant profits. Hence, it is better to avoid investing in Aura 4 Finance in the first place. Instead, you should use genuine and reliable crypto trading bots that provide massive profits via crypto trading. 


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