Auto BTC Builder Scam Review: No Wealth Creation, Forget It

Auto BTC Builder Scam Review: No Wealth Creation, Forget It

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Okay, let’s be realistic. This site ( has absolutely nothing it claims to offer. In fact, behind the facade is nothing but a cheap ponzi scheme. Although Auto BTC Builder is a little bit different from your usual Bitcoin ponzi scam, the idea is that when you sign up for their training, you will encounter lots of up selling down the line. That will cost you money. But if you ask us whether this training will be relevant and profitable, we will tell you absolutely not. It is a waste of time and money. Auto BTC Builder is simply a place where you go to waste your Bitcoins when you have some lying around in your wallet.

So before you can be persuaded to sign up, here’s what you should know.

Auto BTC Builder Review

Auto BTC Builder suggests that they can teach you how to earn Bitcoins per hour so you can earn and even share with the world. The phrase ”share with the world” suggests that they even have a referral program in place. Although they are not upfront about it, you can trust us that Auto BTC Builder will at some point ask you to recruit as many people as possible so that you can make more money. There is no other form of investment activity here other than selling fake courses and asking people to share so they can earn per hour.


Auto BTC Builder is supposedly made up of 3 elements: Wealth Creation, Education and Business opportunity. They allegedly have courses that cover these aspects of training. They mainly target newbies who want to learn how to make more Bitcoins in a short time.

They have even published their course curriculum for newbies to see what they can learn and earn with AUTO BTC Builder. This is to entice you to sign up as soon as possible.

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The business opportunity part of it is the ponzi factor of this website. It may seem like they are hiding behind the idea of educating beginners when the main activity of this website is ponzi scamming.

That is why the site is announcing that anyone who is ready to earn an ”unlimited amount of BTC” must sign up immediately to realize this goal.

Basically, Auto BTC Builder is masquerading as a Cryptocurrency investment academy but at the same time focusing on ”wealth creation” using Cryptocurrencies. However, we must also realize that this site is very economical with information. They are not transparent as most of their operations are unknown. They only claim that they will help you make wealth fast using Cryptocurrencies. How this is to be achieved has not been discussed.

The truth about Auto BTC Builder

Most of the time, ponzi schemes will list down their investment plans. This one does not have any investment plans. The focus is to make people sign up before they can be pushed down the sales funnel. Somewhere along the way, they will start selling expensive scam products while at the same time making their students believe that they can never make it. Those with money will end up purchasing the scam products, and thus they will lose money.


We’d love to know the person behind this website. We can only trust them when we know who they are. The problem with Auto BTC Builder is that it is a website that is operated by an anonymous entity. Nowhere on their site have they mentioned the owner. Their about us page gives us vague and ambiguous information that does not help in finding out about the owner of the site.

Now, this is a red flag to consider because we do not see how a legit Cryptocurrency investment site can remain 100% anonymous and yet they are offering courses and investment opportunities that can ”change lives”.

We have also gone through their domain records to see if we could learn a thing or two from the owner of this website. The domain is privately registered, meaning that people can’t see who owns this site from just looking at their records.

Honest and transparent people have no need to conceal their identities. This is the biggest problem that we are dealing with when it comes to trusting this website.

Some license is required

As we have said before, Auto BTC Builder website operates with two different faces. The fast face focuses on ”educating you” how to build wealth with Cryptocurrencies so you can earn ”unlimited” amount of BTC.

The second element proves that it is a ponzi scheme because it focuses on a ”business opportunity”. Details of the alleged business opportunity have not been divulged to visitors of this website. It is an area that remains grey so to speak.

Therefore, lack of transparency is one big problem that you will face when you want to trust what this website is offering. When someone is not transparent, it means they are avoiding accountability in some way. Auto BTC Builder fits the bill very well. It kills trust and credibility that a visitor might have developed towards them.

What you need to be aware of

Don’t pay any money to this website or anyone who says they can help you generate wealth in a short duration. Yes, you can earn Bitcoins if you are smart and are using approved trading tools. You can also mine them if you like.

Now, the rest doesn’t matter. Scammers can tell you everything when they want to snatch your Bitcoins.They will tell you how they can help generate a lot of Bitcoins for you in a short time. Don’t trust them. They are lying.

Our best advice for you

Auto BTC Builder is a total embarrassment and a trap because they are employing a business model that focuses on converting customers at various stages. This is the worst form of scamming on the web because people lose a lot of money this way. You can do yourself some favor by avoiding this website at all cost.

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5 Replies to “Auto BTC Builder Scam Review: No Wealth Creation, Forget It”

      1. I dont know amuone that payed $100. It only cost me $54.00 and i made my initial initial investment back within days it was up to me whether or not I wanted to take my money and or put it back into by the next level

  1. Well I have been in this Program for 4 months and not sure where you all are coming from because I have made my tiny investment back and then some and I am currently sitting on level 4 and with a great team behind me. Also have had over 180 people cycle in my team so where you get your info from maybe you joined at the wrong time when the feeder level or rotator wasn’t attached to the site and now it is doing wonders for this program so don’t down something till you have tried it.

  2. The (AutoBTCbuilder) company is sketchy and needs many improvements. I just signed up at the “feeder” level but have not bought into it. I started doing a little research and came across this review of the “product.” It is definitely a ponzi scheme. I started watching and listening to the first training video. A member (who is a real estate agent) asked a question related to the companies CRM issues. The part owner and speaker (Dolly Estrada) answered her question with a deflective response to put the lady at ease.
    My observation:
    the system seems as if it could be better. but they’ve skipped through many steps that could potential make the business great, or at best, legit. Since leaving this comment 10 minutes ago, I started a chat and have not been acknowledged at all. There are several software systems that are low cost and can be very helpful. If the business is doing as good as they say it is. They should have upgraded by now.
    Basic issues just by observation:
    1. there’s no SSL on the main landing page
    2. SEVERAL grammatical errors
    3. Cookies policy missing
    4. landing page footer (copyrights notification) outdated.
    5. contact us (send message) button doesn’t work.
    I hope this helps.

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