Aurora Mine Review: Scam Mixing Truth With Lies

Aurora Mine Review: Scam Mixing Truth With Lies

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Currently, Bitcoin trading/mining is popular business, and that means scams are also taking advantage of the situation to cash in from unsophisticated investors who flow by the notion that mining Bitcoin is the greatest thing that ever happened to the world after sliced bread.

People who have not lost money to these Bitcoin scams tend to think that Bitcoin is the quickest way to make riches. But the truth is that like any other trading activity online, Bitcoin offers more or less the same advantages.

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Unfortunately, projects like Aurora Mine are meant to capitalize on the ignorance of the public. That’s why they have even included a profit calculator to help you visualize how much you can potentially earn in a given day.

Anyway, thanks for reading this review. We are focusing on Aurora Mine and nothing else. Pay attention to avoid losing money in the process.

Aurora Mine review

What is Aurora Mine? Aurora Mine is a Bitcoin mining company that sells ”hash power” to anyone who has money to invest with the intention of securing at least 16.7% daily return on investment.

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Already this percentage of daily return is raising our eyebrows to the roof. It is hard to believe that when you invest, say $100, you will be entitled to receiving at least $16 in daily profits.

If this is true, then we could say that Aurora Mine is the best thing that ever happened to the world. Just invest your money and get daily guaranteed returns.

However, truth is sometimes ugly, and as you can see, people never make money by joining such investment schemes.

The greatest problem with Aurora Mine is that no one in his right mind can ever send them money hoping that they will mine Bitcoin on their behalf and hand over the profits to them at the end of the day. It is impossible.

In fact, this is the kind of stuff that the top 1% richest investors on the planet will never lend an ear to. Why do you think that these people are not even bothered by schemes like Aurora Mine, despite the projection that this website hands over easy money? Something fishy must be going on here, and we must get to the bottom of this issue before someone can lose their money.

Let’s start by discussing what Aurora Mine claims to offer.

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Aurora Mine plans

This company claims to have the fairest pricing on the internet. They claim that if you buy hash power worth 500 GH/s for example, you will get a daily profit of $6.87. They also claim that you will be profiting for a lifetime.

aurora mine plans

And let’s say you opted to go with this basic plan. Theoretically, you’d be making a monthly profit of $205 for doing nothing. And we mean absolutely nothing.

And what if you decide to take their word for it and go for their 3500400 GH/s plan? This would give you $40096 daily profits. This is really impressive. But again, it’s hard to believe especially when we consider the fact that Aurora Mine has never confirmed or proved their payouts.

Things even get more interesting when we attempt to visualize (by using the calculator on the homepage) the amount we could earn. It’s just too good to be true, and we definitely know that there is no element of truth in this investment scheme.

The promises made by Aurora Mine

The people who run this company claim to have been working in the Bitcoin mining industry for the last 3 years.

This company is headed by people called Harvey Brown, Aidan Andrews, Nicole Whitehouse, and John Weston.

The reason why we have written the names of the other members in bold is because we are not sure if these names represent actual people.

However, we were able to confirm that Aurora Mine was registered with the name of Harvey Brown. Their address is published as 78 Abingdon Villas, London.

There is also a certificate of Incorporation on the website which can be viewed in PDF format. According to this certificate, this company is registered in England and Wales. In this document, they claim that this company was registered on 11th September 2017. That means it was just ‘registered’ the other day.

We actually conducted a background check on the alleged licensing number of this company and we found that indeed a company exists in London with that registration number. That company is called AURORAMINE LTD. At least this adds a little touch of credibility — something that we were badly looking for to help us figure out whether or not this company is a scam.

aurora mine details

All in all, this finding is also a confirmation that the certificate of registration which AuroraMine had provided was legitimate.

The greatest concern here is that this company was registered just the other day. This means we do not even have company history or reputation yet. On top of that, we still don’t have client feedback because this is a brand new business, and there comes the risk of being the first one to join.

Secondly, we discovered that the photo that was being used to represent the CEO of Aurora Mine, Harvey Brown, was a stock photo. This photo belongs to someone else as opposed to the owner of this project.

What about the CTO of this company? Did they use her real photo? Unfortunately, the answer is a big No. They simply stole a photo of another woman called Samantha Davis.

What does this information mean? It means that Aurora mine is definitely lying about the people who work for them. These people have been misrepresented with regards to their pictures. It makes us wonder what the intention was. Probably they are up to something fishy.

But we also recon that they are playing reverse psychology, where they give us a little bit of truth that is also mixed with lies.

Mode of payment

We are definitely concerned with the tale tell signs which have clearly manifested in this company’s website.

While they speak the truth occasionally, they do lie a lot. And one of the ways through which they hope to catch you off guard is by asking you to make payments in Bitcoin and not in any other currency.

Bitcoin payments are irreversible because they cannot be tracked. If you deposited a large sum on your Aurora Mine account, you would lose your money.

Other nitty gritty details

Minimum withdrawal is 0.0003 BTC (according to them). The company claims that when you deposit money right now, you should expect your profits in the next 24 hours.

On top of that, the company claims that they do not charge deposit or withdrawal fees. But when asked how secure their website is, they claim that it is protected with 256-Bit SSL, thus banking information is encrypted.

While these are positive steps towards legitimizing a business of this nature, we feel that Aurora Mine is a suspicious business. If they can use stock photos to represent their staff members, we definitely have to wonder what else they have lied about.

Our best advice for you

As we have just stated above, we are not comfortable with this project. You are better off using this legitimate cryptocurrency mining service because the logic is crystal clear, plus no one will be holding your money in the name of investing on your behalf.

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  1. “Companies” like this are why Bitcoin is getting a bad reputation to the general public. This just goes to show that we need to do our due diligence before investing in things like this so that we know what we are spending our money on. Even if you just found the fact that the company is so new, that in itself is a huge red flag.

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