Aurora Trader Review: Scam Cannabis Stock Trading App

Aurora Trader Review: Scam Cannabis Stock Trading App

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Aurora Trader is a Ponzi scheme that is dealing with weed cannabis stock trading. The platform promise investors that they can make a great fortune. The company claims that they have trading software that will aid your activity.

The automatic bot is free of charge—the person behind The entity state that you have nothing to lose. Nobody in the market will generate profits for you without asking for anything in return.

This company is only after your funds. Aurora Trader is not the first cannabis scam in the market. Ever since the product started being legalized on various platforms, we have seen several scammers who want to steal from innocent investors.

The shady platform also has a demo account, which will make you believe you are making high profits. However, the returns are generated from fake prices because, in a real sense, the trading bot is making losses.

There is no financial market in the world that is easy to generate an outcome. Aurora Trader claims that the cannabis market is growing at a very high rate. Unfortunately, this is not correct, and you should not make your analysis based on what this scam state.

The company is acting as an affiliate company for unregulated brokers in the market. They will ask you to sign up with shady platforms in the market where you will end up being conned. In case you are eager in trading Forex, you can utilize these trustworthy trading bots in the industry.

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Aurora Trader Review

The company state that stocks of cannabis are exploding, and this is the right time to invest in these products. The platform claims that it will guide you through the whole process, and you will be able to generate a high outcome.

Aurora Trader Review, Platform

The entity additionally proclaims that Aurora’s growth is the most significant venture that is dealing with cannabis in the industry. Unfortunately, this is another marketing strategy that the platform is incorporating. There are better cannabis ventures in the market that will give you the real-time trend of the market.

It is an application that allegedly is allowed to trade weed. The application will enable you to purchase or sell Aurora Trader at any duration. The entity claims that traders who are interested in their services will enjoy a platform that is easy to use as you only need to follow some simple steps.

You need to open an account by filling up their registration form, which is available on their website. The next thing you need to do is to pick a stock (let’s say Aurora product) from the dashboard. Then you can either sell or buy the product. From there, investors can start getting profits from this stock.

Aurora Trader features different traits that have been executed alongside the profit which have been generated. We believe that this information is only meant to lure more innocent traders in their doorsteps. The reason why we are writing this review is to protect potential clients who might be tempted into depositing money with these scammers.

How Does Aurora Trader Works

The company claims that the cannabis market has been expanding since 2017. Aurora Trader states that the weed market will hit 20 billion dollars by the end of 2020, which is exactly five times its current size. Unfortunately, this is not correct, and it’s only false information that the platform thrives at giving.

If you consider the health crisis that is currently facing the world, you will realize that every sector in the market has been affected. The shady entity further states that there has been a fantastic growth rate since the time marijuana was legalized.

However, like all other products in the market, they are both good and bad times, whereby you make profit and losses. The company also claims that they are regulated, and the product they are dealing with is regulated. It is reasonable to note that not every state or country has licensed the use of cannabis.

Therefore, this is one of the significant drawdowns that is facing the marijuana market. Aurora Trader state that there is various cannabis stock that you can invest with. Hence, you will be involved with inevitable and growing products in the industry.

How this trading software operates is still a mystery that we cannot resolve. They claim to be dealing with cannabis and none other products for them to hide their nefarious activities. We do not trust them with any amount of money. The first question you should ask yourself is how they are financing their actions if they are not taking any amount from investors.

It is apparent that they depend on the commission that they get from and regulated brokers they will connect you with. It is expected that the company will put their greedy needs first before their customer’s needs. Keep in mind that Aurora Trader has no intention of making you rich.

Contact Detail and Regulation

Aurora Trader is accepting traders from all over the world. However, they have not met the requirement of the financial bodies in the market. Therefore, this entity is operating in its own accord.

It is illegal for any company to promote, refer, or collect funds from members of the public without having the necessary documents. We checked with the various financial body in the Pacific, Asian, Africa, and the European continent to see whether the farm appears on their licensed firm.

Unfortunately, to our surprise, they were nowhere to be found. It is also surprising that this venture does not see the need to have a customer support service for its clients. We double-check their websites to see whether they have any contact details that are left behind.

Sadly, we did not find a telephone number, email address, or live support. We advise anyone who might be tempted to give it a chance to stay away. A company that does not care about your experience in their platform will not generate profits for you. There are multiple methods that you can use to earn an income.

The security of your money should be your top priority. However, you won’t get that here as Aurora Trader is only after meeting their own needs. Be on the lookout as they will put you under the bus without having any second thoughts.

Reason to Avoid Aurora

The company fails to disclose the person behind their operation. No background information can lead to whom they are or where they are located. Whoever is deliberately running this venture stays anonymous to avoid being put behind bars.

The platform has been in the market since January 2019, yet there is no existing feedback from their clients. The person who registered this entity if from France based on the information we gathered from

The platform is not regulated, and it is risky to trust such a venture. They do not give any contact details on their website, limiting the possibility of contacting them. Moreover, this shady venture lacks trading results, and we do not know their performance accuracy.

Final Verdict

Aurora Trader is a company that claims to be dealing with cannabis stocks. However, there is no enough evidence to validate the entity is conducting investment services. Instead of risking to lose money to this dirty scam, you can trade Forex with legit software that is transparent.

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